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Dealing with jealousy at the beginning

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - So you’re in a lovely new relationship with your beautiful new partner. He or she is everything you expect in a person right down to the finer points. Wow, you’ve never been so happy before. And then, you have to get to know their dreaded ex. Yeah, it can be pretty daunting having another partner

Every Presenter Is Looking for a Game Changer

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Whether it’s your first time out or you’ve been on your feet giving presentations for the past 25 years, everyone wants the same thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO or the trainee marketer. ‘The Game Changer’ We hear it every week on our presentation skills workshops: “wow, that’s a game changer.” What they mean is that they have just seen, heard or experienced something that they know they can repeat and will change everything for them. It instantly shifts the status quo while raising their game and the way they are perceived as a presenter.Today it seems no longer good enough to:  -   Make great eye contact  -   Tell a powerful story -  Open with impact -  Be passionate -&

5 Things You Can’t Forget on the Day of Your Event

Posted By Printsome on Blogging - An event planner is like the captain of a ship, nobody likes to see them nervous. So in order to help you we’ve put together 5 simple things that we should never ever, ever forget on the day of an event. The post 5 Things You Can’t Forget on the Day of Your Event appeared first on Printsome Blog.

Darth Vader’s Guide To Killer First Impressions

Posted By livechat on Blogging - Do you remember the time when you first saw Darth Vader? I wonder what your impression was upon seeing this glossy-black armored, 6'8" tall figure. Did you consider him as a kind and caring leader or rather a dark and ruthless figure?The answer is simple. Anyone who has heard his voice distorted by the life support mask must have got the same feeling. Darth Vader seemed to be the incarnation of evil.But was he really evil? He was Emperor’s apprentice, that’s true, but he was obedient, faithful and devoted. Not very malicious traits! Also, you surely remember Vader’s last moments. Wasn’t it the time when love conquered it all? And yet, the very first moment we saw Vader, somehow we knew he was an arch villain. All that because of the killer first impression.Here’s a short guide to the grea

AskMeAnything #AMA with Bill Slawski

Posted By GuestCrew on SEO - AskMeAnything #AMA with Bill Slawski - Catch Bill Live on AmplifyBlog on 24th Sept 9 PM PDT

On AmplifyBlog - we are kicking off the AskMeAnything (AMA) series.

Our member, Eren Mckay suggested that we invite Bill Slawski as our first guest for the AMA series. We requested Bill and he agreed.

Here's more about Bill:

I started promoting Websites in 1996, and started doing SEO shortly after that once search engines like Altavista and Google started showing up. I read and write about search related patents and white papers on my blog at SEObytheSea.

125 Marketing Quotes from Top Bloggers

Posted By GuestCrew on Social Media - So much goes on in the blogosphere - how do you stay updated?

While there’s no dearth of quality content in the online marketing space - we decided to compile a top 125 list, thus making sure we have included all of our favorite marketing articles.

So, without further delay - here’s the best of the best – Marketing Content Round-up.

How to Increase Pinterest Followers – INFOGRAPHIC

Posted By Cent on Blogging - Visual content rocks. They are easy to consume and digest. They also get the most social shares. Pinterest is a social media site completely dedicated to visual content and it is also the fastest growing social site. Why Visual Content Rocks?

This Is How You Should Be Promoting Your Company

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - Many people will tell you that the way you should be marketing your company is the same, no matter what your business.

But actually, the type of marketing that you are investing in or should be investing in largely depends on where your customers come from.

If you are looking to attract global customers, then you should be focusing most of your campaign online.

However, if you are a small business looking to attract the local community things can be a little different. We’ll start with an online business first.

10 Years of SEO - What’s In, What’s Out and What’s In Again

Posted By GuestCrew on SEO - The first manipulation - both good and bad - of Google search results started closer to fifteen years ago.

And they got a free pass a bit longer, but in 2005 things starting to really buckle down in the world of SEO and it wasn’t easy any more

How to Double the Visits to Your Site, Without Doing Internet Marketing!

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - Perhaps you are investing a lot of time doing internet marketing, but you know that there are other strategies to double the visits to your site? Do not get me wrong, you will not have to stop what you are already doing to promote your site. In this post I’m going to present clear alternatives to […]

The Changes on the WordPress Market and Why Teamwork Matters

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - Welcome to the seventh edition of our transparency report! In this series, I’m talking about everything going on at CodeinWP that’s interesting from a business perspective. I’m doing what I can to be transparent, share our current strategies, goings-on, wins and loses, and basically everything else that happens in our day-to-day. (Here are all the previous reports, if you want to check them out.) In this edition, I talk about everything that happened at CodeinWP in August 2015.