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Whether you run a business or a blog you understand the importance of being on Facebook. From looking for ways to amplifying your message, to marketing your blog, or generating more buzz on the products you offer. It is vital that you get the word out using Facebook. But how do you go about doing that?


With 234social you can do just that. From helping you to grow your fans and followers, to gaining more leads, and helping to promote your products and services. 234Social is the complete package that allows you to do all that and more.

How does it Work

When you sign up to the 234social site you get a full suite of tools to use to manage your Facebook Page. From creating Fan Gates, Managing Pages and Forms, to scheduling Posts on your page, to reporting; 234Social does it all for you from within their easy to use dashboard.

Facebook Designer


From within 234Social you get a full featured WYSIWG designer that allows you to create everything quickly and easily. With just a few minutes time you can setup a new page to create the following:

  • Fan Gates – Create content that people have to like or fill out a form before they can see it. Great for running contests that people will have to like the page before they can enter. You get a new follower and generate a new lead!
  • Integrate Your Website – With 234Social you can easily add your website directly into your Facebook site. Customize the width and height so your site looks great!
  • Drag and Drop Applets – With 234Social’s easy to use drag and drop custom applets you can add custom tabs to your Facebook Pages. Some examples are: RSS Feeds, YouTube or Vimeo videos, Google Maps, PayPal, Custom Galleries, or even create a Special Offer timer that times out!
  • Easy to Re-Use Templates – Create templates that you can then easily re-use for future promotions.
  • Easily Switch Between Multiple Facebook Accounts – With 234Social you can also easily and quickly move between multiple Facebook pages that you manage from within their dashboard interface. No more having to log out then back into each page to manage it.

Form Manager

With 234social you can quickly setup and create Viral Contests on Facebook to help you capture leads, likes and followers. By using the simple drag and drop interface you can quickly create contests, surveys, or sweepstakes. Integrate them with a Fan Gate and you can capture more Likes as well as leads. Then after the contest has completed you can go into 234Social and export the leads generated from the form to add to your mailing lists.


Schedule Facebook and Twitter Posts

Another great feature 234Social has is the ability to setup and schedule multiple posts from within their dashboard. They will automatically publish based on the settings you provided. Now schedule posts or tweets on a Calendar by Day, Week, or Month.


Facebook Analytics

With 234Social you also get 90 days of reporting to see how many total likes you received, friends of friends, people talking about your content, total reach and total fan growth. No more confusion of trying to use Facebook’s Page Insights tools. You know exactly how your Facebook page is performing from one easy to read report.



You can try out the basic features of 234Social today for free. After you see how amazing this service is sign up is $29.99 for their Basic service that allows you to manage up to five Facebook Accounts.


As you can see with 234Social you can setup contests, surveys, or sweepstakes. Easily integrate your website, videos and photos. And are guaranteed to increase engagement, likes, and gain leads quickly and easily through the use of their service.

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