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Donkey Cutts Game: Real Realities of Social Media and SEO

Posted By borichamehul5 on Technology - Different people deal with problems in different ways, and the guys at found a rather creative way of expressing their feelings towards the world of SEO after their website was the target of a negative SEO campaign. Instead of sitting and whining around, they created a replica of the famous Donkey Kong game, and […]The post Donkey Cutts Game: Real Realities of Social Media and SEO appeared first on Tech Arrival.

I’m Just Writing About Writing…

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - Seems when it comes to writing words don’t flow as easily as they do when having a general discussion in person. I don’t know why but it’s a true fact, talking is easier than writing. Have you ever asked yourself why that is? For me I think it’s because when something is written it can […]The post I’m Just Writing About Writing… appeared first on Blog Engage.

10 Unique Gifts for Gamers

Posted By GamerTitan on Gaming - Let’s face it, getting gifts is awesome-buying gifts isn’t. Some people are just impossible to shop for, in which case gift cards come in handy. Gift buying for the gamers in your life can be interesting and fun because of […]The post 10 Unique Gifts for Gamers appeared first on .

Firefox For iPhone, iPad Could Be A Reality Soon

Posted By Rob on Technology - Apple makes some great products. Restrictive, but great products. Mozilla does too, but the company decided against developing Firefox for iPhone and iPad, due to these very restrictions. The reason being that Apple does not all browser engines other than its own. While Google caved in and decided to offer a neutered version of the […]The post Firefox For iPhone, iPad Could Be A Reality Soon appeared first on Appleitis.

4 Leaf Blowers + A Skateboard Deck = Awesome Hoverboard

Posted By bluerocker on Technology - Who knew you could take a few leaf blowers and create a hoverboard For the low-low cost of  $10,000 and a copper half-pipe , you too can be the talk of the internet Ryan Craven became the next Marty McFly when he combined four leaf blowers, a sheet of plywood, and some gorilla ...

Using Content to launch your new Products, by Brian Newmark

Posted By BrianNewmark on Marketing - There is one thing on the internet that can be pushed as much as you like without being self-promotional. It is certainly not your new product. Content. There’s just one word for it. An informational, entertaining, catchy and well presented piece of content can be promoted as much as you like, and more you promote […]

Facts I Didn’t Even Know About Star Wars

Posted By bluerocker on Technology - Check out some of these Star Wars picfacts from I have to saw that even I was surprised by a few of these, and I thought I knew it all when it came to Star Wars For even more information on these facts, as well as other great picfacts, ...

51 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Posted By mattzatus on Make Money - Want more traffic on your site? The goals of every website are maximizing traffic and monetization. You may want to change the world, uplift humanity or make people laugh, but ultimately to do any of those things you need folks to actually come to your site.  The best written copy in the galaxy is for naught […]The post 51 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website appeared first on

Photography Pocket Guides

Posted By alanranger on Photography - I am pleased to announce that the Photography Made Easy Pocket Guides are now available to order at the special pre-launch price of £4.95.This new series of guides have been designed to; * be convenient as an easy to understand quick reference guide * fold into a compact wallet size guide that can be used on a shoot and fits in your bag * be useful by providing access to the key tips to save you time and frustrationThere are 7 Photography Pocket Guides to choose from in the series with 3 more on their way soon.