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6 reasons why cloud hosting is ideal for SaaS solutions

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - Cloud hosting is a powerful new solution for SaaS business owners. It provides a lot of value to your business, so you can never go wrong with your investment.If you are new to the SaaS world and are looking for a service which customizes according to your needs and also grows with you, you must opt for cloud hosting.Cloud-based software offer flexibility, accountability, and scalability. It assists small enterprises in their day-to-day activities and ameliorates their customer service experience.Here we present to you some solid reasons why cloud hosting is ideal for your SaaS solution:SpeedCloud computing is so much faster compared to a shared server. On a shared host, you are basically fighting with other account owners to get the best space on the server.Shared hosting providers also

Buying Vs. Leasing Solar Panels For Your Home

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - In 2016, the United States hit a pretty significant milestone in renewable energy. Over 1 million households across the nation invested in solar panels for their homes! But individuals are not the only ones who see the huge benefits of solar energy. In addition to the 1 million homes that installed solar panels, businesses also […]

Premium Photos, Illustrations and Vectors from GLStock

Posted By ZacJohnson on Blogging - If you want to build a successful blog, brand, or business on the internet today, you need to focus on a lot more than just your content and providing value to your audience. While content and value are always going to be important, let’s be real… we are in a fast-paced world where visual content […]The post Premium Photos, Illustrations and Vectors from GLStock appeared first on Zac Johnson.

4 Simple Blog Photography Tips to Snap Better Photos

Posted By ZacJohnson on Blogging - The days when blogs were predominantly text-based are long since gone, and most modern blogs make use of photography to provide a much more visual spectacle. However that means that bloggers need to have some basic photography skills – and if you don’t the photos you publish aren’t likely to live up to your expectations. Fortunately acquiring basic photography skills isn’t as difficult as you might think, and so long as you have a basic digital camera or decent smartphone you should be able to apply these simple tips to get started: Experiment with the rule of thirds The rule The post 4 Simple Blog Photography Tips to Snap Better Photos appeared first on Blogging Tips.

Expose by Studiopress

Posted By bbrian017 on WP Themes - Whether you are a designer, photographer, or a community manager, you want to display your work, your projects and the sites you are working on your personal website. When you show off your projects to the world, you are giving potential clients a preview of your work which could lead you to your next job […]The post Expose by Studiopress appeared first on Blog Engage.

Is This the end of Agile as we Know it?

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - Sixteen years ago, a group of seventeen people met at the Snowbird Ski Resort and came up with the Agile Manifesto in order to create better ways of developing software, while helping others do it too.  However, while it did work for a while, it wasn't long before people started abusing the Agile term and methods. Today, there are literally thousands of self-proclaimed Agile experts spreading the methodology without even having a background in coding. Many more reasons followed for Agile projects to fail and it's now clearer than ever that Agile is doomed as a methodology and that it's time for it to be improved. In this article, we'll cover some of the reason why Agile has been dying for a while, as well as how Code Review can help revive Agile to become better for everyone.Scrum Masters

Home Sweet Home: Avoid These Energy-Wasting Habits

Posted By Mdinich on Environmental - We all have bad habits. It’s the human condition. Some people don’t take the proper steps in caring for their health. Others carelessly drain their savings account on frivolous purchases. But what if your bad habit didn’t only affect you – it affected the environment as well? Do you actually pay attention to your energy […]

14 Holiday Traditions to Lift Team Spirits This Season

Posted By ivanpw on Blogging - What is a fun holiday tradition you have in the office that never fails to lift team morale?photo credit: Ramsey Mohsen / FlickrThe following answers are provided by… Read more »(c)

1 Source of New Blogger Struggles and How to Dissolve it

Posted By ZacJohnson on Blogging - 2,000 plus videos ago I was a newbie video creator and a newbie blogger. This was 10 years ago. I was terrified to do most anything, blogging-wise. Which is the exact reason why I struggled so much. I worried about everything; my guest posts would be rejected or criticized, nobody would watch my videos, I had not even dreamed of writing eBooks because nobody would buy and read them, and the list went on. I worried about all things blogging. I rarely if ever did anything about that worry. Naturally, I struggled to drive traffic and profits because if you The post 1 Source of New Blogger Struggles and How to Dissolve it appeared first on Blogging Tips.

Jane Theme from Studiopress

Posted By bbrian017 on WP Themes - The Jane Theme is one of the most elegant looking and simple looking premium WordPress theme. It’s a studiopress child theme created by a company called Pretty Darn Cute Design. It’s actually a perfect theme for fashion blogger because it has a certain style and elegance to it. It’s a completely mobile responsive theme which […]The post Jane Theme from Studiopress appeared first on Blog Engage.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - Cloud computing has become an essential part of the business world. Every day more and more companies are switching to cloud computing in order to reap its benefits and try to make their business flourish. If you’re one of those people that like to jump on the opportunity and try anything new in order to make your business stand out, you’re probably thinking about switching to cloud computing right away, but there are some things you need to know first.In order to completely understand cloud computing, you must understand that with all the benefits it has, there are some downsides too. We did some researching and we’ve made this list of some of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. So, let’s get straight to it.Advantages of Cloud ComputingCost EfficiencyOne of the b