How to create an eCommerce website that creates conversions and increases product sales?

Keep reading and you will find the answers.

Much of what you need to do is focus on your website usability and communication techniques. In other words, if you can engage with your target audience and ensure a good user experience to your visitors, you will be able to create an eCommerce that produces an enviable return on investment!

Here are 13 tips for building an eCommerce website that makes you money, whatever the type of your business.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Who are your potential customers? Knowing your potential customers is essential for creating the perfect communication with them.

If you understand the customers in your niche you can predict behavior. This will give you a big competitive advantage over your competitors.

2. Make Navigation Easy

The users of your online shopping website need one thing in particular to conclude their purchases: a simple navigation that takes them straight to the sale in a few clicks.

Don’t make complicated to browse between the pages of your eCommerce.

3. Use High-Resolution Images

Th images of products are essential to conclude the sales.

If the photos of the products have a high resolution, you can showcase each product to its fullest. And then consider that the visitors have an urgent need to see what they are buying.

So, it’s suggested to publish images of products that you can zoom from different angles. This helps increase the conversions.

You can use Photopin to get free images under creative common license.

4. Give a Lot of Information

Here is a rule that is valid in general online: offer as more details as possible about what you are selling and you will see that people will buy more.

Therefore, describe carefully the technical specifications of your products. Write with a lively style, which is able to attract attention and engage potential customers in making the sale.

In other words: leverage the power of copywriting and, in particular, the call to action (see next point).

5. Create Call to Action

Images have much more power than words, you know this.

So why not entering your call to action also in the pictures? In this way, you will transform the images into powerful tools of persuasion.

As a result, your eCommerce site will produce a higher number of conversions.

6. Add Product Videos

Many people like to watch videos on the web. By exploiting this fact, why not making a video explaining how to use each specific product?

Probably, visitors will thank you for becoming customers and pushing up the ROI of your eCommerce.

7. Make Shopping Cart Visible

Make sure your shopping cart is visible to users of your website at any time and on any screen. This is because potential customers can easily check which products are added to it.

Make sure to not put the cart in unusual spots of your eCommerce pages! Users will expect to find it in the upper right corner of each page. Then, put it there.

8. Consider Free Shipping

The shipping costs of an eCommerce constitute a real Achilles heel. If you can choose between doing a discount on the products or ensure a free shipping cost, without hesitation choose the latter option.

Delivering products for free (if this is commercially viable) always increases the sales.

9. Clearly Show Promotions and Discounts

Offering discounts or promotions on products is another good marketing technique.

Be sure to state it clearly, unequivocally. Inform your users as early as the eCommerce’s home page.

In essence, your users need to find these offers. Only in this way, this strategy will help you sell more.

10. Add Your Contacts

The presence of detailed contact information significantly reassures the potential customer. It shows that you have nothing to hide, increasing the level of trust of users towards you.

In short, show your face and earn more!

11. Offer Multiple Payment Options

Make sure the customer can choose how to pay between various payment options.

Not everyone is willing to entrust to a website the data of their credit cards. For example, you can offer PayPal, or wire transfer, or even BitCoin.

12. Create an Advanced Search

The advanced search allows visitors to find any products they want, easily and quickly.

Be sure to add it as a clear option, within the design of your eCommerce.

13. Be simple

Simplicity is the final tip. It could have been, however, the initial one, given its importance.

Being simple is always the best thing when talking about sales, because it avoids any unnecessary cognitive load for your users.

These are my 13 strategies to increase the sales of your eCommerce.

Do you agree with them?

Do you want to add something else?

Please, leave your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to share the post if you like it.

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