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Top 10 Awe-inspiring Transactional Emails Subscribers Love

Posted By emailmonks on Marketing - Most of you must have experienced the frustration of having placed an order online, and expecting an email with tracking details, but that never occurred; or a subscription renewal email that never showed up in your inbox! Well, important emails like these that form the stepping stone to building customer relationship are called Transactional Emails. […]The post Top 10 Awe-inspiring Transactional Emails Subscribers Love appeared first on Email Monks Blog: Email Marketing Tips & Best Practices.

How to Get Featured in AMAs (Ask Me Anything) #MyBlogU

Posted By annsmarty on Blogging - AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) is a concept which was made popular by Reddit, where the users (i.e. “the AMA host”) open themselves up to questioning by the public, around an announced topic of their choice. Other users can leave questions, … Continue reading →

How to Design a Band’s Merchandise

Posted By Printsome on Blogging - Merchandise may seem like a fast quid to some, but to others, it is a way of exploring a special bond between consumer and artist beyond music...
The post How to Design a Band’s Merchandise appeared first on Printsome Blog.

6 Awesome Tools For Running Social Media Contests In 2017

Posted By adamjc on Marketing - There’s no better way to increase engagement, followers, and brand loyalty than with social contests. And for business owners and marketers, it can help with sales and the growth of your business. A social contest is a promotion aimed at your social media audience. These promotions can rapidly grow your email list in a short […]The post 6 Awesome Tools For Running Social Media Contests In 2017 appeared first on Blogging Wizard.

London Transportation: How To Get Around London, England

Posted By acouple4theroad on Travel - Recently, we had a friend ask us for a few tips on London transportation. Thinking that many might have the same question, I decided to make a post about it! London is incredibly easy to navigate, thanks to many forms of transportation including black cabs, trains, direct shuttles and the famous London Underground (also called the “Tube”). ... Read More about London Transportation: How To Get Around London, England

An infographic on why Shopify is the best at what it does

Posted By Printsome on Blogging - Many of the world’s most exciting and successful internet based fashion brands are proud to call their home, and there are good reasons why. Shopify, as a platform, is brilliant for fashion stores; it is almost like Shopify was designed to cater for them.

On Complexity, Diminishing Returns, and Personal Finance (Part 2)

Posted By wdhaines on Self Improvement - Welcome Back Welcome to part 2 of my 3 part series examining the ROI of the various major investment decisions that I made over the past decade while building my nest egg. For those of you just joining us, we’re backtesting 5 decisions I made on an investor who starts saving 10% of their $10k […]

Motivation (part 3)

Posted By PetClub on Pets - I indicated in an earlier post that essentially everywhere I look these days I keep coming across references for pets and what you can do to enrich their life and yours as well.  Now, it’s easy to find information on how we can enrich and prolong our existence as human beings.  How about diet and… Continue reading Motivation (part 3)

6 social media strategies that will boost your efforts in 2018

Posted By bbrian017 on WP Themes - Social media marketing is now the rage. Every brand would love to be regarded as active on leading social media channels. The benefits of being an active social media user as a firm are enormous. From the multiple channels of communication that you have when you are alive on all the platforms to the possible […]The post 6 social media strategies that will boost your efforts in 2018 appeared first on Blog Engage.

30+ Tactics To Grow Your Email List Faster

Posted By adamjc on Blogging - You hear it time and time again –The money is in the list.Essentially, the more subscribers you have, the more leads you’ll generate helping grow income for your business.When you do email marketing right, you’ll get the biggest return on investment – up to 4,300% ROI.This is the best type of communication a business can have with potential customers since they can nurture their existing leads and put sales funnels in place to act on autopilot. Continue Reading... » 50% Complete 37 Advanced Content Promotion Tactics That Will 3x Your Traffic Join the Funnel Overload newsletter and get FREE access to our 'Content Promotion Handbook' to boost your traffic.Subscribe & Download!×Includes Email Updates. Unsubscribe Anytime.

Too Good to be True ~ Crystal & Kenny’s Maui Venue Wedding

Posted By Simplemauiwed on Weddings - We loved being part of this Maui Venue Wedding! Crystal and Kenny took some time alone for a first look before starting their beautiful wedding ceremony. This is always one of our favorite ideas, it’s a great way to share your excitement with each other before the festivities begin. When Kenny saw Crystal, she was so stunning […]The post Too Good to be True ~ Crystal & Kenny’s Maui Venue Wedding appeared first on Simple Maui Wedding.

When Love Comes Naturally ~ Sierra & Joseph’s Oahu Elopement

Posted By SimpleOahuWed on Weddings - Sierra and Joseph set their hearts to travel from California to have the Oahu Elopement of their dreams! With a backdrop of Mountain views of Makapu’u and a softly lit cloud cover, Waimanalo Beach created a majestic scene for our beautiful couple. On this evening, Pastor John led the happy couple through a ceremony that had them […]The post When Love Comes Naturally ~ Sierra & Joseph’s Oahu Elopement appeared first on Simple Oahu Wedding.

Journey of a successful entrepreneur & a working mom from United Kingdom

Posted By bitgog on Blogging - Today, we are interviewing Melanie Perkins. She is a successful entrepreneur and a working mom based out of United Kingdom. She owns Caboodle Textiles and will be sharing with us about her wonderful journey of success. Lets delve into this inspiring journey: 1. How did you get into entrepreneurship? Please share your journey with us.…The post Journey of a successful entrepreneur & a working mom from United Kingdom appeared first on Bitgog.

Should You Have a Guru in your Life?

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - We live in a fast-paced society and the idea of having a guru may seem tempting. After all, gurus are often there for us.  They give us guidance into our spiritual lives and tend to make us feel that we can count on them when things are down.  The word guru is a Sanskrit term.  It means teacher.  A guru is supposed to lead you out of a dark way of thinking into something that the “light” will guide you in. When you are spiritually lost, a guru is there to pick you up and show you that way.  A guru is someone that will keep you uplifted when all things in life seem to be failing you. A guru is often found in the Hindu religion.  Archaeologists discovered that gurus first existed around the 1st millennium. One would often reach out to a guru when they felt like their life was not moving in