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117 Tips On How To Set Goals From Successful Entrepreneurs

Posted By GuestCrew on Self Improvement - As you probably have guessed from the headline, 117 experts will share their wisdom with you.

Yes, you read correct, I said 117.

I asked them the following question:
What is your best tip on how to set goals that you use in your business?

How to Analyze Your Site Traffic and Improve Your Conversions With Ptengine

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blog Tips - In this post, I’m going to introduce you Ptengine, a great tool you have to use to monitor your site traffic, improving your goals and conversions.

18 Keys to Building a Content Marketing Audience

Posted By GuestCrew on Marketing - Getting good quality content out into cyberspace will help you build an audience to market to.

Do it right and you will be seen as an authority in your industry. Become an authority and your job is half done.

Darth Vader’s Guide To Killer First Impressions

Posted By livechat on Blogging - Do you remember the time when you first saw Darth Vader? I wonder what your impression was upon seeing this glossy-black armored, 6'8" tall figure. Did you consider him as a kind and caring leader or rather a dark and ruthless figure?The answer is simple. Anyone who has heard his voice distorted by the life support mask must have got the same feeling. Darth Vader seemed to be the incarnation of evil.But was he really evil? He was Emperor’s apprentice, that’s true, but he was obedient, faithful and devoted. Not very malicious traits! Also, you surely remember Vader’s last moments. Wasn’t it the time when love conquered it all? And yet, the very first moment we saw Vader, somehow we knew he was an arch villain. All that because of the killer first impression.Here’s a short guide to the grea

How Global Companies Reduce Translation Costs

Posted By GuestCrew on Communication - One common characteristic of global communications departments is their constant state of being short-handed.

Even in times of corporate expansion, global communications departments rarely expand at an equivalent rate.

How to Secure Your WordPress Site Using “Wordfence Security” Plugin (Free)

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blog Tips - When was the last time you monitored the level of security of your Wordpress site?

This post introduces a very useful tool: "Wordfence Security" plugin (free).

Start a New Site & Double Your Money Challenge: From Zero to Blogging Hero #MBUstorm

Posted By erikemanuelli on Contests - Starting a blog from scratch is not easy.

You need to decide a good domain name, setting up the hosting service, installing WordPress and, most of all, producing constantly high-quality content for your audience!

And of course, monetizing the website and making money with it is really a challenge!

What if you had a strong motivation to start from scratch a new project to participate to an awesome contest?

Well, keep reading, because MyBlogU just organized a fantastic challenge you want to be in!

How to Increase Blog Comments and Engagement – INFOGRAPHIC

Posted By Cent on Blogging - Do you know why some bloggers get tons and tons of comments, while others only hear crickets chirping all day long? If your answer was: “Because some bloggers get more traffic”, you’re wrong. Although more visitors can help, traffic isn’t the secret. So, what’s the secret?

21 Habits of Highly Successful Growth Hackers

Posted By GuestCrew on Marketing - For many markers used to print ads and direct mail, this new world is tough to understand.

Growth hackers, on the other hand, thrive in our new marketing environment.

These hackers know not only how to maximize the impact of online tools, but how to use those tools to grow a business – often exceptionally.

What makes a growth hacker so successful? Many things.