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Cheap Date Night Ideas That Will Make Your Partner’s Heart Flutter

Posted By Womenio on Creative Lifestyle - Many people want to impress their date or partner by taking them to a five-star restaurant. But date night doesn't need to be expensive. Your date will appreciate any idea regardless of cost if you try and put your heart into it. Wouldn't a date night be more meaningful and unique if you planned it...Read More

How To Keep To a Budget & Save Money in College

Posted By holisticmomma on Medicine - College can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways to save money in college and stretch your budget. These tips will help you save on everything from textbooks to food. So whether you are just starting college or almost done, read on for some valuable advice. Saving...

Japanese Flower Stamp Hand Soap: MyKirei- How $18 Soap Became a Viral Sensation

Posted By Davin on Home - Back in 2020, we needed all the joy we could get. So a company in Japan called MyKirei by KAO came out with their flower stamp hand soap (the timing happened to be by accident, but 2020 turns out to be the perfect year).   This flower foam hand wash quickly went viral on the social ... Read more

Is “Special Needs” Offensive? The new term to say instead of Special Needs.

Posted By lisalightner on Self Improvement - Special Needs vs. Disability Several months ago, I did a blog post about People First Language, and why it shouldn’t be mandated. Certainly not by non-disabled people. At the end of that post, I said this: Up next: I’ll be tackling “special needs.” Because that vernacular is seeing a shift too. Stay tuned.  Because many people...

QuillBot vs. Grammarly: Which Tool Is Better?

Posted By BKania on Writing - Capitalize My Title is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more Grammarly has been a mainstay as an online grammar, spelling, and writing checker for years, but QuillBot is a newer tool that is seeking to usurp Grammarly’s throne. Though both tools are designed to […]
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7 Elements of Culture and How it Shapes Our Life

Posted By seline101 on Self Improvement - Culture is the shared language in a community. The holidays celebrated, the religions practiced, the way we communicate, and the food we cook all fall under the umbrella of culture. But knowing a culture on a surface level can lead us to stereotypes and a belief that everyone in a group is alike. One way... 
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Investing Is So Passé: Real Wealth Means Prepping For The Future

Posted By Thecameronjournal on Politics -

It is no secret that the world is crazy. The best thing we can do is prepare for an uncertain future by being prepared for several possibilities.
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