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100 Percent Renewable Energy: 100 Percent Possible, 100 Percent Happening

Posted By renewsable 1049 days ago on Environmental - Over the past couple of weeks, a much-needed conversation about moving to 100 percent renewable energy has exploded into the national spotlight. Unfortunately, the focus has largely been on personal disputes and deep-in-the-weeds debates among folks who basically agree instead of a productive conversation about how we can get there. There are no lack of […]The post 100 Percent Renewable Energy: 100 Percent Possible, 100 Percent Happening appeared first on

Fonts Used In Famous Logos (With Download Links)

Posted By fershid 791 days ago on Design - Ever wanted to know the names of the fonts used in the logos of famous brands like Adidas, Calvin Klein, FedEx, Gillette, Jaguar, Lufthansa, Omega, Rolls-Royce, Visa, etc.? We’ve compiled an alphabetical list of 60 well-known logos with their corresponding fonts and download links.

In some cases, the fonts have been tweaked or edited from their original form to create a customized wordmark. In those cases, we’ve listed the closest possible font that matches the logo. Check out the list here.

Use This Unique List of Sites To Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking

Posted By AceyG 791 days ago on Business - This page contains hand-picked resources we have put together to help you overcome the common fear of public speaking. Have a look & start improving your speaking skills today
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Posted By Jasoncpf 727 days ago on WebSites - Whether you’re thinking of starting a travel blog or want to set up an online store for your business, you’re going to need a website. More importantly, you need to register a name (or domain name) for your brand and it needs to be catchy!

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Why do I need to think so hard about a domain name? Can’t I just go with what I have?”

You could, but then, it probably wouldn’t be a good domain name. And if you want your blog or website to succeed, you going to have to come up with a good domain name to go along with it.

Is Easter More Than a Bunny to You?

Posted By Jeremy 1536 days ago on Non Profit - By Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. Founder and CEO Joy Junction Inc. Nobody can deny that we live in a seriously troubled world. We see evidence on a daily basis; international terrorism, the murder of innocents, more ongoing and seemingly endless political partisan bickering … Read moreThe post Is Easter More Than a Bunny to You? appeared first on Homeless Shelter Albuquerque - Family Assistance | Joy Junction.

4 Tips to Help Your Small Business Prevent Cyber Crime

Posted By ivanpw 1412 days ago on Blogging - The need for more complex security practices and strategies is clearly needed for today’s business due to the growing adoption of cloud and utility computing services. There are often headlines… Read more »(c)

[RESULTS] Biggest WordPress Hosting Survey to Date – The Good, Bad and Ugly of WordPress Hosting

Posted By erikemanuelli 1412 days ago on WebSites - What you're about to read are the results of our 2016 WordPress hosting survey - aka. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of WordPress Hosting.