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Delta is Canceling Washington Reagan to Salt Lake City in Favor of Los Angeles

Posted By jlarounis on Travel - Yesterday, Delta airlines filed a letter to the department of transportation to swap their existing Washington Reagan to Salt Lake City service for Washington Reagan to Los Angeles (LAX), effective April, 2017. For some background, due to slot restrictions at Reagan, only so many planes can go beyond the 1,250 mile perimeter rule daily. This means ... [Continue reading]The post Delta is Canceling Washington Reagan to Salt Lake City in Favor of Los Angeles appeared first on The Forward Cabin.

This Waterfall Is Big Sky’s Best Kept Secret

Posted By iExplore on Travel - Big Sky, Montana is a land of endless adventure. The mountains surrounding this little town are endless. Yet, Big Sky's most incredible hike is located just a short walk from the Big Sky Town Center. Grab your camera, fill your water bottle, and bring your bear spray because the most impressive waterfall in all of Montana is less than a mile away.

Hug me tight – a Katauta poem

Posted By shwetadave09 on Travel - Embraced bare in rain Head on his chest, drops trickled Heard my name beat in, धक धक The Katauta is an unrhymed japanese form consisting of 17 or 19 syllables. The poem is a three-lined poem the following syllable counts: 5/7/5 or 5/7/7. The Katauta form was used for poems addressed to a lover. A single katauta is considered incomplete or a half-poem, however, a pair of katautas using the syllable count of 5,7,7 is called a sedoka.    

2 days in Amsterdam – Vlog

Posted By shwetadave09 on Travel - Hey friends, First of all thank you so much for such lovely wishes on my first you tube video My heart is filled with all the warm wishes and friendly suggestions to better it So with a lot of courage I published my first travel vlog! It wasn’t easy, teething problems using the editing software but finally made it on the timeline I had in mind So sharing with all of you my first travel vlog here. It is on my trip to Amsterdam and I wont reveal all, check the video for some interesting places in Amsterdam. Please do […]

My YouTube Channel

Posted By shwetadave09 on Travel - I launched my YouTube channel last week and received a lot of love from all my blogger friends when I shared it on Facebook. I am delighted to share it here on my blog I was so nervous doing a video, like I sometimes looked away or when the recording was almost done Rio would bark there were times when I completed the video and realized it was out of focus and blur.. but finally did it all and glad to share launch it Please do watch the video, like and subscribe to my channel as most of them ended […]

Exciting Travel Destinations to Visit in Costa Rica

Posted By shwetadave09 on Travel - Costa Rica is a rugged Central American nation that is one of the biggest natural playgrounds on Earth. Though small in size, it is one of the most scenic places to visit in Central America. The wide variety of fauna and flora combined with the diverse landscape that consists of mountains, terrains, valleys, beaches, lakes and rivers make Costa Rica a visual treat for travelers and tourists. 1. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve A forest reserve that is maintained by the Tropical Science Center, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve has lush green mountains that are shrouded in clouds with an exotic range […]

Unnoticed Yet Necessary – A Poem

Posted By shwetadave09 on Travel -   He looked into my eyes Red, swollen, unslept I tried to smile Memories of erstwhile I’d leave him long back already But he stood unnoticed but necessary He saw me move & saw me fall He saw me fail & saw me crawl I’d leave him long back already Still he stood unnoticed but necessary Today I met him yet again My cold hands he held in rain Many a came in the meanwhile None a steady hand or glory to stand high I’d leave him long back already Yet he stood unnoticed but necessary A look at him […]

I Am That Woman

Posted By shwetadave09 on Travel - I pen this poem as a gratitude to all women and the respective roles they play. PM Modi in this address to all women said that women with the varied responsibilities we have and the awesome managers we are, we need no empowerment and who are men to empower someone who is already empowered. So with that thought, I wish all my friends a very happy women’s day.  

I am Curvasexalicious

Posted By shwetadave09 on Travel - That was exactly what plus size model Ashley Graham had to say! Imagine a sports magazine such as Sports Illustrated known for always targeting men for its cover. And the cover just shouted that Ashley Graham is beautiful. While it received a lot of positive response such as “plus is equal” but a lot of negative backlash as well. “I don’t like that we’re talking about full-figured women because it’s glamorizing them because your waist should be smaller than 35 [inches]” – Cheryl Tiegs. “No, I don’t think it’s healthy. Her face is beautiful. Beautiful. But I don’t think it’s […]

Swiss are Racist or Intolerant?

Posted By shwetadave09 on Travel - Switzerland rules under direct democracy meaning,giving citizens an extraodinary amount of participation in the legislation process and granting them a maximum of political self-determination. The amount of mass migration to Western European countries is known to all. The Swiss People Party’s rolled out an initiative expel foreign criminals even over very petty crimes. The initiative will be put to vote with public and if passed it would mean up to 18,000 foreigners could be expelled from Switzerland every year for what could be just two minor offences in past ten years. A major point to note is that a quarter of the country’s […]

Guard Your heart – A Triolet poem

Posted By shwetadave09 on Travel -   Tried my hand at Triolet. A Triolet is a poetic form consisting of only 8 lines. Within a Triolet, the 1st, 4th, and 7th lines repeat, and the 2nd and 8th lines do as well. The rhyme scheme is simple: ABaAabAB, capital letters representing the repeated lines. Hope you like it