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Official 2011 Guest Blogging Contest Post #11
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2011 Best Guest Blogger Contest Article – Not Completed Yet

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The more time I spend around the web, the more I find that blogs are one of the best resources for traffic, research, engaging people, and building a profitable online business.

However, people keep asking me the same question over and over again:

How do you find blogs within a really small niche?

So, today, I decided to jot down a few of my favorite resources where I go to find blogs so that you can start engaging people who really want to hear what is going on in your niche market.

Before you run off, you need to look at your own niche, and figure out how tightly focused your site is. Think outside the box, and think about where your potential readers will be.

As an example, I have friend with a site on compulsive hoarding. On the surface, there aren’t any big authority blogs on the topic, although there are loads of keywords and searches for it. So, rather than getting stuck in a rut, if you are in a tightly focused niche, look for more general  niche blogs.

With the example above, I would look for blogs that are more general. These would be blogs on personal development, psychological disorders, and topics where you might find people who are interested in finding a cure for compulsive hoarding.

So, with that being understood, let’s get to the point of the post, and go into where to find blogs that you can get involved with:

Google Blog Search – I love Google blog search to find great topics within my niches. I like to do a search for my keywords, but also at the end subscribe to alerts for that same keyword using Google Reader for future updates.

BlogEngage – I can’t post this here, without giving credit to Brian. I have found a lot of really great blogs here, and met some really nice people in the process. He does an awesome job of providing a place to find relevant information on a huge range of topics.

CommentLuv –Commentluv is a great place to find loads of blogs within a variety of niche markets. Enabling CommentLuv on your blog will also attract other bloggers to you like flies to honey.

MyBlogGuest – If you want to find blogs specifically for guest posting, there is no better place on the planet. Loads of bloggers in just about any niche imaginable are there, and they want to share your content with their readers.

Niche Forums – I always go on and on about forums, but they are a one stop shop for anything you are looking for in a niche. Check out the links in other people’s signatures, and get to know the members. My first taste of online success was through forum posting, and still are my favorite way to brand myself, meet potential customers, and engage more people in the community.

Twitter – I find loads of blogs by following the tweets of other bloggers. The more people you follow, the better your chances of finding really great blogs.

Blogs on Blogging – even if you aren’t in the IM niche, there are loads of blogs on blogging including ProBlogger, Famous Bloggers, and more. You will find that most of the links in the comments are to non IM related blogs, since the readers are often in other niche markets.

Facebook Search –  just about every blogger I know (the good ones anyway) has a fan page for their blog. Use the search function in facebook and find fan pages and groups related to your niche. Through them, you will find top notch blogs, and some feedback from people reading them.

StumbleUpon- I love to Stumble. In fact, I can stumble for hours on end, and find loads of stuff that I would never find anywhere else.  By joining groups and carefully selecting which categories to Stumble, you will get get more out of your time and efforts.

Product Owners- More and more the affiliate products that I promote have a blog. You can usually find it tagged in the footer of their sales page. That is a great way to find targeted traffic that you know is interested in what that product owner has to say, so you have a better chance at converting them if you can get them onto your site. It also helps you to build up the relationship with the product owners. By helping their readers through comments and guest posts, I have gotten free stuff from them as well as heads up on new promotions months before other affiliates find out.

So, there you have it. These are my favorite ways to find niche blogs for commenting, guest posting, research, and just about anything else you need online.  But, I am sure I left a few out.

What are your favorite ways to find blogs in your niche? Don’t be shy.

The comments are open.

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