Adding new things to your blog is really fun to make your blog look good, but be careful there are things that will kill your blog.

The design of a blog is almost as important as the content of your blog, so no matter how good content you have If your blog is mess, you’ll drive away readers.

When I started blogging, I loved to add all kind of flashy things just because I wanted my blog to look good, but as a newbie I didn’t know that those things were killing my blog and my work.

Here I’m going to share 10 web design mistakes that can result in a very poor user experience and can kill your blog If you don’t avoid them.

1. Auto-Popups:

I don’t know about others, but I really hate to see auto-popups on any blog. When I land on a blog, before checking anything the email subscription box or the Facebook page box pops up in my face. I shouldn’t have to give my email or like their Facebook page before checking the blog.

I don’t know why they think that popups will increase their subscribers or likes. They really annoys their traffic with those popups.

It also annoys the existing subscribers because If they subscribed to your blog ones, they don’t want to see that popup every time they visit your blog (Correct me If I’m wrong).

If you have a quality and useful content on your blog that can touch the heart of your readers, they’ll subscribe to you. You don’t really need to use popups.

Don’t stress your readers with pop-us.

2. Auto-Music:

You might think I’m kidding, but really I have seen some blogs using auto-music. I hate visiting blogs where I have to locate the volume buttons because I don’t want to listen to the loud rock songs much while trying to focus on the content.

It not only annoys readers, but also makes it difficult for them to scan your content and It will make them hate your blog.

If you must play an audio file, let the user start it but make sure your blog is loading fast.

3. Un-Scannable Content:

If someone visited your blog while they work on other stuff and If your content isn’t easy to scan, they’ll leave your blog and will forget it for ever. So make sure the content on your blog must be easy scannable and everything in it like headers, lists and bullet points etc. Anything that will help visitors filter what they’re looking for.

4. Too many ads:

If you’re using Google Adsense ads on your blog, be sure to be smart on placing ads on your blog. Don’t annoy the reader by placing too many ads everywhere in your blog.

In my opinion, Adsense isn’t right way to monetize a blog in blogging and marketing niches because Adsense is like sending your traffic to competitors for few cents. But If you’re in niches like Health, Recipe, Celeb etc than Adsense is right way to monetize your blog to make money, but think out of the box when it comes to placing the ads.

5. Too many social sharing buttons:

Using too many social sharing buttons will kill your blog, As they say less is more so try to give less options to your readers to share your posts.

Have you ever thought why Daily Blog Tips use only two social sharing buttons (Twitter and Facebook) below his posts or Derek Halpern on Social Triggers? There’s a secret behind this. If you give more options to your readers, they choose nothing.

This rule usually applies to people and choices.

6. Too Many Colors:

Google is simple

DailyBlogTips is simple

So is Mashable

Seth Godin’s blog? Simple

Ohh yeah, Twitter? pretty simple.

As you can see all the successful blogs, services and products are simple, so why to use too many colors and flashes on your blog? It will kill your blog. Also make sure you have good contrast on your blog between background color and text colors.

7. Hard To Navigate:

Make sure that your blog has simple, easy and clear navigation structure. If your blog is hard to navigate, the reader will be confused regarding where they should go to find the information they’re looking for.

8. Cluttered Sidebar:

You want to make sure that you’re not annoying your readers with the irrelevant ads and widgets in sidebar of your blog. Most bloggers clutter their sidebar with irrelevant widget which is not good for your readers.

If you want to place ads or affiliate banners, make sure It is relevant to your niche and your audience. Provide value by displaying popular posts and top commentators widgets etc on your sidebar instead of clogging it with ads.

9. Tiny Fonts:

Readers must be comfortable enough reading your content. If I visit your blog and If I need to use a zooming feature of my browser to read your content, It will probably be the last time I visit your blog.

10. No contact page:

If you have a quality and catchy content on your blog than readers will probably like to contact you. If you don’t have a contact page than It’s not only bad for reader, but also for yourself because you’ll lose important feedback along the way. There is nothing worse than a website with no contact details.

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