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On Complexity, Diminishing Returns, and Personal Finance (Part 2)

Posted By wdhaines on Self Improvement - Welcome Back Welcome to part 2 of my 3 part series examining the ROI of the various major investment decisions that I made over the past decade while building my nest egg. For those of you just joining us, we’re backtesting 5 decisions I made on an investor who starts saving 10% of their $10k […]

How to Make Good Decisions in Life by Asking 3 Simple Questions

Posted By harleenas on Self Improvement - Do you want to make your life better? If yes, then you must learn to ask good questions - because good questions will lead you to good decisions. And good decisions can help change your life - make you successful. Here's all about how to ask good questions to make good decisions in life.

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“Why am I not successful?” 7 reasons why you might be Failing

Posted By reimaru on Self Improvement - “Work hard and you’ll become successful.” How many of us have heard that advice and followed it hoping that it’d work? You work overtime and you put in extra hours to get some extra cash. You’re tired and stressed from working hard day after day, yet nothing seems to change. “Why […]The post “Why am I not successful?” 7 reasons why you might be Failing appeared first on Your Wealthy Mind.