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Managing your sales activities for a business is not an easy task, it needs smart strategies to continually work on and analyze. You can use social media, content marketing, SEO, online marketing and different other limitless options to manage and track your sales leads. All you need the right sales management tools, sufficient knowledge and effective strategies at your disposal in order to make the most of your valuable time and other finite resources.  

In this blog, you will find 5 effective practices that will help B2B marketers to efficiently manage time and be more productive. Following these practices, you can get more done efficiently in less time and get the most out of your sales efforts.

1. Establish Achievable Goals

Broad goals are challenging as they rarely let you know what step to take next. For instance, if you are planning to launch your new sales campaign, all you need to brainstorm to generate some amazing ideas and start drafting promotional taglines. But you need to get grittier about your plan, as what you are planning to accomplish and deadline. Starting out with a generic goal is important and then dividing that goal into smaller, manageable tasks can make it easier to achieve it.

If you would like to launch a campaign, you could divide into: brainstorming, drafting taglines for social media, delegating content creation, consulting with your design department for banner creation, and launching the campaign. And then delegate those tasks over time in order to improve your chances of accomplishing the main goal.

2. Organize Your Time

If you want to smartly utilize your valuable time, you first need to carefully organize your time. Most entrepreneurs choose to do this by simply jotting down their daily tasks in a planner or sticky notes. However, there are some more efficient ways to organize your time.

There are some useful productivity apps that can do it for you. Such tools can easily enter tasks according to your plan to work on, then they track how much time you need to complete each task by starting the timer. Once you have completed your task, or decide to take a short break, you can stop the timer.

These productivity tools can update all your activities in real time so you can easily access your reports and data about how you spend your time.

Creating a to-do list is another great option to smartly organize your tasks and stay on top of them. No matter what type of tool you use for staying smart, the main aim is to visualize an overall picture of how you spend your time.

This way you will be able to learn how to smartly allocate your time to accomplish your tasks more efficiently. Moreover, using free task management software is a worthwhile choice that helps you create, access and manage your tasks while on the go, from anywhere, while saving you time.

3. Eliminate Useless Meetings

Meetings are indispensable for collaborating with your team and getting things done, but those meetings that have no real plan or purpose are simply time-wasters. Devising a specific communication system within your team is a worthwhile choice. Opt for an online collaboration tool to communicate with your team members about ideas and concerns in real time in a form of formal meeting. Using an online collaboration system can save your valuable time, while facilitating online business meetings in which you can simply discuss your ideas, concerns and plans of the project.

4. Taking Breaks can Boost Your Productivity

Though it sounds weird, taking breaks can actually take your productivity to a whole new level. If you continuously work and never take any short break to relax your mind, you are likely to feel some burnout and actually get less productive. Therefore, it is very important to schedule regular breaks throughout the day so you can stay fresh and recharge your mind.

5. Getting Started is Key

When it comes to staying more efficient and productive, simply getting started can sometimes be the most difficult, but at least it is worth it than doing nothing. If you are not able to achieve perfection, don’t waste your time, go for good instead. Don’t wait for your business to be perfect, you are capable of doing amazing things. Don’t miss out on doing productive things, do your best.  

Focusing on improving your team’s productivity and making the most of their time can enable your team to bring in a higher number of quality leads. Following these effective strategies can help boost your productivity and will ultimately ensure your company’s success.  

About Saher Naseem

Saher Naseem is a Content Curator and Brand Strategist at TaskQue – an online task management software that simplifies project management process with its user-friendly and powerful features set. She has penned down many articles related to content marketing, social media trends, productivity tips, project management and staying organized. Follow her on Twitter.

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