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Boutique WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

Last Wednesday I introduced you to the Argentum Theme by Woo Themes as a good choice for an ecommerce theme for your WordPress site. If this isn’t a good fit for your site, I have found another great theme that might work for you and its by Elegant Themes.

Don’t get me wrong, Woo Themes is a great product but their themes may not work for everyone. If this is the case and you are looking for a WordPress powered online store for your site, you might want to take a look at the Boutique Theme by Elegant Themes.

Boutique Features

The Boutique Theme is a powerful online storefront that can be integrated with some of the most popular ecommerce plugins. This great for those that already have a ecommerce plugin in place and do not want to switch to theme that is only designed to work with one ecommerce Plugin.

Unlimited Color Schemes

The themes come with several background textures and adjustable background and font colors. With these options, your color scheme will only be limited by your imagination.

Choose a Different Font

If the default fonts aren’t your favorites, then change them! The Boutique theme comes with a variety of fonts to choose from for the body of the text and the header.

Alternative Blog Layout

If you want to run a blog in addition to the product pages, you can run a blog that does not include product info.

Automated Thumbnail Resizing

The theme uses timthumb to automatically resize your images.

User and Author Ratings

Boutique has the option for users and readers to rate each product in your collection.

Advertising System

The theme also comes with an advertising management system. You can add 125×125 banners and the sidebar and 468×60 add in your post pages.

What eCommerce Plugins Work With Boutique?

The boutique works with wp-ecommerce, shopp, eshop, cart66, and simple paypal shoopingcart.

For more information or to test drive the Boutique Theme, check out Elegant Themes’ information page.


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I’m a young and upcoming webmaster. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

Another One Month DTFP Giveaway

Hi everyone, I’m happy to announce the winner of our One Month DTFP giveaway.

The winner is Jackson Nwachukwu from WorthBlogger. This marketing package has a lot of value to it including some of the following.

Featured Spotlight: We will write about you and your blog, feature you here on Blog Engage in front all our blog readers.

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Banner Ad Rotation: We will create banners for your blog and include them into our banner ad rotator exposing your blog to tons of direct traffic from Blog Engage.

Newsletter Marketing: Blog Engage will send your featured spotlight article to our entire mailing list of over 3000 bloggers.

We are also hosting another contest for another lucky member or blog visitor to win. This giveaway will be offering the winner 1 month of our Direct To Front Page Marketing Package. This is one of the most unique online marketing strategies for bloggers, whoever wins this will see a large benefits directly to their blog readership and blog traffic.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To enter for your chance to win all you have is follow the guidelines above and your name will automatically be entered for a chance to win. Make sure to post a comment, say hello and what this contest could mean for you, and your blog.

Best of luck everyone!


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I’m a young and upcoming webmaster. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

Memoir by Elegant Themes

Looking to create a personal blog? You want something more than a basic free theme? Maybe a premium theme that still has the features of a premium theme but doesn’t have all the extras that comes with professional CMS styled themes?

If you are wanting a theme like that, then you are in luck. Elegant themes offers a great looking theme that is simple, elegant, and full of style. That theme is Memoir .

Memoir Features

For a basic WordPress theme, Memoir still has a lot of great features to go with its good luck. It includes features such as multiple color schemes, page templates, image gallery, portfolio, thumbnail resizing, and a few others.

Four Color Schemes

The theme comes with four color schemes. If you don’t like the default one, then you have three other ones to choose from.

Page Templates

Memoir comes with pre-made page layouts and utilities. The templates can be used for individual pages to make your life easier when creating new pages.

Automatic Thumbnail Resizing

The theme uses timthumb to automatically resize thumbnail images. with this feature, you won’t have to worry uploading multiple thumbnails. All you have to do is upload one image and it resizes to whatever size the theme requires.

For more information about Memoir and to try out the demo, check out the information page.


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I’m a young and upcoming webmaster. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

5 of Southwestern Virginia’s Best Wineries

Despite the fact that Virginia is producing fantastic wines, it might not be the first state that comes to mind when you think of wine country. Of course, Virginia won’t be competing with the Napa Valley or Tuscany as a wine destination any time soon, but that doesn’t mean the region can’t produce great wine. It would behoove East coast wine enthusiasts to take a closer look at the small, boutique vineyards that have popped up across the state, especially those in its southwestern region.

We’ve rounded up five of southwest Virginia’s best wineries for your next visit down south. Do yourself a favor and give Virginian wine a chance. We doubt you’ll be sorry.

Chateau Morrisette

image 1

Tucked away in the scenic hills off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Floyd County, Chateau Morrisette has been producing fine Virginian wines since 1978. Starting from humble beginnings as a family hobby, Chateau Morrisette has grown into one of the East coast’s most renowned wineries.

The vineyard’s acreage is composed of 13 acres of highland meadow planted with American Niagara grapes, a locally native species. Chateau Morrisette uses their small vineyard to produce exquisite Mountain Laurel and Red Mountain Laurel wines along with several other varieties of reds, whites, and rosés.

View a list of wines, full restaurant menu, and more vineyard information at

Attimo Winery

One of Southwest Virginia’s younger wineries, Attimo was founded by Virginia Tech graduates Rik and Melissa Obiso. The main vineyard and tasting room is located just outside of Blacksburg, and visitors are encouraged to plan their visit around one of the events and live performances scheduled weekly at the tasting room.

Attimo maintains a primary vineyard of 11 acres at their Blacksburg location, and they source grapes from a few smaller leased lots of acreage across the state. All wine is made with Virginian grapes and crafted on-site. Attimo specializes in house blends, but they do produce pure varietals as well.

Find out more about Attimo Winery at

Beliveau Estate Winery

Beliveau Estate didn’t waste any time after opening their Blacksburg winery in 2012. The winery has already won several local awards, and they’re continuing to release fantastic new wines as they grow.

The vineyard is located approximately 30 minutes outside of Blacksburg, and it’s accompanied by a sprawling lavender planation, which can be enjoyed to its fullest during the peak blooming months of June and July.

Get a closer look at this exciting new vineyard by visiting

Firefly Hill

Image 2

Firefly Hill is a small, family owned Virginia Farm Winery (See section 5) just twenty minutes from Roanoke and Blacksburg. The entire estate is made up of 37 gorgeous acres planted with several varieties of grapes.

The vineyard was planted in late 2006, and the winery consistently produces seven varietals: Chardonnay, Merlot, Viognier, Vidal, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Traminette.

Get to know this genuine Virginia Farm Winery better at

AmRhein’s Wine Cellars

Image 3

With a focus on German-influence wines and almost two decades of experience, this family owned and operated winery produces over 15 traditional varietals and several house blends. The winery has won several awards in 2014 alone, including multiple awards at the Virginia Governor’s Cup.

The 40 acre AmRhein’s vineyard is located on Bent Mountain, roughly halfway between Roanoke and Blacksburg, and it’s planted with 20 varieties of grapes. Tasting hours are available most days of the week, although they do change seasonally, and events are held regularly.

View event schedules, wine lists, and more at AmRheins.Thanks!

Photo Credits:

1. Photo by Susan Smith

2. Screenshot via Firefly’s website

3. Photo via AmRhein’s on Tumblr


Carrie is an avid writer, who spends her spare time biking and hiking the Appalachian Mountain trails near her home.

Going Green Child Theme by StudioPress

Trying to save the earth, your neighborhood, or just looking for a natural look for your website but not sure what you need to do it? Having a professional website isn’t everything you need to start a healthy related website.

Along with a professional looking website, you need to have the look and feel of a site that is oriented around your going green site. To get that look and still have a professional look can be hard but, StudioPress Themes did it right.

StudioPress created a great looking child theme, Going Green Theme, for those looking to build a Green Website. But the best part is, it can be used by almost any niche. You can use if you have nature site, healthy living site, or any niche you want. If you check out the demo, you will see that it has a vintage look, that would look good anywhere.

Going Green Features

Going Green Theme comes with six layouts, featured images, fixed width, and threaded comments. Plus it compatible with BuddyPress.

In order to use the Going Green child theme, you must already have the Genesis Framework installed or purchased.

For more information about Going Green Theme Child Theme and to test drive the demo, check out the information page.

What is the Genesis Framework?

All StudioPress child themes run on the Genesis Frame. The Genesis Framework is the core files (parent theme) that is designed to add important features to WordPress. The framework adds SEO integration to the configuration pages, additional SEO options on the post pages, plus it makes it easy to install child themes to the framework.

When you purchase the framework, you get unlimited support, unlimited easy updates, and you get lifetime access to the support team and staff.


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I’m a young and upcoming webmaster. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

Blog Engage CIBC Run Was A Success


It was cold, it was raining, but nothing was stopping us today. We celebrated the Breast Cancer Survivors and remembered those who sadly didn’t make it. Today was a special day for many people and it was my pleasure to be a part of it with Blog Engage.

This was my first year as a team leader and I think it went well. We had less time than normal as I’ve been spending most my time fixing up and repairing my home. But I still managed to get some fundraising done and my team members also did a fantastic job.

One of our members had a raffle draw where you could win a breast cancer inspired cake. This thing was just incredible. People bought tickets and entered their name for a chance to win. This is what the cake looked like.


I was really impressed with the turn out even though the weather was extremely cold and wet. It’s nice to see the community come together no matter the conditions to support this amazing cause. Let’s hope next year we some more sun and nice weather conditions. Over $140,000 was raised during the event and this money will be used for research to help find a cure to Breast Cancer.

Below is a picture of myself with a local radio host Kevin Oschefski. Kevin is always down at the event hosting and making the event a fun place to be. His personality is always welcomed by the community as for some, this is a hard time as many have lost loved ones, and many are currently struggling and trying to cope with Breast Cancer.


Thanks to our Blog Engage members who made donations, Please next year let’s try and do better! Lets try and get more users engaged. Perhaps what we can do is even have some giveaways for Blog Engage services to increase possible donations from our community members.



My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I’m a young and upcoming webmaster. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

Last Chance to Donate Towards Breast Cancer


Please do help me reach my goal and donate towards this great cause. The CIBC Run for the Cure happens this Sunday. I need your help, please if you can, using credit card or PayPal, contribute some money towards finding a cure to breast cancer.

Every year for the past 5 years I have joined this amazing event and every time it manages to move my heart and bring tears to my eyes. What once started as a one time thing has been part of my life for five years now. Donating towards the cause is very easy, visit my CIBC donations page, contributing whatever you can afford.

I had hurt my ankle last week so this year I will be walking with my wife, our members and Benjamin my son. It’s going to be cold, wet and raining but it doesn’t matter to me. The victims of breast cancer suffer everyday with their challenges so the least I can do is get a little wet and perhaps a little cold.

It would mean a lot to me to see some more Blog Engage members donating and helping me with this event. It’s only a small donation, even 5 dollars if you can but please do not read this and close the page. Take a moment, visit my CIBC donations page and please help us end the suffering, help us end the pain.



My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I’m a young and upcoming webmaster. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

How Shale Oil Turned North Dakota Into an Economic Powerhouse

What comes to mind when you think of North Dakota? For most Americans, the answer is probably nothing exciting. That’s no surprise. Until 2006, the state’s economy was sustained primarily by agriculture, and most of its landscape was either barren or occupied by cattle. But that all changed when the shale oil boom turned the state into one of the energy industry’s biggest U.S. hubs.


How it All Started

Until the late 2000s, shale oil, although plentiful throughout the midwestern U.S., was costly to drill and held little appeal for oil companies. North Dakota, despite sitting on a deposit of oil that could rival those of Saudi Arabia, wasn’t able to take advantage of its vast natural resources.

The game-changing development didn’t occur until 2006, when horizontal drilling technology, in conjunction with hydraulic fracturing, started driving down the cost of well construction while simultaneously skyrocketing productivity of the entire shale sector. It was then that North Dakota began its transformation into one of the most economically prosperous states in the country.

Fast forward to today for a glimpse of what the shale oil boom has done for North Dakota: 2.8% unemployment, a 1 billion dollar budget surplus, and a state GDP that’s 29% above the national average.

Williston County is at the epicenter of the boom, and you don’t have to look any further than the county public record books to see just how incredibly fast it’s growing. As of May, over 230 million dollars worth of building permits had been pulled in Williston, ND during 2014 alone – up from just 27 million in 2006.

The boom has brought enormous waves of economic stimulation to the state, and surrounding states are feeling the benefits too. The tremendous growth and development happening in North Dakota is allowing professionals as far away from the fields as Denver and Oklahoma City to profit from a domestic resource that 10 years ago almost nobody knew existed.


The Future of Shale

What makes the oil-fueled growth of the midwestern U.S. so exciting is that it isn’t just a flash in the pan. All indicators point to a long and prosperous future for shale oil.

Despite the fact that shale wells produce crude a little differently than traditional wells – at different rates and durations – most industry experts expect the boom to continue well into the foreseeable future. Their primary reasoning is that the decreasing cost-per-well, combined with the increasing speed at which new wells can be drilled, will foster long-term growth for the industry as a whole.

On top of that, it’s commonly believed that large shale deposits, much like the ones already being tapped in North Dakota and Texas, are waiting to be found across the globe. As efficiency increases and as costs decrease, there’s no place for the boom to go but up.

That means we’re likely to see other areas start to experience the same kind of much-needed economic stimulation that’s already taking place in North Dakota, and that’s something to get excited about.

Image credits: 1 & 2


Carrie is an avid writer, who spends her spare time biking and hiking the Appalachian Mountain trails near her home.