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Is Digital Marketing Even Worth It For Your Business?

Posted By TwoTreesMarketing on Marketing - If you are like most business or retail owners, you find yourself struggling to progress from a physical location, to that dream of sales and leads from your website.

You want to expand your business online, but you just can’t seem to get your site those sales.

You build Facebook pages, Twitter profiles and whatever new Social Media marketing fad that comes up-with the hope that it will boost your customers…but you cant seem to make it to the next step.

Yet despite this struggle, many businesses manage to push through and turn their website into their most successful salesman!

Take a look at Justin Cameron and Lex Pedersen from Sydney.

Frustrated at local retail surf companies approach, they quit working at surf shops and launched their own company from their garden shed....

3 Consumer-Centric Trends Your Business Needs to Know

Posted By CharlesD on Business - Now that the New Year’s bell has stopped ringing, predicted trends for 2015 are stepping forward to steal the spotlight. While your business is penning this year’s goals, be sure you’re moving in the right direction. In order to increase sales, customer acquisition and traffic, your business needs to be communicating with shoppers in the […]The post 3 Consumer-Centric Trends Your Business Needs to Know appeared first on American Image.

List Building Case Study: How I Got My First 500+ Subscribers In Less Than 30 Days (Without SEO Or Paid Traffic)

Posted By Mitro on Marketing - If you want to build a bigger list...But you're not confident you can drive paid traffic without losing money...Or you can only see yourself getting just trickles of traffic with most free methods...Let me show you a technique the best Hollywood producers use to make sure their ​movie will almost certainly be a massive HIT...And how I used that same technique to get my first 500 subscribers in the span of few days back in 2010... And more recently, a heap of influencer endorsements and some of the highest quality of traffic I've got... without spending a penny.Exclusive Blog Post Bonus: Download the exact email templates I've used to get influencers endorsements, traffic and subscribers.DOWNLOADContinue Reading »The post List Building Case Study: How I Got My First 500+ Subscribers In Les

When Strategy and Innovation Align: Five Ensighten Decisions That Changed Everything

Posted By teedubya on Marketing - Ensighten’s innovations are what make Ensighten who we are today. Our innovations are why, over and over again, the world’s largest enterprises choose Ensighten. We just launched a new eBook that illustrates how Ensighten’s innovations are inter-connected across our entire platform. The eBook also shows why our unique approach delivers significant ROI and strategically moves the… more ››The post When Strategy and Innovation Align: Five Ensighten Decisions That Changed Everything appeared first on Ensighten.

Case Study: The Glossary Gatecrasher Method

Posted By contentchampion on Marketing - Five months ago I published a huge content marketing glossary on this site that generated some interesting results, and paved the way for a new content creation strategy that everyone can benefit from.

Social Media Marketing: Developing A Social Business Culture With Bernie Borges

Posted By contentchampion on Marketing - In episode 36 of the Content Champion podcast, I discuss what it means to be a truly social business with social media marketing expert Bernie Borges

Friday Catch-Up: A Brand New Year with Some Brand New Features!

Posted By Promodoen on SEO - Hello Everybody! Welcome back to another edition of our weekly Friday catch-up where we bring you all the hottest updates of the internet marketing industry. This weekly tradition has become our fuel and we make sure there isn’t any internet … Continue reading →(Read more...)The post Friday Catch-Up: A Brand New Year with Some Brand New Features! appeared first on - Promodo Blog.

What You Can Learn From Watching Competitor Activity

Posted By Audienti on Marketing - Keep your friends close, but your competitors closer. As we’ve said before, one of the biggest mistakes a company can make is neglecting to keep an eye on competitor activity. Never underestimate the potential of a single product roll out or service launch. Within weeks or even days, a company can really surprise you.Additionally, a thorough and updated competitor analysis can teach you a lot about industry trends, as well as give you an idea of what’s working with your target audience and what’s not.

I work hard, but my business blog keeps making pennies - what did I do wrong?

Posted By ivanpw on Business - So many people are trying to build blogs, but so few successfully make something out of their business blogs. Learn how to make more money with your blog.

Essential Tips & Tricks for Web Developer Resumes

Posted By jobety on Employment - The beloved resume is one of the most tedious, yet essential parts of the job prospecting process. There are over 9 million Americans unemployed right now, and you are in competition with a large portion of them whenever you send out a resume to employers. Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks Have you ever thought about which part […]The post Essential Tips & Tricks for Web Developer Resumes appeared first on Jobety Blog.