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Despicable Me 3 Gru, Dru and Minions! – 3D Review

Posted By BlazingMinds 954 days ago on Entertainment - After their outing in their own film, the Minions are back with Gru (Steve Carell) in Despicable Me 3 and they are hoping that he will return to his life of crime and misdemeanours after being fired by the new boss of the Anti-Villian League fire him. But the little yellow buddies are out of luck […]The post Despicable Me 3 Gru, Dru and Minions! – 3D Review appeared first on Blazing Minds by Karen Woodham

New Year resolutions: Do we want or need them?

Posted By ian50shades 786 days ago on Health - New Year resolutions may have their place in some people’s lives but not in mine. That’s not to say that I never set targets, and set out to achieve them, but I cannot see anything special about January 1. Yes, it marks the start of a new calendar year – but, so what? If you […]The post New Year resolutions: Do we want or need them? appeared first on 50shadesofsun.

New artwork for Frightfest 2019 revealed

Posted By BlazingMinds 258 days ago on Entertainment - Graham Humphreys’ stunning new Aurora Monster-inspired artwork artwork has been revealed for Arrow Video FrightFest 2019 and once again it looks amazing. Arrow Video FrightFest 2019 will be the festival’s 20th year milestone. The annual Bank Holiday event, is the UK’s largest celebration of genre cinema, taking place at Cineworld Leicester Square and The Prince […]The post New artwork for Frightfest 2019 revealed appeared first on Blazing Minds by Philip Rogers

Add high quality video effects like explosions, blood, fire, and other things like transitions & backgrounds to your video production

Posted By michael.aulia 226 days ago on Technology - Shutterstock is a pretty well known company offering high quality images that you can use on your website and publications. With the addition to their new Shutterstock Elements, you now have access to over 3,000 video elements that you can use in your videos. Don’t get me wrong. These elements are of very high quality, […]

21 Compelling Content Marketing Lessons from The Game of Thrones [Infographic]

Posted By Cent on Blogging - The TV Series “Game of Thrones” is brilliant; in fact, it is much more than that.
The story, the plotline, unexpected endings, twists, backstabbing, friendships, honor, loyalty, love, lust, incest, battles, wars, beautiful and diverse landscapes; it’s got it all.
There are those who think it is gruesome and that is a valid case. Surely the best TV series in history according to IMDB is worth taking some lessons from. (Second on the list is “Breaking Bad” another one of my all-time favorite TV series.)
The lessons that drew us closer were from a content marketing perspective. The game is brilliant, the content brilliant and the content marketing even better.
GoT has a huge budget, an army of behind the scene helpers but surely we can learn how the content marketing arrow finds its targe


Posted By pollystevens 44 days ago on Self Improvement - 1. Overcome Procrastination Procrastination keeps you from your goals, but it also gives you insight into how badly you want to achieve the goals you have created. High achievers know that procrastinating is a sign that something needs to change. However, there is also a group of people who have listened to their hearts and […]The post Test appeared first on Wise Life Lessons.

Boss Vs. Leader: The Never-Ending Battle Between Power and Leadership (Infographic)

Posted By ivanpw on Blogging - In today’s world of business with growing competition and the need to achieve business goals in the most effective manner, it’s important to make sure those in the higher up… Read more » The post Boss Vs. Leader: The Never-Ending Battle Between Power and Leadership (Infographic) appeared first on

GetResponse New Marketing Automation: What You Need to Know

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - The purpose of marketing automation is simple. Do more with less: spend less energy to make a series of repetitive and boring actions; take less time to make complex and hardly repeatable actions; experience less stress to remember the redundant actions to be taken every day; sell more by creating targetized promotions to the right […]

How To Ask For Blog Sponsorship When You’re Afraid

Posted By erikemanuelli on Networking - One of the scariest things for new bloggers to do is ask for pay for their work.

While sponsorships can be a vital source of income for a successful blogger, too many of us are terrified to ask for enough payment for what we are actually worth.

Here are 4 steps to pitching a brand or client that have worked for me, especially when I was afraid to ask.

4 Common Mindset Mistakes Entrepreneurs Must Avoid

Posted By ivanpw on Blogging - Being a successful entrepreneur is about far more than just starting a business. By its definition an entrepreneur is a risk-taker who acts on their own initiative, makes key decisions,… Read more »(c)

2017 MLB Week 11 Weekend Preview

Posted By ReggieBreese on Sports -   I can’t wait for this weekend. There are excellent games all throughout this 2017 MLB week 11 weekend, starting with the Dodgers battling the Angels on Thursday, June 29. The Freeway Series brings the best out of the NL West L.A. Dodgers and the AL West L.A. Angels. 2017 MLB Week 11 Weekend I...The post 2017 MLB Week 11 Weekend Preview appeared first on .

2017 Wimbledon Betting Odds & Predictions

Posted By EricWilliams on Sports - We are approaching to another of the big events in the ATP, as Wimbledon arrives on July 3rd as one of the most storied and most import event in the tour. The grass-court event at the All England Club in London begins Monday. As of now, we have the latest Tennis betting odds to win […]
The post 2017 Wimbledon Betting Odds & Predictions appeared first on Mybookie Sportsbook.