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Posted By ziamax on Fashion - Item # PEMB15 SPC: PGFDT-SQRLU Category: Patches, Emblems Custom embroidered patch appliques. 1.5″ size with 100% embroidery thread coverage. Up to seven thread colors included. Choice of heat seal or adhesive sticker backing. Optional printed card packaging also available, QUR. Complies with Prop 65. 1.5″ L   Colors Various Themes Breast Cancer Awareness, Clothing, Security, […]

Why It’s Tough to Feel Safe Long After Domestic Violence

Posted By Artois52 on Home - Marie Miguel, writing for, explains why it can be challenging to feel safe long after domestic violence.
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My Investments Lagged in 2021 – 3 Reasons I’m Still Happy

Posted By wealthtender on Finance - If somebody tells you they missed out on hundreds of thousands of dollars, but they’re still happy, would you believe them? Would you dismiss it as “sour grapes,” or would you be curious to know why, and what it could mean for how you should look at your own finances? If the latter, read ...

Personal Capital Review 2022 – Free Wealth Management For You

Posted By theradicalfire on Finance - Wealth management services have become a fad in the financial industry and even beyond. In this Personal Capital review, we’ll go into one of the most popular platforms out there that can help you in your own wealth management journey. When you hear and discuss financial management, it is more than just monitoring or managing ... Read more