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What’s Causing You Stress?

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - This is a Sponsored post for which we have been financially compensated for. Our sponsored post section is not written by our team and is entirely reflective of the views and beliefs of the post author. Let’s face it, we all have to deal with stress in our every day lives. Whether it’s work, family, […]

Here we go again! All the new romcoms out in 2018

Posted By FilmDaily on Movies - Why not check out some of the best romcoms of 2018 so far? We’ve also thrown in a few that aren’t even out yet so you can add the release dates to that secret movie calendar you’ve got hidden in your underpants draw.The post Here we go again! All the new romcoms out in 2018 appeared first on Film Daily.

Debunking Millennial Money Myths

Posted By Mdinich on Finance - Today, I have a slight variation for the Sunday Spotlight. After running my blog post about High-Income Bloggers and discussing the lack of empathy in personal finance, my email was flooded with support. One topic that continually was mentioned is how some bloggers suggest that young people are not achieving their financial goals because they […]
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Magento and GDPR: How Does it Affect Your Online Store?

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - GDPR!Post the mayhem with “GDPR” buzzing amidst the IT sector, let me explain in depth what it actually means.The abbreviation can be termed as General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR is a directive by the EU parliament aimed at securing the privacy of every guest and was approved on May 25.Subsequently, all the companies are revamping their privacy policies, sending emails to every customer seeking consent prior to the usage of their personal data.There are experts contemplating the pros and cons of GDPR, with scholars having perspectives on its long and short term effects.No organisation is exempted by this law!GDPR has created a drastic impact on the e-commerce industries.Whether you occupy a part of EU or elsewhere, complying with this regulation is mandatory. Magento comprises of th

Real Broker LLC | Realtors Review The Virtual Real Estate Brokerage

Posted By Mdinich on Business - Real Broker LLC is a virtual brokerage that is completely changing the way Realtors conduct business, and it is revolutionary! I accidentally stumbled across this company and was immediately intrigued and wanted to learn more. The ad in my Facebook newsfeed claimed they pay 85% commission split with NO MONTHLY FEES! Surely there was a […]The post Real Broker LLC | Realtors Review The Virtual Real Estate Brokerage appeared first on Melissa Blevins | Money + Blogging + Business Simplified.

3 Ways You Can Prepare Your Business for a Cyber Attack

Posted By ivanpw on Blogging - Cyber attacks are unfortunately all-too-common in today’s business world. If your organization isn’t prepared for an attack, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to successfully ward one off. And… Read more »The post 3 Ways You Can Prepare Your Business for a Cyber Attack appeared first on

31 Unhealthy Signs Of A Dysfunctional Family

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - When I was growing up, my household looked different from the idyllic families that were portrayed on the television shows I enjoyed. I often wondered if I was the only child who had a family life that had so much tension, anger, and unhappiness. As a highly sensitive child, I often believed it was my […]
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Get More Social Media Shares With Monarch

Posted By bbrian017 on WP Themes - Having social media sharing buttons is crucial. They encourage your visitors to share your content. I have seen many blogs where the content was worth sharing, however, there was no sharing buttons. Not only did I miss out on sharing some great content, but the writer also missed out on having their content shared. What […]The post Get More Social Media Shares With Monarch appeared first on Blog Engage.