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10+ Best WordPress Translation Plugins 2020

Posted By Webnus on WP Themes - 5 Best WordPress Translation Plugins In this article, we are going to introduce 5 best WordPress translation plugins + 5 other plugins for having a multilingual websites. WordPress comes in multiple languages in its core but it doesn’t provide translation or multilingual options to run a website on multiple languages at the same time. To do so, we need to use WordPress translation plugins which comes in two major categories, the ones that bring you multilingual options, and the one with auto translation features; Most of the plugins offers both but only in their paid version. keep in mind that if you want to have a good looking SEO-friendly multilingual website, you’ll have to pay some extra money on it. In this article we’re going to have a full comprehensive look and r

MEC Frontend Event Submission & User Dashboard Addon

Posted By Webnus on WP Themes - Ticket & Invoice Addon: Sell Events In this article we are going to explain how you can benefit from Frontend event submission feature and User Dashboard addon in Modern Events Calendar. Creating, publishing, and managing an event can be a very frustrating task, and you will have your work cut out for you to achieve the desired results. The efficient management of an event on your website likewise requires appropriate tools to track your attendees correctly and have exact information about those who have registered. The situation can turn into a whole new ball game if you host participants from different countries with various time zones, currencies, and languages. Modern Events Calendar is the best WordPress event calendar that can simplify the event management experience for you to

COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Impact on the Events Industry

Posted By Webnus on WP Themes - Covid-19 Pandemic and the World of WordPress WordPress is the most popular CMS that is being used by millions of people all over the world. It can be found in so many businesses and industries nowadays, and therefore, it covers a large community globally. The emergence and spread of Coronavirus have shaken things up for individuals, and new challenges have come to light for many businesses. But, you are not alone since many other businesses, large and small, are dealing with the same situation and take various approaches to keep themselves active. Here we have got down to the impact of these crazy days on the WordPress community and given you some updates in this regard. Since remote jobs and online events seem to be a perfect solution, we will introduce practical tools to let you handle

10+ Best Free WordPress Themes 2020

Posted By Webnus on WP Themes - In this ultimate guide, we’re going to introduce some of the best WordPress free themes in 2020. Choosing a theme for your website can create a great difference in your career. Whether you are starting a website from scratch or considering an overhaul, a good theme can attract user’s attention to your website and your work. While there are numerous amount of themes on the web, finding the best between free WordPress themes can be tricky and time-consuming. A simple search in Google returns more than 8 million results. You can choose between free and paid themes developed by different groups all around the world, but while this is a great opportunity, it can make the right decision more difficult. As we listed the best features of the best WordPress themes before, this article provid

Event API Addon: MEC for Non-WordPress Websites

Posted By Webnus on WP Themes - Modern Events Calendar Event API Addon In this article we’re going to show you how you can benefit from Modern Events Calendar on non-WordPress websites with Event API addon. If you are going to be an event planner, a compelling event management tool will be your best friend on this journey. You might be having an event coming up for your activities and have no idea of the challenges and tasks that come to light one after another. Using the most appropriate event management tools on your website from the beginning helps you avoid frustration and wasted time later on. No matter if you have a large or small business, you need this kind of tool to keep you organized and take care of all the details in your event. Imagine you attract your attendees to your seminars, conferences, or even

Interesting Ways to Help Get More Instagram Likes

Posted By bbrian017 on WP Themes - Have you been wondering why you have not been able to notice an increase in the number of Instagram likes on your posts? There may be so many reasons why you’re not noticing any progress, but taking the following steps will surely help make things better. Pick the Best Photos Unless you make your Instagram […]The post Interesting Ways to Help Get More Instagram Likes appeared first on Blog Engage.

My 2019 guide to small business marketing with WhatsApp

Posted By bbrian017 on WP Themes - So you’re looking for a way to advertise your business, are you? Well, I could be really boring and give you a stereotypical answer. Go and stick a slogan in a national newspaper. Go and get some air time on a local radio show, or even go big and try for a TV advert. The […]The post My 2019 guide to small business marketing with WhatsApp appeared first on Blog Engage.

The Growth of Social Platforms & Influencer Marketing

Posted By bbrian017 on WP Themes - Our world today is quite different from what it was but a century ago. Within the space of a generation, humanity has multiplied exponentially and created modern wonders that were considered science fiction not too long ago.  Technology and innovation have changed the very fabric of our social structure. It has also in many changed […]The post The Growth of Social Platforms & Influencer Marketing appeared first on Blog Engage.