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12 Most Stubborn and Fearless Female Bloggers!

Posted By worthblogger on Blogging - It’s Monday friends, a day I set aside for spotlighting awesome bloggers I came across in the past week. I call it the “WorthBlogger Monday Spotlight” (WMS).I started this series last two weeks Monday precisely on September 29, 2014 when I first featured 17 top bloggers who I consider super engagement superstars.The spotlight was about what these probloggers think is the most important ingredient in blogging. Be sure you to read that post later.By the way I missed out some few awesome bloggers who the crown fits when they wear it, so I have the opportunity of doing the needful in today’s spotlight.In today’s WMS, I want to talk about some female bloggers who I consider highly STUBBORN and FEARLESS!Yes, I really do mean it and I will say it over and over again


Posted By monopoly on Blogging - Have You SEEN The Impact Of Social Signals? Google Cares About: Social Signals How Social Signals REVOLUTIONIZED My Page Ranking When it comes to SEO, if you’re ignoring social signals you’re about 4 years behind the ball… I’m sure you’re thinking about maximizing the likes, shares, follows, circles and all of the other signals that […]

5 of Southwestern Virginia’s Best Wineries

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - Despite the fact that Virginia is producing fantastic wines, it might not be the first state that comes to mind when you think of wine country. Of course, Virginia won’t be competing with the Napa Valley or Tuscany as a wine destination any time soon, but that doesn’t mean the region can’t produce great wine. […]The post 5 of Southwestern Virginia’s Best Wineries appeared first on Blog Engage.

Going Green Child Theme by StudioPress

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - Trying to save the earth, your neighborhood, or just looking for a natural look for your website but not sure what you need to do it? Having a professional website isn’t everything you need to start a healthy related website. Along with a professional looking website, you need to have the look and feel of […]The post Going Green Child Theme by StudioPress appeared first on Blog Engage.

The Why is the Way

Posted By JaysonFeltner on Blogging - Being a leader is a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Leaders are those that are willing to take the tasks that others won’t do and ensure that they get completed in the best way possible for their team. The journey is incredibly long and difficult, and it’s often one that others have […]

Blog Engage CIBC Run Was A Success

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - It was cold, it was raining, but nothing was stopping us today. We celebrated the Breast Cancer Survivors and remembered those who sadly didn’t make it. Today was a special day for many people and it was my pleasure to be a part of it with Blog Engage. This was my first year as a […]

What Happens When You Lose Your Voice?

Posted By JaysonFeltner on Blogging - Thursdays are my direct report days.  I have back to back meetings with the people who report directly to me.  But today, I’ve completely lost my voice. Losing my voice brings into light just how much I rely on those around me.  Times like these reveal just how well a team meshes and I’m very […]

How Shale Oil Turned North Dakota Into an Economic Powerhouse

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - What comes to mind when you think of North Dakota? For most Americans, the answer is probably nothing exciting. That’s no surprise. Until 2006, the state’s economy was sustained primarily by agriculture, and most of its landscape was either barren or occupied by cattle. But that all changed when the shale oil boom turned the […]

Last Chance to Donate Towards Breast Cancer

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - Please do help me reach my goal and donate towards this great cause. The CIBC Run for the Cure happens this Sunday. I need your help, please if you can, using credit card or PayPal, contribute some money towards finding a cure to breast cancer. Every year for the past 5 years I have […]

The Internet Has Evolved But It is Not Finished

Posted By ivanpw on Blogging - Since its consumer popularity in the 1990s, the internet has revolutionized how we live our lives. We communicate through emails, instant messengers, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone calls, video chatting, and any number of social media outlets. We collect information from any of the billions of websites available and more are popping up every day.… Continue reading »The post The Internet Has Evolved But It is Not Finished appeared first on