11 Activity Hobby sub niches to start a Blog in 2023

Blogging is more fun if you blog on things that interests you. That way, you will post your blog entries like an expert who live the same niche life 24 by 7. If you try to learn your niche and research your way through then at some point of time you will run out of ideas and slowly your blog will stagnate due to lack of fresh content.

Every niche has sub niches and when you start to explore them, you will see that several large niches have a sub-niche that interests you more. For example, you like traveling but your hobby isn’t simply traveling, but traveling as a family in a car which is also known as taking long-drives. So, here you met the car travel niche where two large niches: travel and hobby had a cross section. If you keep exploring, you will find an exact sub-niche that interest you the most.

Here, in this article, we are exploring travel and hobby related sub niches to start a blog.

Fishing: Fishing is an excellent hobby. Your time is well spent with a hobby like fishing, you get to eat the fish and at the end of the day, you can write about your experience and earn a side income with fish blogging.

With fishing, one can take this a notch higher by leashing or owning a pond and introducing several type of fishes in the space. This way, you will be able to fish in your leasure and even invite friends and family over for fishing. With agro tourism on the rise, you will be able to ticket the fishing space and perhaps start a fishing group membership of some sorts to monetize the whole fishing adventure.

Boating: Boating is a fun activity. If you like to travel to places that has water bodies then you should explore the boating opportunities. As a blogger, when you start to write on this niche, you can dive in deeper with canoe and kayaking options and the gears required in the process. There are sub topics like speed boat racing, rafting etc. that can be covered as well.

RV: The community around this recreational vehicle is very strong. This is not just an activity or a travel hobby, it is a way of life. RV, brings with itself the freedom to travel, live and explore. You don’t need a space like a hotel to stay if you have an RV. You can be constantly on the move and worrying about a home and its security is something that won’t bother you.

Having a niche like this to blog about is always better because there are already communities and groups that are active in this space who will share your content. So promoting your content and building an audience for it is easier in this space.

Hiking: Activities such as hiking is healthy. With this niche, you will stand at a cross section of health, travel and hobby. If you like hiking then it is an excellent niche to blog about. You will be able to travel to many places and find out spaces which are developed for hiking and even trekking if your health permits. If you want to take it a bit further then try mountain climbing sometimes.

Horseback riding: Not all hobbies are made for everyone, however if you really like horse riding and it is new for you then you should be able to join a training program and get into it. However if you are an expert with horses then there are several ways you can expand into this niche, including selling and promoting items required for horse back riding.

Surfing: This activity does require some skills and you will need time to learn and master this hobby. If you live in a place which is close to the seas and you really like surfing then feel free to start blogging about it. Again, like most hobby niches, related items can be reviewed and sold with expert feedback of yours.

Camping: Most people like to camp once in a while. This activity is fun and there isn’t too much of an issue joining this activity. If you actively start blogging on this niche then you will be able to explore a lot of camping spaces around your country and abroad.

Cycling: Talking about healthy activities, perhaps this one is the best on this list. From casual cycling to taking part in races, there is so much to explore and absolutely no learning curve. This activity can be started right off and blog your way forward.

Skiing: If you live on the mountains in a cold area filled with snow then skiing is an activity you can start planning on. The requirements for this niche is mostly cold and icy spaces, if you can manage that then this hobby is good to get started with. In time, you will be able to write plenty of things including skiing gear reviews.

Water sports: There are no limits to what you can do if you have enough water around you. From boating and swimming to playing various sports under water, anything that you can do with water will work on this niche. Even if you don’t live near water bodies, you will be able to find out clubs and places that have water activity opportunities. When you have too many things to do with water, you also have too many things to write about in your blog.

Activity and travel hobby blogging

Jungle Adventure: Traveling is fun, but it is even more fun if you take up an adventure travel. You can take part in actual jungle travels by joining teams which goes traveling in the jungles. If the walk through the jungle is real, you will have even more exciting adventure stories to write about. While traveling across the country, you will be able to find out jungle travel opportunities and make the most out of it.

Travel blogging is always fun and when you start to document your travel stories, take enough pictures in the process or even start a travel channel on YouTube, you will be able to watch and remember your whole travels at a later time. Years later, whether you will be blogging or not, you can still watch your existing videos and remember the golden days.

12 Places to Start a Blog Online for Free

There are two types of blogs on the internet. One is self hosted where you have all the controls and the blog is hosted on a web hosting account owned by you and the other is a free blogging method where the actual blog is hosted on some one else’s host.

There are both pros and cons in each method, however if you are looking to get started into blogging for free then there is no point in spending money in a web hosting account. This is where free hosted blogging platforms comes in.

Here, in this article, we will discuss several free hosted blogging platforms to jump start your blogging activities.

1. Blogger: This is pretty much how most people got into blogging. Ages ago, blogspot, was a free hosted blogging platform where many people started blogging online. Since it was easy to use and free to get started, the idea took off quickly. Later, blogspot was bought by Google and changed to blogger.

Additionally, the blogger platform became a way to start a blog and then apply for adsense which is the Google’s platform for earning money from blogging. This way most people got an easy way to monetize their blogs and blogging changed from a fun activity to a potential money making opportunity.

2. WordPress Dot Com: The free and open source blogging platform of wordpress has two websites. The wordpress dot org is the platform from where one can download plugins, themes and the CMS to start your own self hosted blog. On the other hand, the wordpress dot com is the place where one can start a blog for free and get started into blogging without having to buy a web hosting plan.

3. Medium: When we think about getting started with blogging, some people choose Medium even after having a self hosted domain. The basic idea of blogging is to have a community and perhaps that is the reason why people choose to blog on this platform as the sense of community can be easily felt on this platform.

4. Tumblr: Every platform is unique in its own way. Most Tumblr blogs are short and heavy on graphics. If you are into catchy and viral type of blogs and does not really like to write very long pieces of content then this platform might be the ideal place to get started.

5. LinkedIn Pulse: LinkedIn is the professional network where people look to get a new job or choose a career path. Sometime back LinkedIn experimented with longform content and allowed some of its members to start blogging. The idea took off and several people started to blog on this platform actively. Very soon, this beta blogging feature was opened to all of its members and everyone got this opportunity to start a blog on LinkedIn.

6. Quora Blogs: If you have questions or you like to give answers on topics that are in your expertize then Quora is the perfect platform for you. However, this question and answers website has recently started a blogging feature where its users can start adding blog entres.

Just like LinkedIn, Quora too has a huge user base and blogging on such platforms provides bloggers with opportunites to grow quickly and reach a bigger audience.

7. HubPages: This is one of those really old platforms for blogging where users can start a blog and monetize it using Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate links. Most people join this platform with the hope of earning money from blogging and HubPages has a good reputation of paying its users for their blogging efforts.

8. Weebly: This is yet another platform for hosting your blog for free and get started quickly with blogging. The interface is fairly simple and easy to understand. If you are new to blogging and does not really want to bother yourself with the technicalities of other platforms then Weebly is a good choice for you.

9. Square Space: Depending on features, templates and other blogging benefits, SquareSpace is becoming a good choice for many bloggers. When it comes to free hosting blogging sites, templates plays a crucial role as the look and feel of a blog totally depends on the choice of templates. SquareSpace here has a positive score because of its huge range of diverse template choices.

10. Penzu: Bloggging was initially started as a means to write a journal and keep it private. Penzu is pretty effective in this regard and if you buy their premium plans, they can even encrypt your entries so that your data is truly safe.

11. Webs: Just like any other platform on the list, Webs too has a huge collection of templates and with its easy site builder tools, one can easily drag and drop items and quickly get an active blog live and kicking. As a new blogger, simplicity and template collection is a primary requirement which is why plenty of people go for Webs for their blogging needs.

Free hosted blogging platforms

12. Jimdo: There is a purpose behind using every free blogging platform. Here, the main benefit is the search engine optimization features. Normally, when you start a blog on Jimdo and add valuable content to it, the articles starts to rank in the search engines. This is mainly due to the SEO power and optimization of the Jimdo platform.

If ranking your content on the search engines is a primary requirement for your blogging activities then Jimdo is a platform that you can test. Do note that ranking content isn’t easy and requires a lot of effort, the platforms can give you an edge but ultimately everything depends on the blogger himself.

It is always preferable to start a blog for free and get the taste of blogging. After a few months of successful blogging, if you like the process then you have the choice to either keep blogging for free or get a self hosted blog and move away to a custom setup. Some people like to blog on multiple places and these free hosted blogging platforms are ideal places for them.

Top 13 Tips to Sell on the Social Media

Social media has slowly become the main marketing channel for several businesses. Depending on the nature of their business, they are choosing their primary social media platform and spending most part of their time and resources to market heavily on their preferred platform.

The ultimate target for most businesses is to sell or generate leads. With platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. around, selling the products directly on the social media is far more easier compared to any other form of online or offline selling.

Social media has everything, from buyers to customers; everyone is looking up to the social media for their solutions. However, one still needs to work out a plan to sell their stuff on the social media.

Here, in this article, we will discuss several tips to sell more on the social media.

1. Choose your preferred social network: Every business has a niche and based on the type of business one needs to select a social network. For example if your business caters to other businesses then LinkedIn might be more targeted to you compared to Facebook or Instagram. Similarly if your business if targeted to women then Pinterest might be a better option for you.

One should be active in as many top level and some really niche targeted social networks as possible. However, with limited resources, you need to choose your networks wisely so that you can receive the best output possible.

2. Make weekly goals and measure them week after week: There are a number of things that one can do on social media. It is best to make a checklist of the marketing activities that you can do on social media. For example, follow targeted people, post more status updates, use hashtags, upload videos etc. Keep a track of what you did this week and the results it gave. Compare these results with the previous weeks and see if any particular activity generates more results of not.

On the social media, with diverse audience and so many factors around, one size does not fit all. You need to test what works best for your business and do more of the same in the future.

3. Hire a designer: Visuals are the most important thing on the social media. You need catchy graphics, images for videos, blog posts, infographics etc. Based on these requirements, a graphic editor who can also post and schedule content, preferably even write content that goes along with these graphics is the best option.

4. Use Automation: Posting content consistently is the key to social media success. Posting too frequently or letting the timeline go dry are some of the ways in which one can disappoint their audience. Do remember that it is quite easy for your loyal audience to unsubscribe or unfollow your updates. Everything happens on the click of a button, so make sure to keep your updates consistent and automation is the best option you have.

5. Share your daily routine: It is important for every business to humanize their brands. If you share your daily routine, how you make your products, how it gets packaged, your office space, business events and office party pics, everything that happens around your business everyday can be shared.

6. Start a loyalty program: If you reward your loyal customers, they will help you to push your brand even further. It is important to have a reward program, perhaps an affiliate setup where you can give points and perhaps even money for referring new customers and bringing in more business.

7. Be Consistent: If you choose to be active on several platforms, make 3 YouTube videos a week, create shorts and reels etc. then these activities needs to be planned for months in advance because once you start this schedule, it cannot be turned off, or else all the hard work will be wasted right away.

8. Check audience conversation: Your contact us forms and customer help desk aren’t the only places where your customers will contact you. Some of your clients and customers will contact you by sending you direct messages on the primary social media platforms; some others will post their replies in your social updates. You need to be present everywhere and make replies as soon as possible else your reputation management will take a serious blow.

9. Keep an eye out for brand mentions and hash tags: Not all updates on the social media is tagged or mentioned with your brand handles. Normal everyday users of the social media talks about your brand and they don’t tag well. It is important for you to really keep looking for any mention of your brand and act wisely on it.

10. Utilize Trending news: Anything that happens on your niche is your news. Any niche event is traffic opportunities. Trending topics related to your niche can be utilized with blog content, social updates, email newsletters etc. All of the content that you generate for the selected trending news should be optimized for social media and distributed accordingly.

Social Selling

11. Join relevant communities: On the social media there are community opportunities everywhere. Facebook and Linkedin have groups; Pinterest has group boards while Reddit has sub-reddits. Find the relevant communities that best fit your niche and start posting organic and relevant content on them. Once you establish your presence in these communities, feel free to post promotional content depending on what is allowed in those communities.

12. Share success stories: Everyone likes to read success stories. These stories can be your own, or they can be from your clients and customers. Either way, if a story is well presented and well received by your audience then it will only bring benefits to your brand over time.

13. Keep your social channels active with updated content: In time, setup a content marketing team where you have a few people who will be responsible for content scheduling and some of them will be designers who will prepare the graphics while others will write catchy content for the micro blogging sites.

Social media can be an exciting space for selling products and services. If you have a dedicated following on the social media then it is time to leverage your audience to boost your sale.

11 Tips to write more Blog Posts and Boost Content on your Blog

As a blogger, one of your constant worry is to come up with new and fresh content. The blog posts you write are the actual heart and soul of your blog, if you fail to deliver a new and interesting post on the next deadline, your blog will stagnate and you will lose instant readership.

It is a challenge to write blog content on a regular basic. However, there are some blog posts that every blog can make good use of, such type of content works flawlessly on every blog on the internet.

Here, in this article, we will cover several such blog post ideas which will add value to your blog and boost content as well.

1. Your Life Story about how it all began: Chances are that you have written something about your life and your business on you’re about us page. Generally, the about page contains details about yourself and it is most likely left as-is after you initially wrote something on it.

Write a blog post about how you started blogging. Something must have clicked somewhere. How you came to know about your niche, the circumstances under which you made this choice. There can be life events that might have forced you into blogging. If there is a story, you can polish it and deliver.

2. Share Your Routine: Every online blogger and marketer has a unique routine. Not everyone is productive at the same times during the day or even throughout the night. As a blogger, there are several things that you need to do like write post for your blog, do guest blogging, comment on other blogs etc. All of these activities have to be done everyday which makes it important to have a daily routine.

Talk about your daily routine in details; start with how and when you start your day. What are the most productive times of your day and how you utilize it? Break it down on an hourly basic and explain in details how you spend every waking hour of your day.

3. Write a post explaining your goals for the year: If you have already made a post like this last year then you can follow it up with a post explaining how many of those targets you have achieved so far. If this is a new topic then start writing your goals and targets for the year in details and mention then in points.

When doing these goal settings, explain in details about how you are going to achieve these goals so that your process is clear from the start.

4. Start an Interview Series: Interviews are always catchy and they drive a lot of interest. If you are able to interview industry leaders then not only you are coming up with fresh content and perspective, these influencers you interview will also help you to share and promote their interview on the social media.

5. Discuss in detail about a Successful Marketing Campaign: Over the year you must have had some pretty successful marketing campaigns. In most cases, your clients must have heavily benefited from your service. If you have kept a record on how you have driven traffic, sales and conversions for your clients then it might be the right time to start discussing their marketing campaign in detail in an upcoming blog post.

6. Mention a successful client case study: Case studies are exciting and they bring in a lot of insights about the relevant niche or industry. Ultimately, both the client and you as a service provider will gain a lot of publicity from such posts which will benefit both of you.

7. Share your Zero to Million roadmap: Surely, such roadmaps are only possible if you have earned a million from your business already. But in case you haven’t then take smaller targets like how you achieved your first 1000 Youtube subscribers, your 10k organic uniques on your blog posts, etc.

This is a blog post series in itself and the ideas are limitless. Feel free to dedicate a day of the week for such posts and cover many more posts like these in detail.

8. Share your favorite online tools: As a blogger you might already be using several popular online tools like Canva, SemRush, Ahreaf, Mailchimp, Buffer etc. Feel free to do a roundup post for the tools that you use. Every tool can be reviewed individually and then linked from your tools roundup. There are other post opportunities like the top ten alternatives to a popular tool etc.

9. Do a skill roundup: Talk about the skills which will be most in-demand in your industry. For example, if you are a blogger then having graphic and logo designing talents can be helpful. Similarly, the ability to write better, edit and make fresh themes and plugins for popular content management systems etc. are all important skills.

Blog Post Ideas

10. Embed YouTube videos on a popular topic on your niche: Check your analytics and see what type of posts has worked well for you. Write a similar post and mention a YouTube video in every point you mention in your post. This way, this post will become a Youtube video roundup and after publishing it, try to tweet out to all the YouTube influencers who are mentioned on this post for additional exposure.

11. Compile an Infographic Roundup: Similar to the YouTube roundup above, do a roundup for infographic on a popular topic. Infographics are powerhouse for information as they contain a lot of detail on any topic. Having multiple such infographics linked and mentioned in a post will greatly enrich the post’s content and the topic will be thoroughly covered.

When you write regularly on a specific topic or niche, it is normal to run out of blog post ideas. At times like these, you can brainstorm new topics, check on the competition or take up a popular topic like the ones mentioned above and start writing in detail.

14 Tips to Promote your eBook for Free

One thing that a blogger has in abundance is existing content. Any blogger who is blogging for some time must have hundred’s if not thousands of blog posts in his blog archives. This huge content resource is mostly unused, unless some of it is ranking on the search engines.

Some of the best ways to utilize this resource is to repurpose it in some form. One such method is converting some of your existing content into an eBook and use it for multiple benefits like a lead generation utility or simply selling it directly for additional income.

What ever you choose to do with your eBook is your choice, however you still need to promote it to make the most out of it.

Here, in this article, we will discuss several ways to promote your eBook without spending a lot of money.

1. Make your eBook catchy: The title of your ebook needs to be catchy, along with that the image you set for your ebook needs to be relevant and good looking. People can not read the actual content of the ebook before buying it, so the title and the cover matters because that is the only thing which is visible to the buyers.

2. eBook landing page: If you haven’t already built a landing page, you should consider it seriously before you start your ebook marketing efforts. The landing page will have several sections, images, quotes, testimonials and several other things to boost your ebook sales and downloads. If you aren’t a copywriter then it is best that you hire a really good copywriter to write this landing page.

3. Include tweetables in the ebook: Having small tweetable bytes from within the ebook content helps to drive more tweets promoting the ebook. As a start, one can keep tweeting these tweetables in their timelines and requesting to do the same from their followers can increase social promotions for the ebook.

4. Quote and mention Influencers: One of the best ways to get attention from market leaders and influencers is to mention them in the actual ebook. If you make them look good in your ebook and share the same with them by tweeting or sending the link and screenshot on other social media platforms, the chances of getting social push from those influencers grows a lot.

5. Start guest posting: Among several online marketing activities, especially the free ones, guest blogging is perhaps one of the best and most effective way to increase exposure. Guest blogging is easy and free to get started, it is not that difficult to scale and all you need to do is to mention your ebook on a relevant guest post and start getting downloads.

6. Mention it on your Blog: One of the best places to get ebook exposure and downloads is your blog section. Towards the end of your blog posts, just above the comments section, if you mention the ebook and give an email signup option for getting access to it, you will see a lot of conversions for your ebook.

Further more, you can start writing new posts on topics that are relevant to the ebook. This will give SEO benefits and once you start ranking for some terms that are related to the ebook, your ebook sales will increase. Even commenting on blogs and posting on forums that are relevant to the topic of your ebook will get attention to your ebook.

7. Use social media to its fullest: There are several social media sites and depending on the topic of your ebook, some of those social sites might be very helpful in promoting your ebook. Feel free to directly message your contact on the social media, give them an exclusive peek-in to your ebook in exchange of social media push.

8. Answer in Quora: Find questions on topics that are related to your ebook. Spend time in crafting an actual answer for the questions first and while posting the answers make sure to mention your ebook as an additional resource for further study. The same thing can be done on other sites like Reddit but a lot of research needs to be done, as sub-reddits are very strict on self promotions.

9. Push it with email marketing: If you already have an email marketing setup ready then feel free to email your list and let them know that your ebook is ready for sale and download. This process can be further optimized by setting up an auto-responder series where the first few emails can be about giving details of the ebook and letting people know that your ebook is coming up, then following up with download options for your ebook announcing that it is ready.

10. Contests and Giveaways: Hosting a small contest and giving away the same ebook in prize to a few lucky winners is an easy way to get attention to the ebook. If the content of the ebook is good, it is likely that the winners of the giveaway contest will promote it further.

11. Work out a co-marketing option: There are plenty of bloggers and online marketers who publish these ebooks on a regular basis. Look for such ebook authors and explore some co-marketing campaigns with them.

12. Coming Soon Page: While you are working on your ebook and finishing up the details, don’t let this time go waste. Setup a coming soon page with an email lead capturing form and start marketing straightaway. This way you will start building customers for the ebook without even having the ebook ready yet.

Promote ebook for free

13. OutReach: This is a free tool where you can find relevant prospects on the social media, bloggers and other marketers and reach out to them for marketing and sales proposals for your ebook.

14. Take part in Interviews and Roundups: Search for interviews and roundups on the topic of your ebook and when you find some, try to get an interview opportunity on the same site. If they can interview other people, they might be interested in publishing your interview.

eBooks are easy to make for bloggers who already have good content. However, investing a few hours a day everyday on your ebook should be enough to get a decent book live and kicking in no time. The real challenge however is to market the ebook and get sales and downloads.

Top 15 Pay Per Click Platforms for 2023

As an online blogger or a marketer, you must have explored several ways to market your business for free. The basic free ways might include SEO, blog commenting, forum posting, guest posting, article marketing, press release etc. There are simply no limits to free marketing options. However, the only issue with free marketing methods is that they can’t be easily scalled. At some point in time when your business grows many folds, the need to spend money and get instant and greater results keep mounting.

Pay per click advertisement option is one such method where one can pay money and get the required amount of web traffic in exchange. The model mostly works where on one side there is the publisher who has a lot of traffic on their websites or apps, or even search engines who shows ads on tops of the search pages and on the other side there is the advertiser who pays for the visitors who clicks on their ads.

The process is fairly simple and there are quite a few players on the market that allows such advertisement opportunities. Here, in this article, we will discuss several platforms that works on PPC.

1. Google Adwords: This is pretty much where everything began. On one side there are site owners with traffic and audience and on the other hand there are businesses who wants to get that traffic by placing their ads on those sites. Adwords and the publisher platform, adsense, was the place where the magic happened.

As a new PPC starter, feel free to get started with Google ads and explore the world of Pay Per Click advertisement.

2. Media.net: Some time back, the two of the strongest online brands, Yahoo and Microsoft, joined hands to form this contextual adertisement network Media.net which was popularly known as the Yahoo and Bing advertisement network.

3. Facebook Ads: Facebook is perhaps the biggest social network on the internet today. The audience of Facebook is pretty much everyone however with ads targeting, one can easily show their advertisements to the only categories and people they are interested in.

4. Pinterest Ads: Pinterest is mostly an image first social network which is targeted towards women. Additionally, most people who are on Pinterest are interested in shopping stuff that are visually attractive. Think of the stuff that women wants to buy and you will start getting ideas automatically.

5. LinkedIn Ads: This is a professional network which is targeted towards jobs and career. If you business is targeted towards these categories or somehow attracts this audience in some capacity then this network has the capacity to deliever targeted audience for your advertisement requirements.

6. Instagram Ads: The new generation today mostly prefers this network for its unique display and presentation. The lower advertisements, less outgoing links, etc. can be a reason but ultimately you will be where your friends are. Now, if you are an advertiser trying to capture this audience then you need to use the built in advertisement option that Instagram allows.

7. Twitter Ads: Micro blogging is a concept that mostly originated from this network. To broadcast your message to your followers in less than 140 characters was such a unique concept that it gained immediate popularity. In time the network’s audience grew and things began to catch up on the advertisement front as well.

As an advertiser if you want to tap into this audience then feel free to explore their PPC model.

8. Reddit Ads: This is a very different type of social network where people discuss various topics in categories known as sub-reddit. Sometimes these discussions are fairly heated and serious as the audience of Reddit wants to put their voice forward. The more active threads are sent to the homepage where all the traffic and visibility is. They too have their advertisement option where one can show their ads in the various relevant sub-reddits.

9. Taboola Ads: If you have been reading news and viral content online then chances are that you have noticed some ads at the bottom of the content. These ads are from services like Taboola. They show these ads on sites that have a lot of traffic and since these ads look like relevant content, most people click on them and the advertisers get a lot of traffic from it.

10. OutBrain Ads: OutBrain is similar to Taboola, actually it is so similar that Taboola recently purchased it and now they are the same thing. However, from what it seems, OutBrain is slightly cheaper in terms of per click cost.

11. Apple App Store Ads: Apple’s app store is a very premium place and getting your ads listed in a store like this will surely drive conversion in items that are a bit expensive as well. Apple itself is a very premium and expensive products and its users are also considred to be elete.

12. Amazon Ads: If you are selling items on Amazon then buying Amazon ads to make your product listings appear a bit ahead of the rest is a great idea to boost sales. Sponsored products are always shown at the top of the product search pages and get a lot more attention and views.

PPC Platforms

13. Bidvertiser: Compared to other networks on the list, bidvertiser is easy to get started as they allow a lot of sites in their network which the other sites might not accept. Their joining rules are still very simple and they have a speedy review process.

14. Infolinks: This is a very different advertisement network where your ads are displayed directly in the content by hyperlinking the actual text that you have on your website or blogs. This in-line advertisement seems like relevant hyper-linked resources and get easy conversion.

15. Propeller Ads: This advertisement network too has a very quick review process and everything here is checked and approved manually which keeps the ads very relevant to your website topic and category.

Pay Per Click, popularly known as PPC is an advertisement system where you get all the traffic, audience, branding, advertisement, sales, leads and subscriber if you have money to spend. As a business or an individual, if you can come up with a budget then this system is just the right setup for you to use.

7 Unique Niche Blogging Tips for 2023

If you have ever faced that cross road, where you weren’t sure if you should go niche or make a wider audience blog, sort of like a general blog?

Those bloggers who have chosen niche and especially a niche that is focused and deep with plenty of options to come up with enough content everyday are the ones that are successful today. General content blogs can cover anything but that way you never become an expert on anything in particular.

Niche blogging can be both fruitful and easy to continue if you are an expert on your niche, but it will be equally difficult if you are simply trying to research your way forward.

Here, in this article, we will discuss several unique niche blogging tips.

1. Choose your niche properly: This is the first step of niche blogging. If you aren’t careful enough while choosing your niche, a lot of effort will go in vain. The secret here is to choose a niche where you are an expert and you enjoy creating content on that niche. But this is still not enough, because the niche has to be wide enough for regular content flow and it should be important enough to get a lot of searches and advertiser attention as well.

2. Start a deep research on your niche: Before doing anything, start a deep research on your niche by reading a lot of books on your niche. Do off line reading, look for proper authors who have credibility on your selected niche and start reading their books. It is ok if you have spent a few months doing some heavy reading and research on your niche. This time is an investment which will help you in the years of blogging ahead.

Understand this clearly that online reading alone isn’t enough, because a lot of online content is researched and re-hashed by writers who do not have any expertise on the niche. On the other hand, books written and published by proper niche experts are on a whole new level.

3. Choose your domain carefully: Simply putting a lot of keywords in your domain name isn’t always the right way forward. Think about the niche relevancy and branding at the same time. The domain name has many more purposes than just to rank for a particular keyword. A good domain name looks good on the signboards, banners and letter heads. You will be associated with your domain in more ways than you can imagine. Spend enough time to do your domain Justice that it truly deserves.

4. Start your email Newsletter on the very first day: People do make the mistake of not starting with an email newsletter from day one. Think of the leads that you are going to lose if you don’t have the email list ready from the very first day. However, having a signup box is only a start. You should spend enough time and create a month long auto-responder series at the very least. This way, when someone subscribe to your emails, they won’t have to wait for days before your newsletter starts. People are busy and they forget too soon, if they signup and nothing reaches them in a day or two, they will forget all about you. In time when you start delivering your emails, they will be surprised to get an email from someone that they don’t recognize and your emails will be marked as spam.

5. Connect with your readers and build a community: Your early blog visitors are your best marketers and supporters. If you are able to keep them busy by coming up with regular content, replying them on your comments section and social media profiles, they will help you in spreading your content.

A new blog has low traffic, the rankings on the search engines are on the lower side, you don’t have a huge following on the social media yet. At times like this, the only few people who are visiting your blog are your only options for growth. If you are able to connect with this initial audience, it will help your blog to grow really quickly.

6. Keyword research and article titles: Before starting, make sure to do enough keyword research, have plenty of long tails in your bag, lots of potential article titles written and lined up in the pipeline. Then the next step is to have hundreds of article outline ready for blog posts, article posting, social media content, guest post content etc. Finally, have at least a few dozen articles, totally ready to be posted right away.

Once you begin your niche blog, you will be busy and won’t have a lot of time in your hand to write articles. This is the reason why you should prepare your content in advance and be ready with plenty of scheduled blog posts in your blog dashboard.

7. Post regular articles: Now that everything is ready, it is time to get serious with your niche blogging efforts. Before starting, you must have already scheduled content on your blog dashboard and social media timelines for months in advance. This will help you get started with a strong and stable foundation. However, do note that the time runs fairly quickly and before you realize your scheduled content queue has started to get thinner by the day.

Unique Niche Blogging Tips

At times like this, there are basically three ways to fix this issue. The first option is to start writing content yourself actively which isn’t a difficult option if you had spent your time researching your niche as suggested above. The next option is to hire freelancers who are an expert on your niche. Depending on the niche, it might be difficult to hire writing talents that meets your criteria but if you do manage to get skilled people at reasonable rates then it might be an option to explore. Ultimately, the last option is to allow guest posting and get free content. The only problem here is the content quality, if you do manage to get guest posters who can deliver in quality then this option might work as well.

Niche blogging isn’t rocket science, unless that is your selected niche. It is ultimately all about hard work and research. Your invested time in your niche will be your greatest asset for the future.

13 Benefits of Social Media for Small Business

Ages ago, search engines were easy target for content and digital marketers. Basic content with lower end link building was just enough to rank products and content pages on the SERPs. Long tails weren’t really needed as ranking competitive keywords was not as difficult. With links from weaker domains, directory pages, web 2.0 sites, article submission sites etc. started to flood in, search engines came up with their own solutions.

Now that the search algo is far more complex, organic traffic isn’t easy to come by. At times like this, newer ways to find customers is important to explore. One such avenue of regular and dependable traffic, customers and audience is social media.

Here, in this article, we will discuss several ways in which small businesses can benefit from social media.

1. Connect with your customers: Social media allows any business to connect with their customers. Whatever business you are in, it is likely that your customers are available on the social networks. When you connect with your customers these social networks allow you to check the status updates of your customers, send them messages, like and follow profiles and so much more. This way, the business and customers bond grows with time.

2. Free source of traffic: Social media provides a free source of traffic where you can easily tap into the existing social groups and communities and get the traffic to flow and reach your website. Social traffic is free and only grows further as you keep working hard on the social media.

3. Grow your Following: Most social networks have this feature where you can follow some relevant profiles and based on that it starts to show more people to follow. These recommended followers are highly relevant people or potential customers who will follow back if you follow their profiles. This method pretty much works on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and several other social networks.

4. Easy Content Marketing: Every social network likes content, the more content you feed, the happier your audience becomes. If you have existing blog content, or for that matter any resource in pretty much any format, all you have to do is to share it on the social networks and the social audience will consume it and eventually reach your website.

5. Social Signals for SEO: Social media shares aren’t just for traffic and audience building, these signals are search metrics as well. When you get likes, tweets and other social shares, the search engines factors these into their search algorithms which gives you an edge in the SERPs.

6. Online Reputation: Whether you are on the social media or not, your customers are already there. If they have any issue with your service and support, they are likely to post that on the social media rather than find a way to send you a direct feedback on your website by opening a support ticket. However, you can quickly fix the customers issue and manage your reputation on the social media if your customer relation staff is present on the social media.

7. Catch Email Leads: Emails are still the best way to communicate with your customers and building an email list should be the first thing any business should do. Social media with content marketing allows easy ways to catch email leads and once your customers are on your list, you can use them for selling your products.

8. Network with Market Leaders: Everyone, no matter how big they are in their fields, is present on the social media. Sites like LinkedIn allow you to connect with such market leaders and send them your proposals and ideas.

9. Feedback and Testimonials: Social media is a store house for customer feedback. Most customers will vent out their feelings whether positive or negative on the social media. The negative ones can be remedied with reputation management and the positive ones can be collected as testimonies.

10. Build your Brand: Social media helps in building a brand. Slowly, day by day, one can post regular updates on the social networks and let their customers know how they run their businesses. If the customers like and follow these updates then in time the brand will be able to send their content and updates right into the timelines of their customers.

Once the customers start to share these updates, they will get a higher reach and such recommendations helps in building a brand for the future.

11. Keep a check on your Competition: Whatever industry you are in, your competitors are likely already active on the social media. Follow their social profiles and check what type of updates and content they are sharing. Social media provides a way to quietly spy on your competitors and learn from them. See how they are penetrating your niche, what type of tools they are using and how they are targeting your audience for their business benefits.

Social Media for Small Business

12. Social PPC Options: If you have a budget then you don’t need to grow your brand slowly. Most social networks have their own built in advertisement options where you can easily get access to a huge social audience by spending some money. Setup a daily or monthly budget and start spending some money to reach a great social audience.

13. Recruit Better Staff: If you are looking for talented people to work for your business then social media is the best place for you. Showcase and display how it feels to work in your company, post your office party pics, your office vacation photos and birthday parties. Let your future staffs see if it is a fun place to work. Not everything is all about money, how you spend your time in the office matters as well. Your target staff opportunities are mostly on LinkedIn but before joining they will check your Facebook page where you post your office and party pics. If your office is a great place to work, let people see it in the photos.

There is simply no limits to the benefits that social media provides for small businesses. As time passes, more and more people throughout the world is getting active on the social networks which is giving the social media marketers access to market their products, services and business to almost anyone in this world.

12 Technology Sub Niches to Start a Blog in 2023

Niche blogging is truly effective when you start a blog on a focused niche. If your niche is too big, then it is almost equal to a general purpose blog where you can write a variety of content but you can’t set aside yourself as an expert on your field.

Having a very specific niche blog has its merits. When you write strictly on your niche, you tend to attract more links, the user retention in terms of email subscribers or readers have a very low churn rate because the content is exactly on a topic they are looking for. While the benefits are huge, it is important to choose a niche you are comfortable to work on, as it is a onetime decision and is going to last the life time of your blog.

Here, in this article, we will discuss several sub niches of tech to start a new blog.

1. Computers: With new models of laptops and desktops being launched every now and then with specific requirements like gaming etc. this niche has a huge potential. On the basic is requirements, the specification vary and thus it becomes difficult for the end users to choose a computer that best fits their requirements. This is where an expert like you can guide users to buy a laptop that is best for their usage.

2. Gadget Reviews: From kitchen gadgets to home appliances, tech is everywhere. There are hidden gems that can solve a lot of everyday problems and make life easy but it is difficult to search for them because they aren’t problem solving gadgets, rather they are easy sellers if you can feature them properly.

3. Social Media: Social media is a vast niche, from Facebook to Instagram, there’s so much to write and explore. There are several topics like social media calendars and automations or social media marketing that can easily last for a life time and you won’t have to worry about finding new titles to write your next article.

4. Cell Phones: Cell phone reviews from android to apple is a very deep topic. Newer versions of operating system keeps coming with new feature upgrades, cell phones keep throwing new features and better specifications. From display to RAM and Processors, everything gets an upgrade every now and then.

5. Wearable: Smart watches aren’t the only tech that you can wear; there are plenty of wearable gadgets that are available in the market now. There are smart glasses, helmets and even medical stuff that you can wear and stay healthy. This market is growing with the rise in technology and is only going to get better with time.

6. Security: As the tech grows the demand for more secure systems keep rising. Ethical hacking, finding bugs in systems, securing online websites and apps, anti-virus and many such niches has a potential to keep growing. Every system from android to desktops to browsers and other online items require security fixes and patches.

7. Digital Cameras: When digital pictures kicked in, the earlier variants of reels become fully obsolete. The new digital system of photography changed the entire landscape and become not just better but cheaper and more accessible. Picture can be clicked from the comfort of your cell phones. However, for more effective photography, good lenses are important which brings us to this niche of digital cameras and powerful lenses.

8. Search Engine Optimization: SEO has always been a strong sub niche of technology where search engines keep coming up with newer upgrades in their search algorithms and the website owners keep adjusting to the difficulties of rankings. This niche isn’t just limited to search engines now as competition is pretty much the same on every platform. From ranking products on Amazon, to getting views on YouTube and even struggling to get more downloads on Play Store, pretty much everything is SEO.

9. Video Games: If you are a gaming fan and want to play more video games then starting a blog on video game reviews is a great idea. As a video game fan you are likely to try out new games as soon as possible and if you do so then covering it on your blog section might be fun. As a good gamer you might be able to complete the levels quicker than others and make tutorials for others to help them out.

10. Apps: Every problem today has an app as a solution. Anything that you can think of, someone has already created an app for it. This market is very competitive but the good thing is that you aren’t here to create an app, rather than that you are here to start a blog on the application category. Simply browse through the Google play store or the Apple app store and find new and useful apps to cover in your blog. Do roundups of similar apps and compare their features. There’s a lot to do on this niche.

Tech Sub Niches

11. Tech News: Technology is dynamic and with its every change and upgrade, new things keep coming. If you are able to make a tech news blog and get it listed on the Google news search, the potential of that blog will be huge. One needs to keep up to date with new trends in technology to be able to keep up with this niche. However, that is where all the fun is. You will be able to cover new things every day and there will always be something to write about.

12. IOT: Internet of Things is an amazing tech niche. The last few years has shown so much of potential in this niche. Everything today can be controlled by the internet, from the luxury of your cell phone you can control your fan, light, door locks, air conditioners, fridge, floor cleaners and pretty much anything that you can think of.

All this can make your life easier as the power of the internet allows you to control your devices from anywhere in the world. Think of the possibility that you can watch the progress of your devices on CCTV cameras and have your home cleaned and cooled and ready before you even enter your home.

The great thing about the Technology niche is that it keep changing and upgrading. New things keep coming up and that makes your value as a writer grow many folds over time.

14 Benefits of Business Blogging for your Brand

Blogging is often seen as an individual’s journey where he documents either life activities or talks about a specific category where he is an expert. There is nothing wrong with that concept and it works great for personal brands or making money from niche blogs. However, blogging is much more than just that.

For most businesses, blogging acts as a base from where all marketing channels starts. If a blog has enough content, that same content can be used in multiple channels of marketing and a lot can be gained out of it.

Here, in this article, we will discuss several benefits of blogging which will inspire you to start your business blog.

1. Best source of content: Blog content is usually more in-depth. If you compare it with any other form of content then you will find that not only blog content is longer and more detailed, it also takes more time to prepare. That way, when you write a piece of article for more than a day, you will be able to include most things that you can think about. This content can be further shared on social media, parts of it can be repurposed on your newsletter and even video scripts can be created out of your blog articles.

2. Build your community: Do note that when you think about your blogging community, most people start thinking about social media. None of the social media profiles where you are building your community is actually yours. Those social profiles are owned by their networks and you can lose your profile at any time. The best place to build your online community is in your comments section, which is the safest place for building long term engagement.

3. Capture email leads: Email marketing starts with your list. The best place to catch those email ids to boost your email marketing list starts with your blog section. Anyone who has taken out their time to read your post, then having successfully consumed your content, leaves their email ids on your subscription form is perhaps one of the best kind of lead.

4. Guest Post and link to Blog Posts: If you have an active blog section with quality content, you will get approved for doing guest posts on plenty of blogs. Also, when it comes to linking from within content, many blogs won’t allow you to link to your product pages, but they do allow you to link to your content pages. That way you will be able to make the most out of guest blogging.

5. Feature products and Members: When you have a good blog section with plenty of readers, you can write entire blog posts on your own products or users. If you want to highlight a user who deserves to be mentioned, you can do so in your blog section.

6. Publish Testimonials: When you ask for feedback from your users, you will often find that some users are very happy with your service. If you ask them to give you a testimonial, they will be happy you help you. This testimonial usually ends up on your testimonial page where no one checks, but if the same is published on your blog section, it will be well received by your audience.

7. Collaborate with other Bloggers: Bloggers have a common bond, if you as a blogger reach out to other bloggers and ask them to do a collaboration of some kind, which can be guest blogging or pretty much anything that brings in mutual benefit, most bloggers will agree to it.

8. Place yourself as a niche leader: If you consistently deliver valuable niche content in the form of actionable and long form articles, your authority as a niche leader will start to grow. Other bloggers and your readers will soon consider yourself as a niche expert and start taking your advice seriously.

9. Boost your SEO: It is easy to optimize for search engines when you have a lot of high quality blog posts. Pushing product and sales pages by doing excessive link building is not just aggressive, at times the search engines sees it as a black hat SEO tactic and start putting penalties on it. On the other hand, ranking quality content is easy and it does not requires a lot of link building or other unwanted SEO activity.

10. A way to earn more: Blogs with a lot of content and traffic can be monetized by a variety of methods that includes contextual ads, sponsored and paid guest posts, affiliate and product marketing, getting more sales from your own services and products. Simply put, a blog provides an additional stream of income.

11. Post guides and helpful content: One can explain their products and services in great detail by publishing blog posts explaining how their service, product or website works. These guides can be used as a reference material for future enquiries or even linked from the FAQ section.

Business Blogging

12. Leverage the Power of Influencers: Influencer marketing can be done with deep pockets, but if you want to do the same on a budget then you need some high quality blog content. From your blog posts, mention and link to influencers and then tweet them to let them know that you have mentioned them. This process will not just earn you some social media push, it will give you a head start on an influencer networking path.

13. Chase more Keywords: When you start writing and publishing a lot of content, you will be able to use long tail keywords directly into the article titles. The more deep and through your content is, the more long tails you can include in your articles. This will boost your search engine organic traffic with very minimum efforts.

14. Research and understand your niche better: When you actively start blogging, you will find a lot to your niche than you knew earlier. You will be able to research your competition well and know more about them. The smaller details like how they write their articles, send newsletter content, share it further on the social media etc. will be more clearer.

Blogging has many benefits and once you start to actively blog, you will find many more benefits of blogging.