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Official June 2011 Monthly Guest Blogging Contest Post #10
Contest Article

To rank #1 on major search engines it’s not a rocket science, but if you know how to play your cards right, then you can dominate the entire Google search results. In this article I will discuss how you can dominate and crush your competitors with the help of web2mayhem submission tool.

Below is a powerful blueprint that you can implement and start to receive more traffic than expected.

1) Step One: First thing first is what I call Keyword Research. What you should do is keyword research for your profitable niche. When you are evaluating your market make sure to select a less competitive keyword with high traffic volume. The tool I use is Google Keyword Tool this is because it gives me keywords that are profitable and are used by advertisers

2) Step Two: After keyword research you should write 4-6 original articles. You can outsource to seo article writing service or you can write own your own if it needs be. After you have written your original content, then rewrite your 4-6 original articles so that in total you will have 8-12 articles for marketing.

3) Step Three: At this point you should take the 4-6 original articles and post them to  and  Make sure to link to your blog or website with your primary keyword.

4) Step Four: Now its time to post the rewrites to content sites. Kindly follow the below steps in submitting the rewrites articles

a. Take your First rewritten article and submit it using an article submission tool and make sure to link back to your with your primary keyword.

b. Take the Second rewritten article and submit it using an article submission service or tool. For our case lets assume we are using . Make sure to link back to with your primary keyword.

c. Take the Third rewritten article and use and make sure to link back to your and this time round use a secondary keyword.

d. Take the Fourth rewrite article and submit using the said article submission tool and link back your

e. The last step, you should take your last rewritten article and use the said article submission software and link back to your  and use your primary keyword.

From my own experience when you use the above link building process you can start to get results within 1 month. This process really works and Google can respect your site for good natural link building process. On May 2nd 2011 I implemented the above process for my forex trading blog ( and I was targeting ‘’Automatic Trading’’ and to my surprise my site ranked number 5 on page on If you use the above process or you outsource your work I can assure you that your blog can rank high highly depending on your keyword.

Currently this is the process am using to rank my seo article writing service blog and for the last 1 week I have started to receive quality and highly targeted traffic. If you want to dominate the entire major search engines, then I would recommend that you use the above process.

Have a happy Link Building Process.

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