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Content Zero to Blogging Hero Challenge: Start a New Site & Double Your Money #MBUstorm

Posted By annsmarty on Blogging -  Never before have you been as motivated to create a new source of income This contest will be your most refreshing and rewarding experience of the year! ***Start a New Site: Win The Contest & We’ll Work Together to Double … Continue reading →

Build a Blog from Scratch: Curating Most Helpful Resources #MBUstorm

Posted By annsmarty on Blogging - Since we are going to support and coach lots of bloggers starting a new site, we need a solid resource to help them get started. ***Please join our blogging challenge to change your life for the better! You’ll meet awesome … Continue reading →

XOVI: All-In-One Marketing Suite (Alternative to SEMRush)

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - Are you using the right tools in your journey online? I want to share with you something I recently discovered: Xovi. It’s an all-in-one marketing suite which I decided to test, as an alternative to SEMRush. In this post I’m going to show you my findings.   How Xovi Works I made a test with my niche site […]

Celebrating #MBUstorm Media Partners #MyBlogU

Posted By annsmarty on Blogging - First week of autumn we’ve launched our fun and grand initiative: “The Start Your Site and Double Your Money Challenge“. The challenge is free to take part in and offers limitless opportunities: You get a chance to build yourself a … Continue reading →

Thanks for Making This September So Awesome! #MyBlogU

Posted By annsmarty on Blogging - This month has been awesome!!! The reason being is that we have started our grand #MBUstorm challenge called The MyBlogU Blog Launchpad: Content Zero to Blogging Hero Challenge #MyBlogU We hope that we’ll all learn a lot thanks to this … Continue reading →

Vitamin B(randing): Top Brands Turned Into Pills!

Posted By Printsome on Blogging - A new Creative Exercise brought to you by Printsome. This time, Vitamin Branding: Top Brands Turned Into Pills!The post Vitamin B(randing): Top Brands Turned Into Pills! appeared first on Printsome Blog.

Start Working on Your Brand Assets: First #MBUstorm Month Plan

Posted By annsmarty on Blogging - And we are officially moving into our first month of #MBUstorm 6-month challenge! The good news: You can still join until October, 5 Please follow the steps here and don’t miss your chance! The MyBlogU Blog Launchpad: Content Zero to … Continue reading →

25 of the Latest Pro Blog Posts to Master Social Media for Business

Posted By GuestCrew on Social Media - A thank you post by featuring the latest blogs of those who participated or sent an encouraging response to my request for help.

Each of these people is an influencer in their respective niche for a good reason, and I know you'll gain a lot of business knowledge by checking out their posts.

Without Further ado, here is the latest and greatest from these top influencers:

Lead Generation Ideas to Play with Month #1 #MBUstorm #MyBlogU

Posted By annsmarty on Blogging - So we are starting to build our brand assets, create content and driving people in. This is the perfect time to experiment with different ways to generate leads! Now, lead generation is one if the most intricate tasks: What works … Continue reading →

The Top Social Media Tools for Working Smarter, Not Harder

Posted By erikemanuelli on Social Media - Many businesses are struggling with social media, because it takes up so much time. This is understandable considering that most businesses not only have their digital marketing to manage, but also have to keep up with all other aspects of their business.

Here is a list of tools that will ease your social-media workload and allow you to focus on your operating your business.

How to Find Time for a New Site? #MBUstorm #MyBlogU

Posted By annsmarty on Blogging - One of the biggest problems our contestants had to face was the lack of time, quite predictably… The thing is, for most of us autumn turned out to be a busier time than we expected and the abundance of family … Continue reading →

How to Engage Your Site Visitors #MBUstorm #MyBlogU

Posted By annsmarty on Blogging - It’s a huge deal to start figuring out from the very start: It’s not enough to find the ways to build traffic to your blog: You need to make sure people actually stay for at least a moment and engage! … Continue reading →