Blog promotions are a must if you’re serious about getting traffic to your website, but if you’ve taken the time to research S.E.O. you start seeing some of the same tips coming up over and over again. We’ve all seen the top 10 SEO plugins for WordPress post before and that’s all well and good, but these should just be considered good practices.

Things you’re likely already doing if you’re paying attention. Here are a few tips you may not have heard before that work and take little time to set up.

Use Twitterfeed And to Submit Your Blog Posts Automatically

This is a great tip if you maintain a number of blogs that are fueled by other people. Where I work we have several company blogs that are maintained by several different writers. Every time one of them writes a blog post they are automatically posted to twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin, Jaiku, Plurk, Friendfeed and Plaxo. This is great as these folks are very good at what they do, but don’t necessarily know anything about S.E.O.

So what is Twitterfeed you ask? Twitterfeed is a free service that will syndicate your rss feed to a number of different social networks. I have my Twitterfeed set up to feed to My account is then set up to hit all my social networks. Now every time I or anyone else make a post to my website these services are automatically updated. Follow the step by step tutorial here.

Use Custom Error Pages To Drive Traffic

I noticed after making some major updates to my website that my visitors were routinely winding up on my error pages. Search results from Google were off because I moved a section of my site into a new directory. So with my 404 pages becoming my most viewed it was time to change the content that was found here.

If your readers can’t find what they’re looking for right off the bat they’re gonna bounce on you. If they came to your site from a search on Google chances are you may write about something else they would be interested in. They may or may not find what they were originally looking for here, but they may see something else that sparks their interest. I use Delicious link rolls to update my error page with links to my last top 10 stories. These are complete with titles and short descriptions. This way you provide options rather than just the option of hitting your back button.

Use Flickr For Yahoo Traffic

This is something I’ve been doing for some time now and have noticed a significant jump in Yahoo traffic. Using Flickr images on your site works great for not only Yahoo, but I’ve noticed more listings with Google images as well.

Flickr which is owned by Yahoo places a higher importance on images hosted here with their defined image search. This is nice 2-fold because you can add multiple tags to your photos once images are uploaded here. By adding tags your essentially adding multiple keywords which come up in searches on Yahoo. These images can be made further relevant by adding your photos into defined sets.

1. Sign up for a Flickr account here.
2. Upload your photos.
3. Keep your image titles specific as those will be given the most importance by the search engines.
4. Tag each photo with your set of most relevant keywords. You can add more or delete words at any time so go nuts.
5. Add a backlink in the default comment section of each flickr post.
6. Post images from Flickr on your website and link back to them. This will help increase your Page Rank and will create a backlink to your website or post that will make it more relevant.

Follow the step by step directions here.

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