Engaging followers and building an audience is one of the toughest parts of running a successful blog. You write the content, edit it with care, and roll it out on the blog. But if nobody shows up to read it, your efforts may be in vain.

That’s where strategic email marketing comes in. Although newer, hipper forms of blog promotion have won the hearts of cutting edge bloggers, email marketing still has some of highest ROI of them all.

Learn how you can take advantage of the benefits of email marketing for your blog with these ten quick and easy tips.

Building Your List

Offer email subscriptions in addition to RSS subscriptions

Offering an RSS subscription option just isn’t enough. To build your list, offer an email subscription alongside your RSS feed. Many readers are either unfamiliar with RSS or prefer email. Adding an email subscription option will help you capture those readers.

Offer a free gift in exchange for subscriptions

Even in the most attractive of offers, nothing can sweeten the deal like a free giveaway.

Giving away a free gift like an ebook or industry report can incentivize subscriptions from readers that otherwise might not convert.

Run a monthly giveaway to email subscribers

This tip operates under the same assumption as the last. The enticing opportunity of scoring something valuable for free is often enough to tip the scales in your favor, causing casual readers to commit to a subscription.

In this case, consider a giveaway using a single, universally liked item, such as a tablet or software license.

Write quality sales copy to make your email opt-in offer compelling

Baiting potential subscribers with tailored, engaging content is a big part of growing your list, but it’s only one part of the equation.

Doing a little research on how to write effective sales copy can be the difference between overwhelming success and disappointing mediocrity. Take the time to learn how to court your readers and encourage them to subscribe using quality sales copy.

Make subscription forms prominent and clearly visible

If your subscription form isn’t prominently displayed on your site, you’re losing out on shoo-in subscribers. If a reader is primed and ready to subscribe, the form should be ready and waiting.

Reaping the Benefits and Fine-tuning Your List

Boost revenue using affiliate and joint venture offers

Every successful blogger once sat in the same position as you – inexperienced, unknown, and lacking in subscribers. They know how hard the process is, and many of them are willing to help.

In exchange for a little cross promotion, many bloggers in your niche may agree to promote your content through their lists. Take a chance, reach out, and see what happens.

Run split tests on email opt-in forms to maximize conversions

Blind attempts at success shouldn’t be at the core of your email marketing strategy. Take your system to the next level by doing split testing on several different opt-in forms in order to optimize your conversion rate.

Increase your reach by contributing to other blogs

Getting your name out there isn’t easy. And with the ever increasing scrutiny of guest posting, it isn’t getting easier.

However, there are still quality opportunities for guest contributions. Seek out quality blogs in your niche that are open to collaboration, and start pitching post ideas. Providing quality content to other blogs can direct traffic back to your site, boost your reach, and build your list.

Optimize subject lines to boost open rates

As with any venture, the struggle for success is constant. Even after you cultivate a list of subscribers, getting them to open your emails can be tough.

What’s the barrier between your subscribers and your email content? It’s the subject line – the single most important element when it comes to open rates. Do some research on the language that spurs subscribers to click through, and do some personal experimentation on your list. These two simple steps can go a long way toward increasing open rates and ROI.

Target audience members through list segmentation

Not all readers are the same. They have different goals, desires, and motivations.

This is why you should use whatever distinguishing metrics you have to segment your list and target smaller, more specific audiences.

These ten tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ways email marketing can help grow your blog. How have you used email marketing to promote blog growth?


Carrie is an avid writer, who spends her spare time biking and hiking the Appalachian Mountain trails near her home.

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