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How I Make Content Marketing Look So Easy, by Brian Newmark

BrianNewmark on Marketing - Content marketing is easy. Content marketing is quick. It’s a complete process in itself and provides absolute success in marketing your brand. So, what is the catch? It’s how you approach it, how you strategize and implement it. Content marketing can be very easy if done properly from the start without making any mistakes. In […]

Do It or Lose It – Momentum In Business Networking

BusinessBanter on Business - One of my customers told me a story about a fascinating person he met a year and a half ago at a business networking event. They had a nice chat, laughed a little and exchanged business cards. Recently my customer was looking desperately for a connection to a certain industry and this old acquaintance came to […]

Keyword Research Masterclass: Using the Google Keyword Planner

positionly on Marketing - Research and Development (R&D) is something we tend to think of in terms of scientific and medical fields, and the manufacturing industry. Not content marketing. But think of your typical week (or even day) as a content or online marketer for the website you manage. Isn’t a lot of what you do a variation on... Read more »The post Keyword Research Masterclass: Using the Google Keyword Planner appeared first on Positionly Blog.

7 Words I Emphasize to My Children

extremejohn on Blogging - I usually start my Sunday mornings off by ripping through email and social media messages before I break-out and enjoy the day. Getting a jump on the emails makes a huge difference heading into the new week of business. I’m not going to lie, it takes a tremendous amount of self-motivation to wake up on [Continue Reading]

Content Marketing at Its Best

BrianNewmark on Marketing - Content Marketing. This is one marketing tool which can transform an online business into a huge brand. Content marketing is a total package that delivers top results. It can generate traffic, build and grow an audience, create a following and convert all of these into sales. When it comes to content marketing, there are no […]

Square Capital by Square a New Pilot Program for Small Businesses

extremejohn on Blogging - I recently received an email from Square Capital, a new pilot program by Square. The new program is designed to assist small business owners by giving business owners a chance to secure cash against their future credit card transactions. In short, Square Capital is a merchant cash advance program. I received the pilot program invite [Continue Reading]

Leadership Skills: Top 10 Traits Of Successful Leaders

BusinessBanter on Business - The age old cliché of ‘Great leaders are born not made’ is thrown around a lot in many walks of life, whether you are talking about the manager at work or the captain of your football team. Leadership skills are all so important in everyday life. Personally, I don’t buy into this. I think that […]

Online Marketing for Startups: A Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide

positionly on Marketing - Ready to start getting the word out about your startup? Then you need a marketing strategy. Of course, in a world filled with advice on content marketing, email marketing, local marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, and social media marketing, it’s hard to tell where you should start. Fortunately, we can make the process for... Read more »The post Online Marketing for Startups: A Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide appeared first on Positionly Blog.

Benefits of video marketing services for business

groupusers on Video Blogging - Business organizations are using unique and the latest marketing tools to capture the maximum share of the market. If you are running a business, then go ahead with video marketing. It is an attractive way to display your products and services. Why do you need this type of marketing?

Throwback Thursday: The Birth of My First Brick and Mortar Business

extremejohn on Blogging - It’s been a decade since I’ve gotten involved in #ThrowbackThursday here on my blog, or across the various social networking sites that I enjoy. Ok, maybe it hasn’t been a decade, but it’s definitely been longer then I can remember. If I remember correctly, I believe my last Throwback Thursday contribution was a picture I [Continue Reading]