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The Best Back to School Sales of 2015

Posted By hotbeautyhealth on Shopping -   August is the beginning of back to school shopping, the second biggest retail season. It’s also the best time to get the most bang for your buck. Mush-have items include stationary supplies, folders, backpacks, dorm essentials (for college students), as well as clothes and accessories. However, there’s no need to allow your shopping spree to plunder [...]

It’s not you that I don’t trust, it’s them. Dealing with trust issues

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - I’ve heard people say this a lot. It’s one of those sayings that tippy-toes around the issue of not trusting your partner. Oh no, you trust your partner implicitly and you’ve used it you say? Well, actually you don’t and here’s why. By telling them this you’re basically saying that you think whoever your partner is

Why “being yourself” is exactly what you should do on a first date.

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - We all have female friends on some level, and being female they all want to see the best for us; be that in life or in love. So when your female friend tells you to “just be yourself” when you’re nervous about a first date, that’s exactly what you should do. Be your own self. That very

Why it’s important to wait and be happy before you jump right in

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - Picture me fifteen years ago, I was this hapless boy jumping feet first into any relationship that was on offer because I was a lonely soul. I only wanted someone to care. Problem was is that they all ended after a week or less. I had spent so many years alone that I was beginning to

What you should understand when you have just ended a long-term relationship

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - Ending a long-term relationship is difficult, I would probably rate it high up there amongst the worst things to deal with in life. I’ve had a few long term relationships in the past and having them come to an end was like having my heart ripped out of its chest and squished in front of me.

Should I get back with my ex?

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - I hear and see this question asked a lot. Too many times actually. I’ve recently been browsing the depths of Quora and finding a lot of duplicate questions that are asked time and time again. The human need for satisfying burning questions is often great. Today I thought I would write a long and detailed answer to this

The nice guy bootcamp

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - Ok. So you’re hearing from everyone that you’re a “nice guy” and you’ve always heard that nice guys finish last. Well, unfortunately my friend they tend to always finish last. That girl that you’re SO close with and secretly in love with? She’ll never date you and here’s why. Dating you would be like dating – Is it as good as what they say?

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - In my opinion is one of the major players in the online dating industry, if not the largest. Match has been around since the beginning; I can remember using this website back in the late 90’s when I was on a voyage of discovery! A lot has changed since then in terms of usability and

Getting fit – Have the body YOU want

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - For years I’ve ignored the importance of getting fit and just being as I am. Just being as I am is important too, however some of us (including me) should place more weight on the decision to get fit. Yes, as young adults it isn’t hard to keep fit because we’re still running around chasing

Getting to grips with small talk.

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - Do you find yourself tongue tied a lot? In the days of the Information age where computers and telephones are slowly replacing our need for face to face interaction, are we becoming worse at the finer things in life? I think we are; but luckily for you I’ve thought up a brilliant and handy little guide for

Get your mind fit – increase your personal awareness

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - It struck me that having a healthy mind when getting into dating and relationships is probably the best thing to have when you’re moving forward. The mind is an all encompassing organ that controls and effects everything. When I was younger and jumping foot first into the dating scene I had an unhealthy mind and

The impact of depression on relationships.

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - How does depression impact relationships, and what do you do about it? I’ve been asked this a couple of times, actually, and I am glad this is what Raymond asked me to write about. (Before we get started, go ahead and click play on the YouTube video at the bottom and jam it while you […]