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8 Unusual (But Powerful) Social Networks For Freelance Bloggers

Posted By erikemanuelli on Networking - There are more social networks and communities out there, some pretty unusual and little-heard among bloggers, but definitely powerful if you play your cards well.

Which cards, you may ask? Here’s a list:

- Your niche or industry
- Your target audience
- Your specific approach and the angle around which you built your core message.

The 8 unusual but powerful social networks introduced in this post will work best for you if you have those three pointers (really your USP, Unique Selling Proposition) already clear in your mind.

How To Ask For Blog Sponsorship When You’re Afraid

Posted By erikemanuelli on Networking - One of the scariest things for new bloggers to do is ask for pay for their work.

While sponsorships can be a vital source of income for a successful blogger, too many of us are terrified to ask for enough payment for what we are actually worth.

Here are 4 steps to pitching a brand or client that have worked for me, especially when I was afraid to ask.

26 #CMWorld Headliners on (EXACTLY) How to Connect with Influencers at a Conference

Posted By erikemanuelli on Networking - Nervous about connecting with influencers at your next conference. You shouldn't be.

Aaron Orendorff and Nadya Khoja got 26 of #CMWorld's 2016 headliners to answer one question:

"How should you connect with influencers at a conference ... without being weird or bothersome?"

Not only will the answers get you ready, but the post contains everything you need to start connecting your favorite headliner with just a clicks (seriously).

How to Find Interview Subjects and Conduct an Expert Interview for Your Blog

Posted By erikemanuelli on Networking - How can you drive new visitors to your blog and create unique content that no one else has?


Interviewing experts in areas that relate to your blog topic is a smart move for several reasons.

Check in this post how to find interview subjects, contacting them, prepare the interview and create a stellar post!