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Effective Lead Generation Through B2B Market Research and Social Automation Tools

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - The B2B marketplace is heating up. Amazon is even becoming a major player, with its Amazon Business service, formerly known as AmazonSupply.
If you have a marketplace for prospective customers, the best way to profit is by effectively targeting your sales approach so you are talking to the right company or person at the right time.
Sales and marketing professionals in small and medium enterprises can leverage the power of cloud-based and big data tools to more effectively bring their message across.

17 Spam Comments that Never Disappear Out of Your Life

Posted By TheBadBlogger on Blogging - I need you to understand that this post might not be family friendly. I have a pretty bad temper when it comes to reading things that are dumb, so it’s possible that a darker, more sarcastic side of me will come out. If that offends you, you should stop reading this post right now, and move on to something else.