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Why is the Marketer so critical in Content Marketing?

Posted By BrianNewmark on Marketing - A Content Marketer is someone who is spreading his content in the hope of gaining visibility, traffic, links and mentions. He is a promoter of quality content – someone who gives value and gains a reputation along with many other benefits. Content marketing can be very helpful – it can spread your content to the […]

How to Do Content Marketing Properly

Posted By BrianNewmark on Marketing - Content marketing can be really helpful for just about any business, if done properly. It can however mess things up if you do not do it with care. Content marketing requires your finest content, self-less distributions and a bucket load of promotions to make it work. All this is difficult and requires even a budget […]

Is content marketing the new SEO? According to Brian Newmark it is

Posted By BrianNewmark on Marketing - The New SEO requires natural links. Or as natural as you can make it look. Remember – it is the search engines for which you optimize. So, if the search engines declare your links to be non-natural, even if they were naturally acquired – it will make no difference. That is to say – your […]

Content Marketing; A Strong Strategy For Driving Traffic

Posted By BrianNewmark on Marketing - Traffic. This term has a different meaning based on the perspective. If sales are your primary goal, the action that your generated traffic takes should end up buying your stuff. If you want conversions, perhaps on an email list or on social media, you will have a different approach with your traffic. You need a […]

How Content Marketing Has Changed Small Business

Posted By BrianNewmark on Marketing - What do you see? Even today, in the most prime retail locations – the stores and their showrooms are packed with customers and their shelves are stacked with premier brands. But, in many retail locations you see empty store fronts or former stores are now restaurants, as they are the only retail locations which seem […]

Why Social Media is a Key Factor When Content Marketing

Posted By BrianNewmark on Marketing - Social Media is the future of all online promotions. Organic search has already started to bend towards the brands and PPC will soon be a tool for the deep pocketed business men. Internet business is slowly becoming a platform for the people with means. In a condition like this, social media is the only option […]

8 Ways to Hit a Home Run In Content Marketing

Posted By BrianNewmark on Marketing - Content marketing is great when done in the right way. It can get you traffic. It can get you sales. It can boost your social presence. Content marketing can enhance your entire online business and can make a brand out of your business. It can, however, fall flat and bring more trouble than any benefit […]

Social Media Has Increased the Need for Content Creation

Posted By BrianNewmark on Marketing - Social Media. This is one term that has changed the marketing activities for all brands in the current environment. The credit partly goes to sites like facebook or twitter that has enabled advertising at a crowd sourcing level. Even with the lowest of the budget an advertisement campaign can be tested and the results can […]

Top 10 Reasons Content Marketing Increases Sales

Posted By BrianNewmark on Marketing - Are your sales down? Not getting enough customers for your excellent products? There is no problem with your system. The problem is in your reach. If no one knows about your products, whatever you do, you won’t get any sale. Use content marketing for the rescue, build your audience, grow your business and boost your […]

You Can’t Have Content without the Marketing

Posted By BrianNewmark on Marketing - Content and marketing goes hand in hand. They are two faces of the same coin. Either is useless without the other. You can’t do marketing without the content. If you try it, it will look self-promotional and spammy. You need content to market whatever you are trying to sell. Similarly, you can’t have content and […]