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Celebrate the Art of Quilts

Nazmiyal on Shopping - Quilts – A Traditional American Art Art and Americana come together perfectly in quilts. If we forget about football and baseball, quilting could be America’s past-time. Not too long ago, quilting rose to fame once again thanks to a landmark 1971 exhibit held at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Over 40 years later, “Abstract Design Read More...The post Celebrate the Art of Quilts appeared first on Interior Design Blogs By Nazmiyal.

Beautiful Pro Theme by Studiopress

bbrian017 on Blogging - Studiopress has recently launched a score of new Genesis themes, Beautiful Pro Theme. With HTML5 markup it one of the most advanced and fastest theme. If you are already used to HTML5 markup after the Genesis 2.0 update, then this is the theme for you. Along with HTML5 markup, you also get a mobile responsive […]

What to Do When Content Marketing Goes Wrong

BrianNewmark on Marketing - There are so many ways to do content marketing safely. You can even go slow and test the waters before starting out a fully-fledged campaign to be safe. You can take minimum risks and do it steadily over time. But what if you have already messed it up? What if it has already gone wrong? […]

Boutique WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

bbrian017 on Blogging - Last Wednesday I introduced you to the Argentum Theme by Woo Themes as a good choice for an ecommerce theme for your WordPress site. If this isn’t a good fit for your site, I have found another great theme that might work for you and its by Elegant Themes. Don’t get me wrong, Woo Themes […]

Community Member Spotlight with Ilian Petrov

bbrian017 on Blogging - Hi everyone and welcome to our weekly top user spotlight. This week our community member spotlight goes to Ilian Petrov from Books Branding. Ilian Petrov runs the kind of business which I would say is very unique. The concept of Books Branding is actually very simple. It actually works in a tier system. First a […]

8 Things Not to Do When Content Marketing

BrianNewmark on Marketing - Content marketing works. But it is a delicate form of online marketing. It needs to be strategized, planned, carefully executed and analyzed at every step to make sure that everything goes properly. It can be really helpful for your business and your brand’s image but can totally backfire and ruin everything if done wrongly. Let […]

How to Be Ignored in Social Media - Go Headless

darinlhammond on Social Media - What You'll Take from This Post:
Profile shots personalize you.
The absence of a head makes people pass by.
If you follow people on a headless account, few will follow back.
Nothing Says Waste of Time Like a Missing Profile Shot
Aren't you annoyed when masses of nobodies follow you on a social channel - WITH NO HEADSHOTS?