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Watch Dogs brings Chicago to the PC with NVIDIA Trailer

Posted By boxofficebuz 1926 days ago on Entertainment - If youre looking forward to Watch Dogs finally arriving on next gen consoles on May 27th, you need to think again as UBISOFT has just released an all new trailer for Watch Dogs on the PC, Chicago is about to go insane with striking visuals and an all new NVIDIA system to bring this bustling open world to life.I myself will be getting the game on Xbox One, its why I bought into the Next Generation so early and now its finally on the way I cant wait.

These Are The Daily Routines Of History’s Most Famous Creative People

Posted By fershid 1924 days ago on Body and Mind - How did the world’s most famous creative people spend their 24 hours/day? What was their daily routine like? This wonderful infographic aims to provide us a sneak peek into the everyday lives of 16 brilliant minds including Ludwig Van Beethoven, Sigmund Freud, Victor Hugo, Dickens, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin and more.

Unemployed? How to Remain Happy & Productive While Job Hunting

Posted By Sicorra 1923 days ago on Business - Job hunting is rarely fun for anyone, and even more so for someone that just lost their job. A sudden job loss is upsetting due to the loss of income, for sure, but it also has a negative impact on our self-worth. We are no longer the family provider, or we feel like we just were not good enough to...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Increase CTR of Your Campaign in a Few Moves

Posted By erikemanuelli 1921 days ago on Business - The famous acronym, “click- through rate“, can be considered a nightmare by some advertisers, but there are several ways to improve it.

In 2012 AdGooroo, a consulting company on the web, has analyzed 20 million of paid advertising on the internet in the USA with the aim of identifying the key factors that have shown a higher CTR yield.

The results showed some tips to put into practice to maximize the click-through rate of an ad.

Use these 3 Blogger Community Websites to Make your Content ‘Kingged’

Posted By SearchDecoder 1920 days ago on Marketing - Content is not king. Forget what you’ve learned. Content shared in the right communities can reach “king” status if you know where to post it and how to connect with fellow community members. Optimizing your content comes down to creating magnetic headlines for your content, which vibe with a carefully-selected, targeted audience, and building relationships [...]The post Use these 3 Blogger Community Websites to Make your Content ‘Kingged’ appeared first on .

The Value of Student Loans

Posted By Sicorra 1916 days ago on Business - You sometimes hear people complain about student loans simply because they have to start paying them off when they finish school, but these same people are ignoring all of the positive attributes of these loans, all of the ways in which they make your life better. You do have to pay them off in the...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Why I will no longer fly @USAirways and why Corporate Greed Sucks.

Posted By teedubya 1912 days ago on Marketing - I fly so much. This year alone, I’ve flown over 50,000 miles and I’m closing on 100,000 miles.  Most of the flights are booked by other people on my behalf for clients, and quite frankly, I can’t stand most of the people in the travel industry, namely TSA and the “America Patdowns” I get with […]The post Why I will no longer fly @USAirways and why Corporate Greed Sucks. appeared first on Travis Wright | @teedubya | Public Speaker, Venture Catalyst, Marketing Strategist, Stand-up Comic.

The Top 20 A/B Testing Case Studies that Every Marketer Should Read

Posted By funnelenvy 1912 days ago on Marketing - There are numerous ways in which testing, especially A/B testing or the more complex multivariate approach, can be used to help your business. From improving your copy to streamlining your design for the best possible user experience to removing friction from your checkout process, conversion rate optimization can help you improve the bottom line and reach your business growth and revenue goals.

One of the most common requests that I get is for case studies. Entrepreneurs and business owners are looking for examples of “how it’s been done.” These inside looks at testing can be helpful at every step of the process, from identifying what needs to be tested to creating hypotheses, from designing your tests to implementing the results in your business.

Local SEO, Online Reviews and Reputation Management

Posted By JoeChierotti 1910 days ago on Marketing - How to manage online reviews and your business' reputation while at the same time maintaining good local SEO visibility? Joe Chierotti shares a strategy that allows businesses to achieve high rankings on local search, control over online reviews AND a positive reputation online.

11 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Pinterest

Posted By erikemanuelli 1909 days ago on Make Money - Pinterest is among the most popular social networks used today for sharing photos and videos. Thanks to the “images pinning” action, it has become an interesting tool for brands of different sectors : from tourism to fashion, but also food. Pinterest has achieved early success thanks to its ease of use for expert users, but […]

Social Care: How Businesses Use Twitter to Show Customers “We Care!”

Posted By websuccessteam 1907 days ago on Social Media - More and more people are going on social platforms like Twitter to voice complaints. Smart businesses are taking notice and mitigating damage control by engaging customers and taking care of their problems immediately.