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Is Guest Blogging Really Good For Content Marketing

BrianNewmark on Marketing - Guest Blogging, it is a marketing tool to provide great content and get published in return. The process is fairly simple; you as a guest blogger research your niche and find a bunch of blogs that are related to your business. Then, start learning more about those blogs like what kind of topics works best […]

Is Social Media Right For You? 5 Questions To Ask.

djthistle on Marketing - How can social media fit into your marketing strategy? While it’s working well for some, and not-so-well for others, it’s best to shut out what others are doing and first take a look at yourself. I feel many companies often miss this step because they see “so-and-so” having success and assume success can just as […]Author informationBrooke BallardCo-Founder & Chief Social Strategist at B Squared Media, LLCLike many of you, Chief Social Strategist and Founder of B Squared Media, Brooke Ballard, has seen a fundamental shift in business due to social media. How do businesses take advantage of this? Where do they start? Is social media for everyone? In-the-trenches social media experience helps B Squared Media answer these questions for companies seeking to form

The 3 Best Ways To Make Money With A Blog In 2014 and Beyond

JohnPaul on Marketing - Almost daily I have bloggers come to me with questions about blogging and social media and one of the most popular question I get is…

“How do I make money with my blog?”

My answer to the very new blogger is usually something like…

25 Ways to Make a Statement with Your Facebook Cover Photo

djthistle on Marketing - Your Facebook cover photo is the first thing people see when they come to your Facebook Page. So what are you doing to make a statement with that valuable real estate? To give you some inspiration, we rounded up 25 … Read moreAuthor informationJim BelosicCEO at ShortStackJim Belosic is the CEO of ShortStack, a self-service social media platform that allows users to create custom Facebook apps. Its interface provides small businesses, individuals, graphic designers, agencies, and corporations with the tools needed to build mini-websites within their Facebook pages that help drive user interaction and increase fan page likes.TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedInThe post 25 Ways to Make a Statement with Your Facebook Cover Photo appeared first on SteamFeed.

The Evolution of ‘Not Provided’ [Infographic]

AaronAgius on Marketing - It’s happened. Over the last few weeks the SEO and online marketing industry went in to a mini melt down as Google took a massive leap towards 100% ‘not provided’ keywords. It’s been happening for years.  Google have stated that for privacy reasons, they are moving forward towards not reporting on keyword data from organic [...]The post The Evolution of ‘Not Provided’ [Infographic] appeared first on Louder Online.

30 Of The Best Tools For Enterprise SEO

AaronAgius on Marketing - Updated 11/11/2013 to swap out the now defunct Optify When it comes to having a good SEO strategy, the right tools can have a huge impact on the success or failure of the campaign. These days, there are hundreds of different tools out there that you can leverage to determine critical keywords, identify technical errors [...]The post 30 Of The Best Tools For Enterprise SEO appeared first on Louder Online.

7 Fatal SEO Mistakes That Destroy Your SEO Program

AaronAgius on Marketing - Whether you’re just starting out or have been optimising your content for a while, you know there are a lot of variables that go into search engine optimisation. With so many different decisions to make and things to consider, few people get SEO completely right their first time around. Mistakes are likely to happen, and [...]The post 7 Fatal SEO Mistakes That Destroy Your SEO Program appeared first on Louder Online.

21 Interviews And Case Studies About Content Marketing Success

AaronAgius on Marketing - Content marketing can seem like a massive undertaking for any business who has yet to dip their toe in to this concept of ‘pull’ marketing rather than ‘push’ marketing. Some businesses just don’t know where to begin. Others have started, but they haven’t had a lot of success even after investing a lot of time [...]The post 21 Interviews And Case Studies About Content Marketing Success appeared first on Louder Online.

Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Never Works Out

AaronAgius on Marketing - Every content marketing strategy is different, and every business faces its own challenges. Addressing every one of these challenges in a blog post is impossible, but there are a few common faults that can be highlighted. These are some of the most common mistakes I see preventing the content marketing efforts of companies from bringing [...]The post Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Never Works Out appeared first on Louder Online.