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10 Best WordPress Comment Plugins (2021)

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - In this article, I am going to introduce 10 best WordPress comment plugins for up and running advanced commenting systems and overwrite WordPress' default comment form. As you definitely know, WordPress came with a simple commenting feature from the beginning and it might have some enhancements but it still lacks a lot of functional and important features. Each of the WordPress advanced commenting plugins offers a lot of extra abilities like spam checking, customizing comment form, easy-to-use login with your favorite social media platform account, filtering comments based on predefined sorting options and sharing images through comments. These features cause more interaction by getting people to share and discuss their ideas more and eventually it makes a community of your site. And afte

Career Option — Personal Training

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Personal Trainers work to help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. The role of a Personal Trainer Personal Trainers work with clients to identify their weaknesses, set goals, work around injuries, illness and other concerns and help people to become fitter, stronger and ultimately happier. As a personal trainer,...
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How to Promote Mobile Apps Online?

Posted By shathyan on Blogging - Everyone focuses most of their time on creating an excellent mobile app that can be useful to people. But there is no use of creating an excellent app if no one is seeing it. It is very important to focus on the marketing of mobile apps you create if you want to make it visible ... Read more
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“Understanding America: The Legacy of Martin Luther King”

Posted By investmart007 on News - (STL.News) Washington Foreign Press Center Briefing on the “Understanding America: The Legacy of Martin Luther King.”
YouTube video provided courtesy of US Department of State
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Secure Payments: How To Safely Make Payments Online in 2021

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - There is nothing more seamless than taking payment online – let alone the hassle of carrying cash, the burden of change, and possibly theft too. Agreed! But remember, where there are perks, there are cons also. The risks linked with paying online are high, and you must practice safety precautions to steer away from traps you could fall into.   Note that the new generation's hungry customer lacks patience and does not lack the variety and options around. It would not take a consumer more than a second to switch if met with incoherencies. About 58% of the consumers blame it on the security concerns if they see a payment failure or takes too much time to process. Hence, it is no surprise that securing your payments is an excellent way to show customers your honesty and trademark your au

When A Neurotypical Sibling Feels Left Behind

Posted By SandraLJ on Personal - My middle neurodiverse child reminded me recently that she was a middle kid.  I mean, I know that, as I was there when she was born.  As she has progressed through high school, she reminded me of her unique viewpoint of her childhood.  She felt caught between both of her Asperger/Autistic siblings.  We did therapy … Continue reading "When A Neurotypical Sibling Feels Left Behind"