Blogging is growing rapidly and people are realizing the outcome and advantage of it. However, creating the quality blog and building readership is not easy. With so much of increasing competition, it is a quite challenging task.

Even though every blogger has different methods to accomplish it, the basic rules are same. Every blogger need to follow some disciplined rules to achieve their blogging dreams. What are those? I’ll explain you, read on.

Basic rules every blogger should follow:

1. Read Daily:

This is the uttermost and basic rule that every blogger should follow in order to become successful. Read top blogs, books and magazines. Whenever I stop reading, I usually run out of blogging ideas. Also, reading helps you to get new updates and ongoing events of your niche.

2. Write daily:

People think writing is the easiest job; of course it is only if you’re copy pasting it. As a blogger you need to write daily to get better results. We always hear the suggestion from pro-writers – “write minimum 500 words a day”. I think we all should follow this every day even if we don’t have mood to write. When you find the initial momentum for writing, then it is easy.

3. Comment on other blogs daily:

You already know the advantage of blog commenting:

Blog commenting drives traffic to your blog
Helps to build good relationship with other bloggers
To build links
You get new ideas to write
There are basic rules for blog commenting, before commenting on any blog you should read the whole article. Don’t just leave two words on the comment form, it’ll look like spam.

4. Do not compromise with quality:

Quality is better than quantity, never write low quality contents. Everyone knows about Google algorithm called Google-Panda. If you want to survive in blogosphere for long-time period, make sure you follow the Google’s quality guidelines. Create a good user experience on your blog. I know you may have read this many times, but this is something important that everyone must follow.

5. Build enthusiasm:

It is utterly impossible to blog without enthusiasm towards blogging. Showing enthusiasm for blogging is nothing but enjoying writing blog posts. Build enthusiasm towards blogging and then see the difference.

6. Money shouldn’t be your primary aim:

Don’t just blog for money, blog for passion. Of course it is not bad to make money through blogging, but make sure you’re adding value to your audience.

7. Don’t write fake product reviews:

I’ve seen this on many blogs; people just write fake reviews on product to earn money. Do care your audience; once they lose your trust, they are gone for forever. It only takes one mistake to ruin your hard-earned reputation, so be wise while recommending third-party product to your audience.

8. Have a posting schedule:

Publish your post on time; keep updating your blog regularly, don’t leave your blog for long time. SEO wise also it is not good.

9. Don’t waste time:

Sometimes we just feel lazy, sometimes we just waste unnecessary time. Time is money; invest your time on your blog, don’t waste it. I used to waste time doing nothing and just dreaming and procrastinating, then I realized the importance of time. If you learn something new today instead of wasting time, you’ll be better the next day.

10. Do research:

Whether you’re writing an article for your blog or for guest blog, you need to do a bit of research. Often research on the topic, this will help you to write genuine and in-depth quality articles. For example; if you’re running a Health blog and if you provide wrong information on health related issues, imagine the consequences? Not good, isn’t it? So it is important that you a do a lot of research on your niche before publishing it.

11. Don’t be impatient:

Many newbie bloggers think that Blogging is a quick-rich scam; they think they can earn lots of money within a short period of time, it’ll not going to happen. Blogging requires a lot of patience and dedication. Don’t expect things to happen on its own, this expectation will only lead to impatient. Be patient and just work hard.

12. Be genuine and nice with your readers:

Do reply to your reader’s comments, and don’t be egoistic. Not replying to your readers makes them feel left alone, they might not return back to your blog again. See even top bloggers like Neil Patel from QuickSprout take time from his busy schedule to reply his reader’s comments. Neil knows the importance of each person and he values them.


Blogging is a gift of internet, in order to succeed in it we need to follow the basic blogging rules every day with a passion and discipline. over to you; do you follow these above methods? leave your opinion in the comment section.

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