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The Top 3 Video Softwares for Hosting Live Virtual Training Sessions

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - ​The ability to work remotely is essential for personal trainers. Getting real-time video and audio from your clients will be crucial for online workouts; to give feedback on technique, as well as being more personal during your consultation process where you might need to establish a rapport quickly. For those of you who provide a group service for your clients, it can offer more creative ways to stay accountable and social. It allows you to provide support for clients across [...]

Letting It Go And Living Life With A Smile

Posted By ScottChangeYourLife on Personal - Letting it go whatever it is that is troubling you is the best thing that you can do and as quickly as possible. The longer we leave things in life the harder it is to start the process of letting it go. We can be consumed by our intrusive thought process that goes around in […]

9 Confirmation Bias Fallacy Examples In Everyday Life

Posted By stevescottsite on Self Improvement - If you work hard day in and day out and always strive to put your best foot forward at anything you’re doing, you will probably be surprised to know that your brain…is lazy. On the other hand, if you’re familiar with the “exercise paradox” — the contradiction that despite increasing knowledge about the importance of […]
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Chapters 1-3 of DC’s Thrilling New ‘Injustice: Year Zero’ Are Out Now!

Posted By Mdinich on Finance - DC Comics has launched their newest Digital First series Injustice: Year Zero! The series will be published twice monthly and span 14 chapters. The first three chapters are available … Chapters 1-3 of DC’s Thrilling New ‘Injustice: Year Zero’ Are Out Now! Read More »

Top 4 Mobility Scooter Attachments

Posted By ERideSolutions on Technology - Wheelchair accessories have been created specifically to improve your quality of life: they are useful, facilitate your mobility and independence and, ultimately, provide you with a good dose of comfort. Choosing them depends on the needs of each individual and, of course, a lot of brands have risen up to the challenge of maximizing the benefits of mobile devices and gadgets.
But is the electric mobility scooter easy and convenient?
One of the most significant attributes of an electric mobility scooter is control and steering. There is generally done by the handlebars and are very similar or analogous to the function of the handlebars in bikes. This is best recommended for individuals who are not suffering or afflicted from a limited range of motion on the upper body.
The use of electri

5 Ways to Get More Media Coverage For Your Fitness Business

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - ​If you’re a personal trainer offering in-person or online training sessions to people in your local area you may want to consider advertising your service in a local news outlet. Advertising through formal media channels tends to be overlooked as they can sometimes involve a small upfront investment. But if you’re able to offer a valuable and useful personal training service that people will appreciate, the investment usually pays for itself in a short time! T [...]

Things Will Get Better – You Have To Believe

Posted By ScottChangeYourLife on Personal - If you need things to get better in your life then hopefully this article will help you to get there. I have suffered a lot of personal tragedys in life and the below is how I made things better for myself by controlling my thoughts and believing that life had more in store for me […]