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Swift: Completion Handlers

Posted By philandrews on Technology - One of the things you’ll quickly find when you first start writing code is that things need to happen in a very specific order. Completion handlers (aka completion blocks, call backs, call back blocks) are little lines of magic code that will let you order things correctly.

How to Easily Create eBook Cover Online for Free

Posted By uttoransen on Software - Your eBook cover needs to create a good first impression, otherwise most people may choose to never read its content.

Let this task not stop you: This article will show you how to create an ebook cover easily, for free, even if you are not a graphic designer or have no budget to hire one

Top 10 jQuery Plugins You Just Cannot Afford To Miss

Posted By itechiesnet on Coding - The latest version of jQuery, i.e. jQuery 3.0 is finally here and developers across the world are working towards using the new functionality.jQuery 3 comes packed with some powerful and high-performing features that are meant to enhance the front-end website experience.Other than this, jQuery also comes packed with some enticing plugins that not only accelerate the performance but also give your website a unique look and feel.

How to debug WordPress Error  “Error establishing a database connection”

Posted By itechiesnet on Software - As a newbie, the ‘Error establishing a database connection’ in WordPress can be a big headache for you, especially if it happens on its own without you change anything.If you have recently encountered this error in your WordPress, don’t panic at all. All you need to do is read this article until the end. I will provide you some exceptionally easy options to resolve this error.But before that let’s see what this error actually is.The ‘Error establishing a database connection means your site has no longer access to your database and for that reason, your website has gone down. It usually happens when a PHP code is unable to connect to your MySQL database.

6 Of The Best Smartwatches Available Right Now

Posted By uttoransen on Technology - With the exponential rise in smartphone ownership people are more likely to check the time on their phone these days, so tech manufactures and watch producers are now making watches to sync via Bluetooth to maintain the connectivity whilst allowing for the miniaturisation of the technology so we can effectively ‘wear’ our technology on our wrists

12 Things You Should Know Before Using Google AMP

Posted By uttoransen on Mobile - Google is working hard to improve the mobile experience of website visitors. Google AMP is part of that initiative. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. The goal of the project is to provide an open-source platform for publishers and developers to use as they create faster versions of their websites for mobile devices