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Sleep Hygiene 101: Developing Your Optimal Sleep Routine

Posted By HealthCoachStephanie on Health - “Sleep hygiene” is a term that refers to your sleep habits and rituals that surround your nighttime routine, not the cleanliness of your sheets and favorite pjs.  We live in a society of overachievers, and as a result, most Americans are perpetually exhausted and sleep deprived.  If only we dedicated as much time and attention […]The post Sleep Hygiene 101: Developing Your Optimal Sleep Routine appeared first on Stephanie Misanik Health Coach.

How I Quit Coffee

Posted By HealthCoachStephanie on Health -   Coffee. What would America be without it’s coffee?  After all, America runs on Dunkin’, right?  It’s more than just a drink.  It’s interwoven within our culture.  It’s family, it’s a date, it’s social. It’s also super addictive, and I’m here to tell you that coffee had me in a death grip.  I wasn’t able […]The post How I Quit Coffee appeared first on Stephanie Misanik Health Coach.

All Or Nothing

Posted By HealthCoachStephanie on Health - I don’t know about you, but I’m an all or nothing kinda girl.  If you clicked on this blog post, chances are you are too.  Sometimes, this character trait serves me well.  For example, when I decided to take my health back, it was as simple as making the decision and with the snap of […]The post All Or Nothing appeared first on Stephanie Misanik Health Coach.

Screw Dieting, Eat Intuitively

Posted By HealthCoachStephanie on Health - In 2017, it seems like everyone is on a specific diet.  People have become obsessed with good vs. bad fats, animal vs. plant protein, gluten free, dairy free, on and on.  Vegan, low carb high fat, keto, paleo, Atkins, South Beach…..ahhhh!!  One week coconut oil is the devil, the next week it is a superfood […]The post Screw Dieting, Eat Intuitively appeared first on Stephanie Misanik Health Coach.

How to Raise Healthy Kiddos

Posted By HealthCoachStephanie on Health - In the world of kid’s menus and school lunches, an overabundance of commercials featuring cute little cartoon characters promoting the latest sugary cereal or processed snack, the thought of teaching our children what it means to eat healthy food can be completely and utterly overwhelming.  I’m not going to lie, as parents, the deck is […]The post How to Raise Healthy Kiddos appeared first on Stephanie Misanik Health Coach.

Family and Spiritual Growth

Posted By HealthCoachStephanie on Health -   I have a family member, a person very near and dear to me whom I struggle to have a sincere relationship with.  Can anyone relate to tough relationships with family members?  Of course you can, we all have them to varying degrees.  The thing is, I really do love this person.  She is my […]The post Family and Spiritual Growth appeared first on Stephanie Misanik Health Coach.

fight fx v 17.1

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - fight fx V17.1As the excitement builds towards the release of another brand-new version of fight fx, I wanted to take a moment to breakdown the structure and rationale behind v17.1.Our Mobilisation track, “Home is Where the Heart Is”, sets the scene by creating an authentic fight workout atmosphere. We start with a traditional kata and slowly build the basic strikes and kicks to form a nice combination achievable for everyone. This track is about getting the technique right before we move onto faster movement patterns later in the workout.Track 2, “Funky Radio”, is upbeat and certainly lifts the heart rate through a combination of shuffles and fast jabs in a total-body fight combo. Starting with the basics, movement patterns are built upon through layering to give

groove fx v 17.1

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - groove fx V17.1groove fx has always been about adding your style to our choreography. The aim in v17.1 is to highlight this which we’ve done by having three groovers in the video. Michael is joined by Lisa Welham and Katy Moore, and you’ll see that they all have very much their own style of dance.When you watch the video you’ll see each of the team move very differently, even though the choreography is the same. If we were to isolate the presenters and then compare, it would be easy to see that each move looks quite different when performed by each of them. When learning the moves, feel free to add your own style and personality to the moves. If a move doesn’t feel right for you, remember pro-choreography: make it your own.We start with “Shadows of Love&rdquo

pump fx v 17.1

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - pump fx V17.1In v16.3 we introduced pre-exhaustion where we work an assisting muscle group first to fatigue it before we target the major muscle group. The aim is to overload the major muscle group more than we would normally. We use this methodology again in v17.1 however rather than doing pre-exhaustion in a single track, we do it over multiple tracks. In this release we perform the Triceps track before the Pectorals track. The result is our pectorals have to work harder as the triceps have already been exhausted. We then fatigue the biceps in our Biceps track before we go into our Back track with the aim of focusing more on the Latissimus Dorsi.We’re also very pleased to announce that pump fx and blast fx now have separate sound tracks. pump fx v17.1 now has a unique playlist whi

stomp fx v 17.1

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - stomp fx V17.1The aim of stomp fx is to increase the heart rate so that at some point in the workout, or several points, we work in the anaerobic training zone. The more often we do an exercise, the more the body adapts to it. This means that it gets harder and harder to get into the anaerobic training zone by doing the same exercises. In this release of stomp fx we once again introduce you to some new movement patterns to challenge you in ways you’ve not been challenged before.“Shadows of Love” is the Mobilisation track where Neil gradually increases the intensity of each exercise each cycle so the heart rate and body temperature increase accordingly.Track 2 continues to see the intensity increase in “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. We start by teachin

blast fx v 17.1

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - blast fx V17.1New exercises, new movement patterns and new challenges are what we aim to give you in blast fx. Katy & Leanne are going to do just this in v17.1. We start with a whole new, UNIQUE (different to pump fx) playlist. Yes, we have separated out the soundtracks for pump fx and blast fx. In terms of new moves, we see a progression of the Shrimp Squat which was introduced in v16.3 and an amazing Plyometric Plank in our Core track. Deep breaths now, and begin.We start with “Turn Up The Music”. Katy introduces us to some flowing movements to mobilise the joints and warm up the body. The style of this mobilisation is quite different to previous ones and aims to give greater mobility through the hips in preparation for what’s to come.Leanne then delivers the Plyom