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You Can’t Have Content without the Marketing

BrianNewmark on Marketing - Content and marketing goes hand in hand. They are two faces of the same coin. Either is useless without the other. You can’t do marketing without the content. If you try it, it will look self-promotional and spammy. You need content to market whatever you are trying to sell. Similarly, you can’t have content and […]

How Content Marketing Develops New Leads and Relationships

BrianNewmark on Marketing - Looking for new sales lead? Want to build more business connections online? Need loyal customers for your business? You have already tried a number of marketing strategies and none got you anywhere near your goals. It is time to stop thinking about the sales directly and start working on your content marketing activities. Once you […]

Without Content What Do you have to Market

BrianNewmark on Marketing - Are you a content marketer? Have you promoted your content and got benefit out of it? If you have done so, you must already be a fan of content marketing. Now, what if I say, can you do content marketing without content? Is it even possible? Perhaps not. But content marketing can surely be done […]

Content Marketing Increasing Sales for Small Business

BrianNewmark on Marketing - Sales, This is one buzzword that works for all sort of business. For both online and offline, if you have sales your business is doing great. Bigger brands don’t have to worry about sales as much due to their vast size. They have enough funds to do some insane ad campaign and dive plenty of […]

How Content Marketing Drives Direct Targeted Traffic

BrianNewmark on Marketing - Looking for more traffic? Is the targeting not accurate enough? Sure you got the niche correct and the audience is very much interested too, but unfortunately you do not ship to that particular location. Or perhaps you were looking for the other gender? Gone are those days when you had to buy an ad on […]

The importance of Content Marketing for Content Creation

BrianNewmark on Marketing - Remember the old days when search engines where new, their algos were stupid and they had no idea how to detect which content is good and which is spun garbage. Anything used to rank then. Just scratch a piece of content, build some silly links for it and start enjoying some insane traffic. Those days […]

Is Guest Blogging Really Good For Content Marketing

BrianNewmark on Marketing - Guest Blogging, it is a marketing tool to provide great content and get published in return. The process is fairly simple; you as a guest blogger research your niche and find a bunch of blogs that are related to your business. Then, start learning more about those blogs like what kind of topics works best […]

Is Social Media Right For You? 5 Questions To Ask.

djthistle on Marketing - How can social media fit into your marketing strategy? While it’s working well for some, and not-so-well for others, it’s best to shut out what others are doing and first take a look at yourself. I feel many companies often miss this step because they see “so-and-so” having success and assume success can just as […]Author informationBrooke BallardCo-Founder & Chief Social Strategist at B Squared Media, LLCLike many of you, Chief Social Strategist and Founder of B Squared Media, Brooke Ballard, has seen a fundamental shift in business due to social media. How do businesses take advantage of this? Where do they start? Is social media for everyone? In-the-trenches social media experience helps B Squared Media answer these questions for companies seeking to form

The 3 Best Ways To Make Money With A Blog In 2014 and Beyond

JohnPaul on Marketing - Almost daily I have bloggers come to me with questions about blogging and social media and one of the most popular question I get is…

“How do I make money with my blog?”

My answer to the very new blogger is usually something like…