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How To Make A Video Sales Letter In Minutes

Posted By Successcor on Blogging - I’m sure that by now you’ve heard the acronym: VSL If not, VSL stands for “Video Sales Letter“. It’s no secret that Video Sales Letters are what the top marketers in the world use in their businesses.

10 Dumb Ideas That Every Beginner Blogger Once Believed

Posted By TheBadBlogger on Blogging - We’re all dumb when we start out as a blogger. We believe all kinds of crazy ideas that so-called gurus and professionals feed us on their own blogs and videos. But the reality is...

How to add our Social Sharing Buttons on WordPress

Posted By joaoromao on Social Media - Hey everyone! On behalf of the whole GetSocial team we would love to wish you a great year. Thanks for sticking with us. We’ve got some exciting news: we’ve launched our WordPress Plugin and made it easier for you to install our GetSocial Apps. These include, in this first version, the floating sharing bar, the... Continue reading →The post How to add our Social Sharing Buttons on WordPress appeared first on blog.

Solitude: Do You Avoid Spending Time Alone?

Posted By TatianaMichelet on Self Improvement - It’s the weekend, your friends come round, you order a pizza from La Dolce Vita; you thought of making pasta but boiling the water requires constant checking. You have higher priorities than home cooking. As an organized person, you check your social media profiles while you listen to the conversation about fine dining without feeling fine.

To digest, the stereo emits its sound out, flesh moves, the steps start dancing with the style of kurt Cobain from Nirvana and ends as still as the Buddha sitting at peace in the middle of a Viennese waltz...

3 Consumer-Centric Trends Your Business Needs to Know

Posted By CharlesD on Business - Now that the New Year’s bell has stopped ringing, predicted trends for 2015 are stepping forward to steal the spotlight. While your business is penning this year’s goals, be sure you’re moving in the right direction. In order to increase sales, customer acquisition and traffic, your business needs to be communicating with shoppers in the […]The post 3 Consumer-Centric Trends Your Business Needs to Know appeared first on American Image.

Top 10 Most Damaging Resume Mistakes

Posted By jobety on Blogging - From resume creation to the big interview, the job search process brings about various opportunities for mistakes. Heck, if you put together a resume that spans one or two pages you are bound to find a mistake just about every time you go back to review it. This is to be expected, since mistakes are going […]The post Top 10 Most Damaging Resume Mistakes appeared first on Jobety Blog.

Flipping Glitter! The Insane Story of

Posted By mattzatus on Make Money - The idea was simple: create a website which allows people to send their enemies an envelope full of glitter. The intended end result being that the recipient gets glitter absolutely everywhere and the sender can bask in the glory of their mischievous deed. Well at least that’s what the website’s 22-year-old creator Mat Carpenter thought […]The post Flipping Glitter! The Insane Story of appeared first on .

When Strategy and Innovation Align: Five Ensighten Decisions That Changed Everything

Posted By teedubya on Marketing - Ensighten’s innovations are what make Ensighten who we are today. Our innovations are why, over and over again, the world’s largest enterprises choose Ensighten. We just launched a new eBook that illustrates how Ensighten’s innovations are inter-connected across our entire platform. The eBook also shows why our unique approach delivers significant ROI and strategically moves the… more ››The post When Strategy and Innovation Align: Five Ensighten Decisions That Changed Everything appeared first on Ensighten.

Case Study: The Glossary Gatecrasher Method

Posted By contentchampion on Marketing - Five months ago I published a huge content marketing glossary on this site that generated some interesting results, and paved the way for a new content creation strategy that everyone can benefit from.

How To Increase Your Time Management Skill

Posted By thehealthierself on Health - How often do we say “where did all the time go”? While it varies from people to people, there’s possibly no living person on earth who can say “I never ran out of time for anything in my life”. Even irregular time mismanagement can have a heavy impact on your private or professional life if ...