Search engine myths are all over the place especially Google related myths. No matter if you are a newbie blogger or a seasoned pro blogger, chance are you have head and possibly believed a few myths related to search engines that have been circulating around the web for a long time. Especially myths about Google. And Google’s secrecy about how its search engine operates, has helped to spread such myths.

I cant find any clear answers, so My brains comes up with an answer that makes sense to me; I write about it, you pick it up, add your own take on it and write about it, another person reads your post and they do the same with it and so on. This circle continues over and over again, until after a while it becomes like a god given word and everybody takes it as a fact.

Well, I am going to challenge that. Here are some of the most well-known Google myths along with a few questions that I like you to ask yourself. After reading this post, you can decide for yourself if you wanna believe those myths or you believe that they indeed are only myths. With that said, here are 4 Google Related Myths (at least from my point of view):

Myth # 1:

Backlinks from “relevant” sites

This is totally nonsense. Look at all the social bookmarking sites that have incoming links from thousands of sites that have no relevancy to “social bookmarking” topic what so ever. How come they are not penalized? How come sites like dig and twitter are amongst the highest ranking sites?…

Myth # 2:

Too many links too quickly.

Isn’t everybody telling you write quality content so other people will link to you? So, what will happen if you write a fantastic post that goes viral and hundreds of sites link to your site? Isn’t that whats happening to sites like Facebook, twitter (not because of their content obviously, but because of their usefulness)?

Myth # 3:

Different keywords for your anchor text.

Do a search for “click here” in Google! Adobe is #1! Because thousands of websites have used the “click here” keyword to link to adobe. If adobe was penalized, then how come its still #1 for that keyword. Plus, how would you control what anchor text keywords other people use to link to you?

Myth # 4:

Submitting the same articles to article directories.

There is no such a thing as duplicate content penalty, at least not in a way most people think. If that was the case, then whats with all the high pr successful article directories all over the internet? Most of them have the same articles published on their sites with the exact title and everything. How come we never hear about any article directory being penalized for having duplicate content? Take EzineArtciles for example; You can find the same articles published on ezine, on other article directories, websites, and blogs. Yet, ezine receives thousands of visitors a day and has a page rank of 6!

These are some of the mostly wide spread and sadly most believed myths out there that just a few simple questions will easily shake their foundation. So, the next time you hear any of the above myths or any other myths for that matter, stop for a second and ask yourself a few questions. Usually you can find such questions and also the answer to them by looking at big well-known website and how the myth may related to them.

Please feel free to challenge my questions and my position on any of the above things that I believe to be only myths. As I said, since there are no official answers, no one really knows the answer, including me. So I am open to debate.

Also, please feel free to leave a comment and share with us any other search engine related myths, especially Google related myths you know of.

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