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DeadHitSports Super Bowl LII Pick

Posted By ReggieBreese on Sports -   Earlier this week we gave you our division winners for the 2017 NFL betting season. Now it’s time to unveil who we have getting to the big game and winning it all. To me, it’s pretty simple. If it ain’t broke don’t fix. Here we go. AFC Playoff Seeding and Predictions New England Patriots...The post DeadHitSports Super Bowl LII Pick appeared first on .

Best Ways to Stay Safe When Going on a Business Convention

Posted By ivanpw on Blogging - Business conventions are meant to be places to learn and relax. Although a majority of them go to plan, there are steps you can take to prevent the unimaginable happening.… Read more »(c)

Demand for Free expression Spurs on New Social Media Platforms

Posted By erikemanuelli on Social Media - As major social media and video platforms like Facebook and Google’s YouTube ramp up politically motivated censorship, an increasing number of users are looking for more flexible alternatives.

Like many big companies in the past, Facebook and Google have fallen into stagnation and are fast becoming the grumpy internet nannies they promised they would never become. Obsessed with a political agenda, both are tumbling out of favour with a youthful user base who are unafraid of diversity and debate.

As advertisers fall away from Twitter and active users decline on Facebook, the stage is set for change. Add to that the millions of viewers following conservative voices on YouTube - which is fast de-monetising their streams - and you have a fantastic environment for competition.

Hurricane Safety for Landlords and Renters

Posted By loculogic on Property - Current updates about Hurricane Irma, following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, is an important reminder that hurricane season is upon us.   Property managers and landlords in hurricane zones have the added responsibility of ensuring the safety of their tenants and properties. While it is not necessarily a landlord’s job to hold their renters’ hands through […]
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Who Knows How to Make Love Stay?

Posted By RelBlogger on Dating - I write a lot about the importance of self-love, avoiding traps of codependency, and when to leave dysfunctional/abusive relationships.  However, I haven’t written much about how to love someone well.  In the beginning of a relationship when synchronicities abound, hormones rush through our veins, and our hearts are blown open with amazement at the beauty […]
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1 Blogging Assumption You Don’t Want to Make

Posted By ZacJohnson on Blogging - Have you ever seen a successful blogger and believed that things must have come easy to them? Or maybe you assume that an established, pro blogger is a natural, someone blessed with immense talents that they never needed to work at. Some people tell me that I make blogging look easy. From how I write to my videos to much of what I do online, folks tend to believe that this journey was simple, seamless, effortless and tremendously easy for me. I can assure you it was not always easy for me. Blogging was quite difficult for me. For many The post 1 Blogging Assumption You Don’t Want to Make appeared first on Blogging Tips.

Facebook: Accounts from Russia bought ads during US campaign

Posted By stlnews on News - WASHINGTON/September 7, 2017 (AP)(STL.News) — Hundreds of fake Facebook accounts, probably run from Russia, spent about $100,000 on ads aimed at stirring up divisive issues such as gun control and race relations during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the social network said Wednesday. Although the number of ads is relatively small, the disclosure provides a […]
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How To Keep Hustling When Your Traffic Doesn’t Respond To Any Of Your Efforts

Posted By adamjc on Marketing - You knew it. Sooner or later it will come. Now it’s here. The day of imminent surrender. So much hard work you’ve put into this. Dozens of strategies and tools you have twisted and tweaked to stimulate your blog’s traffic. And what’s your analytics response to all that sweat and tears? Day in day out, […]The post How To Keep Hustling When Your Traffic Doesn’t Respond To Any Of Your Efforts appeared first on Blogging Wizard.

Trailers: Poster, Stills, And Trailer For The Sci-Fi Thriller Thelma

Posted By themoviesleuth on Movies - This is a trailer for Thelma. It was co-written and directed by Joachim Trier (Oslo, August 31st and Louder Than Bombs), and stars Eili Harboe, Okay Kaya, Ellen Dorrit Petersen and Henrik Rafaelsen. The Norwegian-language film was selected as their entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards and will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest, before being released in theaters on November 10, 2017. Check out the synopsis and trailer below. "Thelma, a shy young student, has just left her religious family in a small town on the west coast of Norway to study at a university in Oslo. While at the library one day, she experiences a violent, unexpected seizure. Soon after, she finds herself intensely drawn toward Anja, a beautiful young stude

East Carolina at West Virginia NCAAF Odds & Expert Pick

Posted By EricWilliams on Sports - Both East Carolina and now-unranked West Virginia lost their season openers, although they did it in very different fashion. The Mountaineers are heavy favorites in their home opener to get one in the win column Saturday vs. ECU. But can ECU turn things around in the NCAAF odds? It’s unlikely in this matchup. East Carolina […]
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The Top 10 Vietnamese Restaurants in St. Louis

Posted By investmart007 on Food - St. Louis’ Favorite Vietnamese Restaurants St. Louis, MO/September 3, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) – Pungent, fresh, and satisfying, Vietnamese cuisine is a balance of aromatics, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy heat and, for lack of a better term, fish-sauciness.  As with other Asian cuisines, perfection is in the balance of salty and sweet, the fresh with the fermented […]The post The Top 10 Vietnamese Restaurants in St. Louis appeared first on St. Louis Restaurant News & St. Louis Restaurant Reviews.

NFL Preview: Can Indy Bounce Back to AFC South Supremacy?

Posted By ReggieBreese on Sports -   At one time, the AFC South belonged to the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts had as their quarterback one Peyton Manning. Manning turned into one of the greatest gunslingers to ever walk onto a football field. The lucky Colts managed to replace Manning with Andrew Luck. Indianapolis Colts 2017 Preview Luck has already gone to...The post NFL Preview: Can Indy Bounce Back to AFC South Supremacy? appeared first on .

The Challenges of Launching a New Business in the UK

Posted By ivanpw on Blogging - It seems like we’re right in the middle of a boom time for new businesses starting up. Figures for 2016 suggest that nearly 343,000 were established in the first six… Read more »(c)

Are You Charging Enough for Your Products and Services?

Posted By erikemanuelli on Business - Hopefully, this article will help you charge a fair rate for your products and services from the first day you open your blog or business and you won’t run into these same issues that Jen and I did.