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NEGATIVE SEO Doesn’t Work!!

Posted By dlane1987 on Blogging - Negative SEO Overview I’m going to do a case study on why Negative SEO doesn’t work based on someone who asked for my help.  I have had a lot of questions regarding Negative SEO so I am doing this case study for the benefit of anyone that may not yet of realised it. Things you’ll learn Effects of Negative SEO How I dealt with slander online If negative seo really works Things you’ll need to Know How to read Analytics What negative seo is Too Good To Be True If you slander someone on they will be seen as bad and The post NEGATIVE SEO Doesn’t Work!! appeared first on Dans Passive Income.

Cameron v Corbyn – Presenting v Protesting

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - It seems to me that there are only 3 types of people that would listen to a politician speak non-stop for 1hr and 10 minutes. A fellow politician, someone interested in politics or someone who is passionate about public speaking.I’m one of the latter.I’ve just finished watching the YouTube video of David Cameron’s speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester last week having previously endured Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the Labour Party Conference.Two politicians with two speeches and two entirely different deliveries.David CameronPutting all personal political views aside for a moment this was a visionary speech. Cameron is clearly an extremely accomplished speaker in his own right but last week he raised the bar substantially by using passion and pers

125 Marketing Quotes from Top Bloggers

Posted By GuestCrew on Social Media - So much goes on in the blogosphere - how do you stay updated?

While there’s no dearth of quality content in the online marketing space - we decided to compile a top 125 list, thus making sure we have included all of our favorite marketing articles.

So, without further delay - here’s the best of the best – Marketing Content Round-up.

How to Create an Awesome LinkedIn Profile? INFOGRAPHIC

Posted By Cent on Blogging - How is LinkedIn Different?LinkedIn is the only social media platform dedicated for professionals. LinkedIn is where professionals hang out, look for and hire skilled individuals.Google your name, yes do it now…Most likely your LinkedIn profile will come up first in Google.

Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas Again: 25 Resources for Content Marketers

Posted By kikolani on Blogging - Having trouble coming up with blog post ideas? If so, this post has 25 resources that will ensure you never run out of content topics again! While mostly focused on blog posts, these resources will also help you with ideas for your podcasts, presentations, videos, and other types of content too!

Content Repurposing Tips and Strategies You Should Know – INFOGRAPHIC

Posted By Cent on Blogging - Content repurposing is a handy content marketing technique. Each new piece of content can be promoted to bring in additional traffic. Link to the original content to give it a fresh life. The Best Modern Content Repurposing ExampleMarvel comics. Yes, that’s right - Marvel has traditional comic books which they are now turning into movies.

$1800 Yearly Budget for Daily Cash Contest

Posted By GuestCrew on Contests - We are starting a Daily Cash Contest on AmplifyBlog with a $1800 yearly budget. This way, we can make sure that the contest keeps running for ever.

This is going to be fairly simple – all you need to do is, post comments on AmplifyBlog and the member with the most comment for the day, will be awarded with a cash prize. So, everyday, the top commentator of AmplifyBlog will earn $5 cash.

How to grow a startup FAST: Lessons from the Weirdly #growthsprint

Posted By KerenPhillips on Business - The Weirdly #growthsprint saw us triple our revenue within just 6 weeks. We’ve recovered enough now to view the experience with some perspective. In the spirit of honestly sharing this whole techy startup adventure with the world, here are a few things we learned – and that we’d do differently next time.

September 2015 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - September was a sad month for the WordPress community.

Even though a lot was going on in WordPress development – like it always is – our thoughts were turned in another direction.

Welcome to This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP – a monthly roundup of news and stories from around the world of WordPress. This is the September 2015 edition.

Why You Need To Join Today (Or To Be More Active If You Are a Member)

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - If you are into online marketing and wish to expand your knowledge and connections about this industry, then you should join Inbound.Org today. May be you are already a member, but if you are not (or if you are not engaging enough there), I suggest you to take a look at this post, so to know more […]

19 Social Media Authorities Reveal the Risk Hidden in Your Profile

Posted By GuestCrew on Social Media - I decided to reach out to some serious influencers in Social Media to find out what they do to decrease risk by gaining connections and protecting them.

You may not know some of them, but if you don’t you’ll probably want to. Many of them don’t even need an introduction, so because of all of the great information that they have to share with you,

I’ll focus on their responses and include their contact info so you can get to know them yourself if you don’t already.