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What blogging has taught me...

Posted By nomerovic on Blogging - If you read "about me" section you have an idea of why I started blogging... Aside from having a creative outlet it was to help me be more confident and comfortable in my own skin. Decision to be a life and style blogger had its down side, having to be photographed being the biggest. At the beginning my fashion posts were more about recreating outfits rather then wearing my own, however over time I slowly forced myself to actually take pictures which took us to today... what blogging taught me: confidence has nothing to do with what you look like, but it does have everything to do with having confidence in one self. So what if I can't take a good photo most of the time & if I laugh 90% of the time I m taking photos; at least I had fun taking pictures.So never let the fear of what

Big Opportunity: Blog Management Service for Small Business Owners

Posted By ivanpw on Blogging - Are you a blog business owner, a blogger or someone who is good at building a blog, manage it, and grow it, then there is one opportunity that I predict will become big in the near future.

The opportunity comes in the form of blog management service.

How I accidentally increased sign-ups by 99.6% with Thrive Leads

Posted By rendesr on Reviews - While road-testing the new Thrive Leads plugin, I accidentally increased my sign up rate by 99.6%.

By creating a simple split test "Exit Intent" versus "Timed Lightbox" I was able to go from a 4.92% CTR to 9.82% CTR.

Read my full review to see exactly which version performed better.

Bell 205 Crash Landing leaves 2 injured

Posted By heloflight on Aviation - A Bell 205 helicopter operated by Guardian Helicopters has crash landed north of Springbank Airport at around 11am on Wednesday 4th February. At the time an instructor and a student where undergoing training and at a certain point it is said that “the helicopter had been at a certain altitude when it descended very, very […]The post Bell 205 Crash Landing leaves 2 injured appeared first on How to Fly a Helicopter.

Nailing the First Date: User Onboarding Best Practices [Infographic]

Posted By tigertiger on Marketing - You’ve invested all that time and effort (not to mention marketing dollars) into acquiring your new user. Now you need to ensure that you don’t lose them at one the most crucial steps of the process: activation.

New Andy Murray logo design

Posted By garethdotdesign on Blogging -   I rather like the new logo design for Andy Murray created by Aesop. It features ‘A’ and ‘M’ (his initials) and also the number 77, which signifies him being the first British man in 77 years to win Wimbledon. Admittedly I’m not sure I would have picked up on the ’77’ but now I know it adds […]The post New Andy Murray logo design appeared first on Dot Design.

Malware Not the Only Issue with Porn Tube Sites

Posted By ssshforwomen on Adult - by Coleen Singer at Porn For Women Earlier this week, there was a minor kerfuffle on the web when it was revealed a certain popular porn “tube” site was had been hacked in furtherance of infecting the site’s users with malware. While the exploit was addressed fairly quickly by the site’s administrators, I have ...The post Malware Not the Only Issue with Porn Tube Sites appeared first on Erotic Scribes.

Raising the Bar for Data Quality: Introducing Integrated Site Auditing within Tag Management

Posted By teedubya on Marketing - A few months ago, Ensighten released the first ever solution for website testing and auditing within tag management: Ensighten Inform. Included with Ensighten Manage, Ensighten Inform brings together testing for tags, performance, page elements, critical paths, and now… Ensighten Inform also provides site auditing! Site auditing prevents tag issues and data loss across your whole… more ››The post Raising the Bar for Data Quality: Introducing Integrated Site Auditing within Tag Management appeared first on Ensighten.

Why Is Employee Performance Essential To Your Business Success?

Posted By xnspy on Blogging - Many of the world’s largest businesses consider employee workforce as their biggest asset. They invest and incorporate new measures to seek employee satisfaction because that eventually serves the company with the right amount of performance. Hitherto, many failing businesses are an epitome of management failures. It’s the time- Managers! Tuck in your shirts and grab […]