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Up Close & Personal with Florida Manatees

Posted By alaJoAnn on Travel - You may swim with the Florida Manatees in Crystal River, AND it is the only place in the U.S. where you may also touch them. From personal experience, I can tell you: Getting up close and personal with these gentle aquatic giants is unforgettable.

A Beautifully Done Cinematic Tribute To Space Travel

Posted By bluerocker on Sci-Fi - A Cinematic Tribute To Space Travel In Film It’s like getting all of the best “space” clips rolled into one monster clip. “Cinema Space Tribute” is a collection of over 30 films narrated by Anthony Hopkins. I think I was able to recognize about half of the movies here but may ...

Amazing 3 Day Historical Canoe Trip Down the Barrow River in Ireland (Itinerary Inside)

Posted By ivanpw on Travel - In this post, I'll take you on a canoe trip down the famed Barrow River. It's riverbanks are steeped in Celtic history, scattered with small towns that hold ancient dolmens, ring forts and castles once inhabited by Irish royalty.

10 Mysterious Photos That Should Not Exist

Posted By Strangify on Paranormal Activity - Some things just should not exist, and these 10 mysterious are some of the strangest yet! These mysterious photos include the the McMinnville UFO, the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, the Hessdalen Light, the Skunk Ape, the Spectre of Newby Church, the UFO painting, Big Foot, and the Black Knight.The post 10 Mysterious Photos That Should Not Exist appeared first on Stragify.

A Breakdown of an At-At

Posted By bluerocker on Sci-Fi - If you have ever wondered what goes on inside of an At-At (All Terrain Armored Transport), here is a great diagram that explains some of this behemoth creatures finer points. Star Wars fans and artists are great for breaking down some of the small things (in this case large) and explaining them ...

The Lucid Dreaming Experience

Posted By Strangify on Paranormal Activity - Want to know what lucid dreaming feels like? Lucid dreaming is a state in which you are in control of your dreams. Many people experience this, but it’s quite different when it comes to inducing this state. It’s a phenomenon that a lot of people are experimenting with and here ...The post The Lucid Dreaming Experience appeared first on Stragify.

Strange But True Urban Legends

Posted By Strangify on Paranormal Activity - Urban legends often get passed off as being fiction, but some are actually true! Is there really a secrete basketball court in Disney? Was a real dead body used as Halloween decoration?  The post Strange But True Urban Legends appeared first on Stragify.

The Colbert Report Hosts Special Guest Smaug

Posted By bluerocker on Humor - Go figure, but Steven Colbert hosts the dragon Smaug on a recent episode Steven Colbert is always looking for interesting guests for his show ‘The Colbert Report’, but his recent guest The Hobbits ‘Smaug’ really stole the show. There was very little room as Smaug busted onto Stevens set but still proved ...