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7 Pointers for Taking Quality Images for Your Website

Posted By erikemanuelli on WebSites - Images are a part of any good website. Blocks of text are hideous and, unless you’re writing for an academic journal, are a turnoff to anyone with eyes.

Here are some tips for taking high-quality images for your website.

5 Tips on Project budget management you can use today

Posted By priceandcost on Business - Project management has many faces. Some see a project manager as a mere facilitator, whereas others say they need to be a subject-matter expert. Amongst other success factors (timely and quality delivery, client satisfaction, etc) there’s always money involved and armed with these practical project budget management tips – you can be sure you’ll gain control over project financials in no time!

Free Domains and Website Hosting for Property Managers

Posted By loculogic on Property - We are so excited about the success of the property managers using the Rentec Direct platform that we’re giving away free domain registrations to any landlord or property manager that doesn’t have their own domain yet. Yes, if you are following our blog, you’ll notice that we are doubling-down on your success by giving away […]The post Free Domains and Website Hosting for Property Managers appeared first on Rentec Direct.

Contextual Advertising For Bloggers – Ethical Practices and Relevance

Posted By erikemanuelli on Advertising - Contextual advertising — also referred to as in-text advertising or content links in some cases – turned out to be the easiest way to generate a small passive income from my blog’s traffic, as all it took was inserting a link (or a script code) into my existing posts and let the links make me money.

This guide is here to help you make important decisions about how to display contextual link ads on your blog in regard to UX, ethics and relevance.

Idea Starters: 20 Phrases to Help You Come Up With Topics to Write About

Posted By erikemanuelli on Writing - Does your brain hurt from coming up with new ideas for your blog?

Whether you are the writer and idea starter or you assign topics to other people, coming up with topics every day or sometimes several topics per day can drain the most creative of spirits.

An idea starter is also called a prompt. It is simply a phrase that is meant to jog your brain and get your creative juices flowing.

When you are at a loss for ideas, you can turn to the prompts listed in this post and come up with something to write about.

Mobile Friendly Owner Portal – New Feature

Posted By loculogic on Property - An new update has been introduced to the Owner Portal allowing property owners to access its features on a variety of devices, from the desktop computer to the mobile phone. This new mobile friendly design automatically adjusts to whatever screen size the owner is using, providing access to the full set of features on the go. […]The post Mobile Friendly Owner Portal – New Feature appeared first on Rentec Direct.

5 Ways Your Content Can Defeat Ad Blockers

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - In the world of digital marketing, making sure your content can effectively engage your target audience is a constant challenge.

For many publishers and advertisers, this challenge is exacerbated by the overwhelming presence and impact of ad blockers.

To help you monetizing your content, here are 5 content-related ways for publishers to defeat the effectiveness of ad blockers.

Need Help Figuring Out Your Property Management Software?

Posted By loculogic on Property - Did you know you have access to all sorts of helpful articles and how to guides for your software? Rentec Direct’s software is designed to be easy and intuitive, but like any versatile program, there can be a lot to learn all at once.  Even the best of us get stumped or need a quick […]The post Need Help Figuring Out Your Property Management Software? appeared first on Rentec Direct.

Looking a gift horse in the mouth (not)

Posted By Camilleri on Lotto News - Lotto NewsIn Lottery News TodayOfficials in the state of California are warning an unidentified lotto winner that they are going to lose the value of their winning lotto ticket – a vast $63m – if they don’t claim their lotto winnings by tomorrow. The golden ticket was purchased at a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles neighbourhood, Chatworth, back in AugustLotto NewsIn Lottery News TodayThe post Looking a gift horse in the mouth (not) appeared first on Lotto News | Online Lottery News Stories & Results.