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Home Sweet Home: Avoid These Energy-Wasting Habits

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - We all have bad habits. It’s the human condition. Some people don’t take the proper steps in caring for their health. Others carelessly drain their savings account on frivolous purchases. But what if your bad habit didn’t only affect you – it affected the environment as well? Do you actually pay attention to your energy […]

Top Cities That Utilize Renewable Energy

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - There are cities all around the globe that have taken the bold initiative to go “green” and implement renewable energy models. As the general price of renewable energy drops, more cities beginning to consider the advantages of implementing green ideas and distancing themselves from fossil fuel powered electricity. A new report released by the CDP ...

Materials Needed for Renewable Energy

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - There is a lot that goes into creating renewable energy including the bare materials to create the technology that allows us to utilize renewable energy. Whether it is solar panels, water turbines, and even windmills need the right materials to be effective. Some raw materials contain the basis as to how energy can be organically […]

Renewable Energy Myths

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - Renewable energy is still new to many. It is a slow process to introduce new forms of energy into society and making them the most efficient as possible. Whether it is wind power, hydroelectric power, and even solar power, these types of energy are becoming more and more popular in use around the globe. There […]

The Different Types Of Solar Energy Technology

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - Solar energy covers all of the power that comes from the sun. Most people picture solar panels when they think about solar energy, but those are not the only tools that humans have developed to harvest that energy. There are three broad categories that cover most solar energy technologies. If you are considering investing in […]

Buying Vs. Leasing Solar Panels For Your Home

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - In 2016, the United States hit a pretty significant milestone in renewable energy. Over 1 million households across the nation invested in solar panels for their homes! But individuals are not the only ones who see the huge benefits of solar energy. In addition to the 1 million homes that installed solar panels, businesses also […]

Japan Plans to Use 100% Renewable Energy During Olympics

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - Nations around the world are making great strides in their attempts to use more and more renewable energy sources to generate electricity for homes, businesses, and events. Renewable energy was once considered to be only a minor player in overall energy production. However, some nations are generating over 25 percent of their electrical capacity from […]

Common Questions About Installing Solar Panels

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - Installing solar panels in your home may seem like a massive home improvement project for the undertaking, but with the proper plan, solar panels are worth the pursuit. Not only do they help your electric bill, but they also help the environment. Once you decide to install solar panels, many questions arise. How long does […]

The Power of HydroPower

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - Water power, or rather Hydropower, is power derived from the energy of moving water. Hydropower is a technique used since ancient times. Watermills were used as not only a source of energy but also as irrigation systems and the operation of various mechanical devices like gristmills, sawmills, lifts, and trip hammers. Now, moving water can […]

Apple Continuing Their Commitment to a Clean Future

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - Apple is one of the pioneering tech companies in the world and is setting the standard for other successful companies. Their stock has consistently grown in value over the past five years and is continuing to grow. Apple has not ignored its power to set the standard in how businesses operate, even regarding their environmental […]

How Renewable Energy Could Help the United States Save Billions

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - Growing and funding existing US renewable energy standards could drastically save our country hundreds of billions of dollars in not just environmental costs, but also health costs, by 2050. New research from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory of California and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of Colorado found that air quality and climate change mitigation would […]