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Blog Engage $500 USD Guest Blogging Qualifying Article

Guest blogging, guest posts – These are the words I can see, hear all over the weblogs from a few months. I get lots of email asking for guest post on my blog. And guess what, I reject or deny 2 guest posts on daily average. But why I do so? I love to accept guest posts. But don’t I like to get another article for my blog? Yes, I do. But I have got some rules. And my 10 reasons to not accept a guest post may help you to understand why you were rejected OR how not to get rejected by the host while guest blogging.

10 reasons why I will not accept your guest post?

#1 You are writing the same old stuff:

Why should I publish an article which is on the web, already? Right? Everyone wants to publish new and interesting content on his or her blog. And everyone knows search engines penalize for duplicate or similar content. But still you are sending me an article with a very common topic and almost with the common content. I’d prefer not to publish it. It may give a bad impression to my readers.

#2 You are an article spinner:

I would like to let you know that using synonyms will not make your article different. Even bots know this and they penalize bloggers considering it as duplicate content. No matter how effectively you twist or spin, I can see a clear image of another article in your articles. I would not risk my blog image in front of search engines by publishing your post.

#3 You didn’t read my guest post guidelines:

Did you see I have a page for guests? So, the question is, why have I written a long page for the guest bloggers? The page describes how guest bloggers can proceed for guest blogging on my blog. How, what and when to do. For example; I have stated the article should not be less than 600 words and you have sent me an article which is less than 600 words.

Another example (happens with me most of the times); I have clearly stated that your links should not point to any commercial site or to any site where you are selling something. But still you have that.

Tip:  Guest post guidelines page is written just and especially for guest bloggers, of course. That single page helps the host and the guest to co-ordinate. It makes easier for guests to understand the rules for guest blogging on the particular blog. Read all the guidelines before submitting guest posts.

#4 You don’t have a gravatar:

Don’t you know the importance of a gravatar for a site?  For a person? It lets us build a brand for ourselves. It also affects the image of the blog. But you don’t have a gravatar even after I have stated in my rules that you need one to write a guest post on my blog. I can’t risk my blog’s reputation for a single free article.

Tip: Getting a gravatar is easier than writing a guest post. Just visit and associate your close up image with the email address you use for commenting. The gravatar shows up whenever we leave a comment on any post out there.

#5 You don’t know what you have to say:

You have written the same thing so many times in different ways. You are moving just around your single thought. I prefer meaty posts. Not those which just revolve around a single tiny topic.

TIP: Better do a proper research on the topic you want to write a guest post and make your thoughts clear in your sentences. Remember what you have said already and what you have to say. For this you can make a simple basic layout of your post with main headings and sub headings and then explain them.

“Your grammar is horrible and your writing is not interesting”

Ok, sorry if I am being rude but your grammar is really BAD. Now, I completely know the importance of good writing. People like our articles because we can share the knowledge in an interesting way, with humor. But you need to work on your writing skills a lot. Bad writing, grammar gives a really bad impression to the readers not only for the guest author but it also affects the blog reputation.

Tip:  Understanding some simple basic rules for diagramming sentences can help us to write very good articles. You can have a look to writing tips post from a professional writer (Holly Jahangiri)

#7 Your previous guest blogging record is not good:

I have seen some of your guest posts on other blogs and some on mine even. This is what I observed:
a) You just disappear after writing your posts;
b) You never reply to my email at once;
c) You never reply to comments on your post;
d) You are rude when replying to comments;

Tip: Replying to comments on our guest post is also a part of guest blogging. This is where we meet new readers, get traffic and that’s why we do guest blogging. And as a bonus, we can build back links to our blog when replying to comments.

#8 You guest post just for back links:

I have seen many guest writers looking for blogs where they can publish their posts. And they ask bloggers for guest articles like this – “800 words, very well written post, ONLY for PR5+ blogs”. Ok, what does it mean? Blogs with less PR will never get your guest post. So it means guest blogging is not building relationship with the host or readers. It is just about getting high quality back links. Sorry, but I don’t work that way.

Tip: I have said it before, guest blogging is not JUST link building. It is meeting new readers, making new friends and building relationship with other bloggers and blogs.

#9 You send articles which are not written by YOU:

I did see your author bio at the end. Every time you send an article you have different author names and none of them is YOU. And the links even don’t points to your blog. So, it means you are just building back links via guest blogging. And maybe, you don’t have the rights from the original author of the article. Publishing someone else’s articles is by someone else is not in my rulebook.

#10  Most important:

I don’t accept guest articles just to get another article to publish on my blog and increase my total published articles count. I don’t take guest blogging as a business. And I really hate those who do so.

There can be more reasons for me, for you or someone else to reject a guest post. But I think, these are the most basic but important think we need to keep an eye on, while guest blogging. I think, instead of JUST getting 2 silly do-follow back links, we should do guest blogging more to build healthier relationship with other bloggers and readers.

And yes, I do accept guest posts on my blog. You just have to visit my guest blogging guidelines page to get started.

Have you ever rejected any guest post? Or Have someone rejected your post? What were the reasons?

I would be happy if you can add value to this post.

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