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⚡Dressed & Depressed : La Vie En Morose⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - So … you know how I said last week that “All Hope Is Not Gone”? Ta-Dah! Surrrrrprise! Today we are hitting the yin to the yang, the ping to the pong, and the AC to the DC‘sed [deceased – geddit?]. I present to you : Depressionista™, or a blog post about my depression, this fat fucker […]

What Is the Best Time to Take Probiotics?

Posted By stevescottsite on Self Improvement - It's a common issue. You've decided to start taking probiotics, but you keep reading conflicting information regarding the best time to take them.It can be confusing to figure out what is the best time to take probiotics, and the reason is simple: Different brands give different instructions, so you’re never sure which piece of information […]The post What Is the Best Time to Take Probiotics? appeared first on Develop Good Habits.

What Mr. Rogers Knows About Productivity

Posted By wdhaines on Self Improvement - Hey folks! In the interest of getting you fresh information more frequently, I’m experimenting with shorter posts. As always, my goal is to create useful, actionable content that makes it easier for you to achieve your goals: be they financial, career, health, or anything else. Be sure to drop me a line and let me […]

⚡ Shoe Alert : Deichmann Is The Man ⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - Hehehe did you think that just because I had a ‘wah wah‘ moment, I’d disappear off the grid? No, ma’am ! A Goth with a shoe addiction and not many fucks to give still has a mission to do ! After wah wah’ing I am always down for some woo-woo’ing. This brand is not alternative, […]

Welcome to the Pet Club PCR Blog

Posted By PetClub on Pets - Welcome to the Pet Club PCR blog! We are excited you found your way here as we’ve built this site to provide information, news, product reviews, and content oriented to pet health, pet happiness, and pet life. As pet owners, we know pets provide us with good things, like unconditional love, lightheartedness, and someone for… Continue reading Welcome to the Pet Club PCR Blog

⚡ Stuck In The Middle With Ugh ⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - This is me plotting the coup d’Etat of the century.   No, not really. Basically, I was just chilling on my terrace (in case this wasn’t made obvious based on my Homebase throne). I was indeed minding my own business, checking the lighting on this terrace [and plotting my next blog posts], when the neanderthals from […]

Motivation (part 1)

Posted By PetClub on Pets - This is my first attempt at blogging — so I guess that makes me a virgin blogger. Motivation that stimulates one to undertake a project like Pet Club PCR can be comprised of various things but mine began with: Scooby Scooter Skylar Dozer Gunnar Miller Checkers That’s 3 Goldens, 1 Boxer, 1 big Black Lab,… Continue reading Motivation (part 1)

Ibotta App Review 2018: Does Ibotta Actually Work?

Posted By stevescottsite on Self Improvement - Knock knock! Who’s there? Ibotta… Ibotta who? Ibotta bunch of groceries and earned cash back!I know… my publisher hated this pun too!  It’s awful.  I get it.  But I bet you like saving money... Trust me, you’ll want to stick around and hear all about Ibotta then. For starters… What is Ibotta? How does Ibotta work? Are there any deals, promo codes, etc? Is Ibotta […]The post Ibotta App Review 2018: Does Ibotta Actually Work? appeared first on Develop Good Habits.

Shredded Tires and Gas Station Gourmet

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - The open road uncoils before us like a black vein stretching towards eternity, carrying us to the sublime destinations we dream about. The best trips are those that have the power to stay lodged in your memory for lifetimes to come. There is no greater joy than the feeling of freedom experienced as the hum […]

⚡ Twisted (Biker) Sister ⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - HA! HA! HA! [Sidenote paragraph which has nothing to do with the main content of the post, but is cathartic to the neurotic writer] So I just came back from a shopping trip on Oxford Street. I literally just parked my things and myself on my comfy booty chair for a hot minute, when karmic […]

Motivation (part 2)

Posted By PetClub on Pets - Here begins the rest of the story.  Back in Minnesota the state legislature managed to create a situation that I considered to be untenable.  The rules were that they would award two licenses for companies to sell medical marijuana.  To apply cost $20,000 (non-refundable), win, lose or draw.  Those odds created a situation that I… Continue reading Motivation (part 2)

⚡ Ice Ice City & Tales of Southern (Dis)comfort ⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - A few days ago, the country known as the United Kingdom came to a standstill. This glorious nation, home to illustrious inventions such the steam train and passenger railway (this will become relevant later) as well as my beloved crumpets, just completely descended in disbelief and chaos as Zeus dropped a few slushies from the […]

Motivation (part 3)

Posted By PetClub on Pets - I indicated in an earlier post that essentially everywhere I look these days I keep coming across references for pets and what you can do to enrich their life and yours as well.  Now, it’s easy to find information on how we can enrich and prolong our existence as human beings.  How about diet and… Continue reading Motivation (part 3)